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Tartan Gannet
17th Apr 2002, 22:52
I tried to access the "Who wants to pay more tax?" thread but it has been "MOVED". No clue as to where.

So here we go.

I am 100% in support of Hugmonster in the developing argument about unemployment , the miserable pittance called the Dole or JSA if you prefer etc.

Im lucky. I have the funds to stuff the Dole and quit work for a few months. I will NOT have to claim benefit. Others are NOT so lucky. Under Phoney Tory Tony Blair's new model kingdom Workers rights from the EU are blocked, he allies himself with the fascist Berlusconi (SP? who cares).

While the irresponsible DO get benefits, by and large, the person who has worked hard, then loses their job owing to greed, gross mismanagement by their employers, a health problem, etc, especially if they are single, is treated like sh*t. Never mind the fact that they have paid as HM says during their working time for this benefit, it is grudged, and a talented man such as Huggy is offered no better than menial no brainer work stacking shelves. This cannot be just! Another point is that if he accepts this job he loses not merely the totally inadequate benefit but also any mortgage, credit card or loan insurances he may have paid into. After all, he has a job, too bad if it pays him an inadequate amount to live on.

Ive said this before, Stuff those patronising adverts about so called Benefit Fraud. If it was a decent amount as paid in Scandinavian Countries and others in the EU Id say, fair enough. Its an insult in the UK, you cant live on it, so anyone who wants to paint my house, cut my hair, or perform any CASH in HAND service is welcome. "Them that asks no questions........"

Huggy, dont let the basta**s grind you down. May their shares prove worthless and may they meet the Official Receiver!

17th Apr 2002, 23:14
Hear, hear!

I too missed the other thread, and am sorry to hear about Huggy's troubles - we've crossed verbal swords in the past, but he has always presented a coherent and respectful argument (well, almost always ;) )

After spending 5 years working for the NHS and 10 years paying higher rate taxes, I found myself in a not too dissimilar situation to huggy, and was told that I wasn't entitled to any benefit because I had signed on for a few weeks two years ago, although I never got any benefit then either. Had I been a "long term unemployed" statistic, I might have even qualified for mortgage assistance, but the so called "social security" 'people' (I use the terms loosely) told me I wasn't entitled to that either.

So it is that I have worked for the last 18 months developing my own business with savings, insurance policies that I have cashed in, loans from family and finally from a bank, without any salary for the majority of this time and still the b*****ds tell me I'm entitled to nothing, even though I am reduced to selling my home to enable me to live.

Through a combination of hard work, intellect and a little luck, it looks as though things might turn around big style in the near future, but I'll be damned if I am giving the UK exchequer ANY of my hard earned cash when it has singularly failed me, as it failed my dying grandmother over a prolonged period of dementia. Instead, they give it to Bosnians for satellite TV and cars "because they can't be expected to use public transport as they don't understand the language"! (This is FACT, as witnessed by myself and several friends).

I will do my utmost to avoid paying this bunch of hypocritical, self-righteous morons from getting their dirty hands on my earnings, which will come from outside the UK and never cross its shores, even if I have to leave the country myself.

While such egocentric idiots are in control, I want no part of their lunacy.:mad: :mad: :mad: