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Milo Minderbinder
18th Jan 2013, 19:37
If you thought Tescoburgers were bad, chew over this

'Imitation Calamari' Investigated By 'This American Life,' Suggested To Have Dubious, Pork-Based Origin (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/01/16/imitation-calamari-sliced-pig-rectum_n_2482063.html?utm_hp_ref=mostpopular)

18th Jan 2013, 19:42

I actually buy squid and prepare it.......I think I will keep to doing that

18th Jan 2013, 20:13
To think I used to buy fresh squid for 25p a lb to use as bait from our local fish market. ;)
Mind it's very easy to catch come October, just need a bright light and some jigs. Messy business though with the ink.

18th Jan 2013, 20:19
I don't see the problem - they've been selling molasses for eons.

18th Jan 2013, 20:23
I don't see the problem - they've been selling molasses for eons.

This thread can now be closed with pride. Nothing can top that. :D:D:D:D:D

18th Jan 2013, 20:23
But a pig only has one: (or the pigs I know,anyway.....)
A squid has hundreds........ (or at least, more than one).
Are they sure this is the right way round?

Airborne Aircrew
18th Jan 2013, 20:27
Actually, deep fried pig intestine is very tasty. It's soft and less chewy than Calimari and tastes just like Crackling. For our colonial cousins Crackling is pork skin roasted until it's crunchy and with the fat still on the inside. It has that sweet, pork fat taste.It's really rather good... A little nicer than deep fried Jellyfish which is tasty in it's own way... :ok:

18th Jan 2013, 20:41
Which part of the pigs intestine do you eat ?

Never bothered, although I must admit the Aboriginies do tend
to eat things I won't / don't.

Reason I don't eat them is when I have the whole pig to cut up,
too much other good stuff to eat without worrying about the
intestines and secondly, it's much easier to take the whole lot
out in one go than try to dilly dally around trying to save "bits".

Not that I like it but they love Tripe (cows stomach lining).
It actually comes out jet black and turns white after washing it !

Airborne Aircrew
18th Jan 2013, 21:14

I have no idea... It's a very authentic Chinese restaurant nearby. When you go there you'd probably be the only whites the in 40-50 tables, (all full). We were introduced to it by Chinese friends who also adopted their daughter for China. The waitress was shocked when I ordered to the point she asked if I was sure. She was more surprised to return after delivering it to find the plate was empty... "You like?" she asked... I'm quite sure she'd been told that "white people" will stick to numbers 43, 67 and 23 with white rice and the rest would turn them off.. I have limits but, for the most part I realize that people have been eating whatever they eat for centuries and haven't died yet so it won't kill me...:ok:

But, as I say... There are limits. Certain smells and textures are big no-no's... http://www.hqrafregiment.net/images/smilies/puke.gif

18th Jan 2013, 21:37
Actually, deep fried pig intestine is very tasty.

great! someone has to bring chitlins into the conversation

Airborne Aircrew
18th Jan 2013, 21:41
Better than darned Brussel Sprouts... :eek:

18th Jan 2013, 22:15
Having a think about it, I think it is the small intestine.

"But, as I say... There are limits. Certain smells and textures are big no-no's..."

Totally agree. My two are Roasted Fruit Bat, they love it, I can't even
stand the smell of them and Turtle. They don't cook it enough for me !!!

Temp Spike
18th Jan 2013, 23:38
Yes well people certainly don't come to America for the food...

Chitilins are another prime example. Slung or Rolled?

Airborne Aircrew
19th Jan 2013, 01:53

Yes well people certainly don't come to America for the food...Philistine... There is some incredibly good food that came out of America itself. You need to get out of your small house and experience some of the cooking available.. Start with some good soul food and move on up from there... There's Cajun that will blow your socks off. Barbecue that will tease your taste buds and smoked food that will make you cry for more...

If you don't like it the way I cook it I can tell you where to get it...

Temp Spike
19th Jan 2013, 02:12
AA - I know I know I know....

...I lived in sleezianna for a couple of years. Took me a year and a half to get the weight off after I moved to Europe. That's when I fell in love with beer and Aprikosen kndöel or marillenknödel in Austria. I think European food is better than ours all in all. Overall I like our sea food better if on the coast....but you can get good and bad anywhere. However the beer is much better in Europe by far.

Takan Inchovit
19th Jan 2013, 02:14
... " er waiter, my squid just squealed!"

19th Jan 2013, 02:17
Porky (RIP) would've loved it.

He enjoyed tearing into his pork butts and gravy every night.

19th Jan 2013, 02:22
"... " er waiter, my squid just squealed!""

Takan, that is very good :O:ok:

I used to love Calamari, that is until I read this thread
and the fact of cutting 3 pigs up a few weeks ago :O

Might have to re think what I order in Seafood next time !

Takan Inchovit
19th Jan 2013, 02:57
I'm having second thoughts about Cheezels now. :ooh:

Ahh yes Slash, forgive me for posting an old quote from "Secret Dairy of a cat" so looong ago ... ;)

I bloody knew it - he shoves me in the cage! Bastards taking me to the vet!

Comrade vet shoves some horrible bloody things up my bum and I hiss and swear! A quick swipe of my claw draws blood from comrade nurses hand!

Back home with a very very sore @<hidden>

The stinking capitalist violently throws me out for the night. Well Ive had enough of this sh!t!
"Hey @<hidden> Im a proud Nam cat! I deserve more bloody respect pal! My great-greats were kicking @<hidden> all the way down the Trail in 75! Remember Nha Trang? Yeh bloody too right you do! You poonce in here and treat us Asian cats like you own the bloody place! Well it aint happening! You bloody hear me? Huh? Bloody hear me?
All the pr!ck can say is "You can mrow mrow mrow all you like but your staying OUT you little sh!t!"

Im still going like a steam train! "You bloody @<hidden> invade the place and think you own us dont you! DONT YOU! Yeh well...."

He saunters out and screams "what the f*ck is it going to take to shut you up?"
I yell "Nothing pal! Im a proud Vietnamese cat! Long live the Cong, c*nt! Nothing will make me surrender my national pride! Youll never own ME! Never!"

He brings out another helping of pork butts and gravy. Ok so Ive been bought off. I cant help it. Its a commie thing.

Well a good day anyway. I got fed twice. I humped some new pigs. I killed a dog dead. I crapped on his car and ruined his log book!

Till tomorrow, nighty night diary.

19th Jan 2013, 05:05
"I'm having second thoughts about Cheezels now. http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:www.pprune.org/get/images/smilies/icon25.gif"

Aaahhh, the Italian version , Parmesan cheese :O

Nest time I cut up a pig or two I might just cut "them" out
deep fry them and serve them up to someone as a joke :O

19th Jan 2013, 05:27
Better give them a ring before you do.:E

19th Jan 2013, 15:07
.......and to think I accused Mrs. Haraka of making a right pig's arse of frying up the calamari last night.....

19th Jan 2013, 16:43
Not to kill the fun in the thread, but the last few lines of the broadcast are the presenter revealing that his friend who first told him about the problem actually made the whole thing up to spoof him. The presenter even admitted he'd been guilty of being "a dumbass".

Standard Noise
19th Jan 2013, 19:18
Surprised no one noticed this.......
The irony is not lost on Ben Calhoun (http://www.thisamericanlife.org/about/staff), one of the show's producers, and ring-leader of the segment, who notes: (my bold).