View Full Version : Air India Pilot faces sack over dumplings

18th Jan 2013, 10:39
An Air India pilot faces suspension after ignoring last-minute orders to change flights because she had arranged to pick up her favourite snack along her original route.
Captain Smriti Trehan refused to switch her scheduled Mumbai-Jodhpur-Delhi flight to a later direct flight between Mumbai and Delhi, according to reports.
The pilot wanted to fly via Jodhpur, as she had arranged for the city's famous onion kachoris to be delivered to the airport.

Air India pilot faces the sack after refusing to fly direct flight to Delhi as she'd arranged to pick up her favourite dumplings en route | Mail Online (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2264019/Air-India-pilot-faces-sack-refusing-fly-direct-flight-Delhi-shed-arranged-pick-favourite-dumplings-en-route.html)

18th Jan 2013, 10:45
The Onion Kachoris at Jodphur are great indeed.

Lon More
18th Jan 2013, 11:12
oh goodness gracious me, as Peter Sellers might say

Female pilots and dumplings? fnaar fnaar.

B Fraser
18th Jan 2013, 11:14
Has she been told to pakora bags and go ?

.................Hat, loincloth, door, tuk tuk !

18th Jan 2013, 11:25
Nothing to get in stew about, surely. Is it too late to apologise and curry favour?

Krystal n chips
18th Jan 2013, 11:33
Remindeth me of the Shuttle Capt, this was sometime in the late 70's btw, who declined to fly from MAN to LHR one morning because he had either not had / or his breakfast had not been loaded.

Seem to recall it made banner headlines in the M.E.N at the time and that sympathy for his " plight" was, as you can imagine, zero.

18th Jan 2013, 11:38
Ha, I knew it wouldn't take long for the pun afficionados to come bhajiing in on this thread.

18th Jan 2013, 11:39
that's saag news indeed.

18th Jan 2013, 11:40
As the pilot said to the man in the shop, "That's not enough. Let me have samosa".

blue up
18th Jan 2013, 12:43
Persona Naan Grata?

18th Jan 2013, 12:45
Aloo Aloo, I can see where this thread is going, And I'm Naan too pleased about it!

18th Jan 2013, 13:23
Does anyone have photographs of her dumplings?

18th Jan 2013, 14:13
But she could probably have got her dumplings at the Delhicatessen instead.

18th Jan 2013, 14:52
Where on earth does the Daily Snail get this stuff from?

18th Jan 2013, 15:06
More likely there was a jumbo currywurst awaiting her in Jodhpur.

blue up
18th Jan 2013, 15:16
Did she have to raita a letter of resignation? Now she'll be thinking "Masala-ry will be greatly affected"

eastern wiseguy
18th Jan 2013, 15:16
I've always found it difficult to get into Johdpurs

Ancient Observer
18th Jan 2013, 15:18
It's a bit like the RAF fast jet pilots who tended to regard trips from the South East of UK, up to Scottish parts, to stock up on "caught that day" fish, lobsters etc, as part of their basic benefits.
The aux fuel tanks did smell a bit, but, hey, Ron, we won't say anything, will we??

18th Jan 2013, 16:54
...or the RAF G4s full of scotch having visited RAFG.

18th Jan 2013, 17:08
An Air India pilot faces suspension after ignoring last-minute orders to change flights because she had arranged to pick up her favourite snack along her original route.

I'll bet she's sari now.

18th Jan 2013, 17:13
One former colleague of mine, during a layoff from the comms centre, worked as a bus driver, and had a route and time which enable his wife to bring a bowl of soup out to his double-decker as he passed his house (bus stop next door). He'd drive off happily slurping away......

20th Jan 2013, 06:17
BA Captain landed freighter at Anchorage, asked that instead of regular crew meal for next day he be allowed a round of roast beef sandwiches on rye bread from the local Deli. ANC Staff agreed, no problem.

Next day freighter pushed back and Duty Officer returned to office to complete paperwork. 10 mins later handling agent ramp crew rang to ask what was wrong with BA freighter still on ramp, no, said D.O. I saw it off 10 mins ago, no they said, it's still here with engines running.

D.O. went back to ramp, plugged in intercom. and asked what the problem was ?

My roast beef sandwiches on rye bread haven't been loaded, said the Captain, not going until they are.

They were.

20th Jan 2013, 06:46
We had a few Captains like that during my Herc days but fortunately I enjoyed ordering the catering so the more obscure the request the more fun was to be had coming up with the goods :ok:

20th Jan 2013, 08:16
I ordered a "Chinese" crew meal out of Kuala Lumpur once - Sweet n' Sour Pork!

I was severly castigated for ordering pork in a Muslim Country !

But they have Chinese restaurants, don't they ?

20th Jan 2013, 08:36
You were castigated by an idiot (or a malay):


Malaysia is only just (around 60% of the population) a majority muslim country.

Takan Inchovit
20th Jan 2013, 08:57
Her friends will give her a bit of curry after this.

Lon More
20th Jan 2013, 10:50
Page 2 anf no photos of the lady in question?
Is everybody trying to curry favour with the mods?