View Full Version : Wilko Johnson

17th Jan 2013, 21:40
Sad news to hear that founder member of that seminal band, Dr Feelgood, Wilko has terminal pancreatic cancer. He has refused chemotherapy. :sad:

17th Jan 2013, 23:10
Very sad news - never the world's greatest guitarist, but entertaining and, most importantly, someone who always seemed to enjoy what he was doing..

B Fraser
23rd Oct 2014, 16:38
It appears that our hero is fit and well. Doctors were wondering why he had not shuffled off so they operated and removed a 3 kilo tumour. Wilko is now free of cancer so I am looking forward to seeing him on tour once he is back on form.


23rd Oct 2014, 17:21
Yes that news filled me with a sense of happiness this morning. Decent bloke and deserves the break. As an aside how will he function with those bits taken out of his body ?


Sir Niall Dementia
23rd Oct 2014, 19:02
Hopefully he will tour with Roger Daltry; their new album is brilliant. His guitar and Daltry's voice should have been recorded together a long time ago.