View Full Version : Macaroni Cheese and Satan

17th Apr 2002, 19:27
I propose that Macaroni Cheese be Condemned as the food of the Beast. Its foul smell and slimy texture surely belong to the firey depths of hell itself. Surely the Italians, they of Fine Wine, Fine Architecture and pleasantly fast cars did not create this foul swill??

God i hate it :mad:

Send Clowns
17th Apr 2002, 20:01
You talking about the ichy packet stuff, the even worse canned, or the real thing? Because though I have never done it with Macaroni, I do a mean cheese sauce that goes nicely with pasta. Smooth, creamy, with the sharp tang of mustard and black pepper. Probably some mushrooms, or even broccoli in there too. Not my best recipe, but certainly appetizing.

Now if you mean from a can, or many of the pub "vege option" offerings, then I quite agree. :eek: :(

17th Apr 2002, 20:13
You may have a point, along with chocolate and red wine ,too much of it gives me a migraine.

However, just thinking about one or all of the above gets me salivating.....b****r!