View Full Version : 30,000 seconds between posts?

18th Jan 2013, 16:07
Anyone else getting this spurious message this evening?

west lakes
18th Jan 2013, 16:09
Got asked by a regular poster

trying to post on Trabb or anywhere. Keeps coming up with a message please leave 19,000 seconds between posts. Can you post and ask if I have been banned please?

18th Jan 2013, 16:10
Yes. And being told 'token has expired'.

Must be the effects of the snow in the UK!

18th Jan 2013, 16:12
Phew, did wonder if it was something I had said :ok:

west lakes
18th Jan 2013, 16:12
Reported it for you

18th Jan 2013, 16:13
Thanks :ok:

18th Jan 2013, 16:39
Why can't I post??

18th Jan 2013, 17:02
Is this fixed yet? It is only happening in JB, at least there is no problem in the Mil forum.

Yup, guess it is fixed. :p

18th Jan 2013, 17:12
Database problems. I got several 'exception' error messages when trying to post. Seems to have been resolved.