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Down and Welded
19th Jan 2013, 09:59
A young fellow (my nephew) went to a high school flying camp in New Zealand. Thereat he won a competition… the prize for which was a jump-seat flight with Air NZ from NZ to Oz (and presumably return). The camp organisers and Air NZ have gone to ground regarding the young man's attempts to redeem his prize. Attempts by him to contact the Air NZ Chief Pilot have been studiously ignored.

For an industry that considers itself to be professional, can this haughty display by Air NZ be considered as anything other than corporate contempt?

The young man's schooling has finished honourably and he has joined the RNZAF.

19th Jan 2013, 13:04
If NZ law is like AUS. Then getting someone not employed by Air NZ in the Jump seat in flight, is impossible.

Down and Welded
19th Jan 2013, 13:50
The young chap should know which airline was offering the prize. Additionally, he has more sense than to expect to be sitting in any right-hand seat anytime real soon… and certainly not on such a flight. To an outsider, Eastmoor appears to have a point… however if that might be the case, surely, it is a matter for Air NZ to address with this lad. He won the competition fair and square. If the airline made a mistake in offering the ride and now finds they must withdraw, or if the competition organisers made an offer they were never entitled to make, then surely Air NZ can discuss that with this winner. Why ignore him? If the Chief Pilot feels his/her time is too valuable to spend on a matter that is (to them) as trivial as this, is it beyond comprehension that they might pass the matter along within their bureaucracy?

Ollie Onion
19th Jan 2013, 17:30
Eastmore, Thankfully we are not like Australia. Jumpseat rides are still purely at the discretion of the Captain on this side of the ditch, no need to be a company employee. Hard to comment without knowing all the details of what was offered and by who.

I love the fact that an AIR NZ thread gets started and someone jumps in straight away and takes a cheap swing at Jetstar :ugh:

Good luck in getting what you are entitled.