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17th Jan 2013, 01:47
So why are you still grovelling to monarchy?

17th Jan 2013, 01:49
So what's the purpose of this thread, if not to troll?

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands is a charming, well respected lady, as is Queen Elizabeth. Why do you care?

17th Jan 2013, 01:52
I'd take the Monarchy over some of the President's you folks
have voted in over the last 20 years !

At least a fair few of the Monarchy actually put on a uniform
and go to fight in the wars, something that seems to be lacking
at the very top in the US.

At least the Queen, Prince Phillip and others have a back bone
and generally stick to the line, unlike US Presidents who seem
to flip flop depending on which way the wind is blowing
- Support of an ally over the Falklands being a case in point.

When you have a history to fall back on, instead of a quick
whip around the block like your 200+ years is, by all means
come back and post the same question :O

As for "boot licking", was never a part of being a person
in the UK when I was there and I haven't seen it since either.

17th Jan 2013, 02:37
George H W Bush put on a uniform and fought for his country. So did his son as a F-102 pilot, though his unit was never activated. JFK, LBJ, Nixon, Ford and Carter all served in the military, some in heavy combat.

Bill Clinton was the first non-military serving President elected since Truman. The second was Obama.

While I strongly disagree with the OP's attempt to troll, let's keep the records straight and correct.

17th Jan 2013, 02:51
Bill Clinton was the first non-military serving President elected since Truman

Con, I'm sure I am missing a subtlety here, but of course Truman was a US artillery officer in WW1. George H W Bush was lucky, too, that a US submarine just popped up for a breath of dresh air just when he had started on a trans-Pacific swim, having pulled the plug to let the water into his TBM Avenger.

What does this poster chappie mean by "supplicant"? Can he possibly mean "sycophant". He'd be off the beam there too, of course.

17th Jan 2013, 03:36
That is why I said since Truman, as Truman did serve in combat in World War One, as a National Guard Captain in the artillery. The others were World War Two and Vietnam.

Perhaps I could have phrased that better. However, the facts are unchanged. Clinton and Obama have been the only two Presidents since the end of World War Two with no military background. If fact, it has been argued that Clinton was a draft dogger during the Viet Nam War.

Personally, I have no dog in that hunt about Clinton.

Temp Spike
17th Jan 2013, 04:08
I have to agree with you 500N. The flip flopping is ludicrous. I am very glad that flip-flopping has been very minimal with President Obama. As well, he is pretty much kicking republican tails up between the ears where they belong.

I have long suspected that H.W. Bush bailed out on his crew without warning. Just saw fire and jumped I believe. He cries all the time and is always uncertain about events that day even though he wasn’t even wounded. He almost, but not quit admits guilt sometimes. He's strewn with guilt IMO. My father served with the fleet at (forgot to finish) The first Lae Raid, Coral Sea, and the landings at Guadalcanal + many more. He had nothing but good to say about the Royal Australian Navy.

Should your government fail completely someday, as it will undoubtedly do here with all this republican intransigence stupidity, you will still have a beloved Monarch to get you through. We, on the other hand, are going to kill each other. We are even planning for it to the joyful cheers of the gun manufacturing industry. Who’s profiteers will most likely be in some Spanish villa or Swiss chalet watching it all happen on the boob tube.

Temp Spike
17th Jan 2013, 04:13
Con pilot President Truman served in the Army in WWI.

Facts on President Harry S. Truman | President Truman Biography (http://www.trumanlittlewhitehouse.com/key-west/president-truman-biography.htm)

can't stop can you? And you are not even good at it.

Adam Nams
17th Jan 2013, 04:27
to pray humbly; make humble and earnest entreaty or petition.

The Robe
Didn't you get the answer you were after the first time (http://intjforum.com/showthread.php?p=3194631#post3194631)? This guy also has some (very similar) thoughts on the subject.


Castles fairies and fire breathing dragons :D

17th Jan 2013, 04:27
A piece worth reading re Bush and his WWII incident
from someone who did the same job as him

George Bush Sr Is No WWII Hero --John S. McDonald - Democratic Underground (http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=view_all&address=104x994545)

Re President serving in War, my OP was worded badly,
I was trying to infer to the Presidents of the "last 20 years"
with my war comment.

I know Bush Senior served in WWII but he only makes it into
the 20 years by 6 days !!!

Anyway, the others - Clinton, Bush Jnr have suspicions over
their military service.

I'd still take a few of the Royals over your lot - Prince Andrew,
William, Harry, Prince Phillip. Even the Queen got here hands
dirty during WW11 :O !!!

17th Jan 2013, 04:33
Temp Spike

Don't screw with me on history, you will look the fool.

Truman had been turned down for appointment to the United States Military Academy at West Point, which was his childhood dream, because of poor eyesight.[14] He then enlisted in the Missouri Army National Guard in 1905, serving until 1911. At his induction, his eyesight had been an unacceptable 20/50 in the right eye and 20/40 in the left.[15] The second time he took the test, he passed by secretly memorizing the eye chart.[16]

With the onset of American participation in World War I, Truman rejoined the Guard. Before deployment to France, he was sent to Camp Doniphan, near Lawton, Oklahoma for training. He ran the camp canteen with Edward Jacobson, a Jewish clothing store clerk also from Kansas City. When he was at Fort Sill, he met Lieutenant James M. Pendergast, nephew of Thomas Joseph (Tom) Pendergast, a Kansas City political boss, a connection that was to have a profound influence on Truman's later life.[17][18][19][20]

Truman became an officer, and then battery commander in an artillery regiment in France. His unit, Battery D, 129th Field Artillery, 60th Brigade, 35th Infantry Division, was known for its discipline problems.[21] During a sudden attack by the Germans in the Vosges Mountains, members started to run away; Truman got them to obey orders using profanities that he had "learned while working on the Santa Fe railroad."[21] Under Captain Truman's command in France, the battery did not lose a single man.[21] His battery also provided support for George S. Patton's tank brigade during the Meuse-Argonne Offensive.[22] On November 11, 1918, Truman's artillery unit fired some of the last shots of World War I towards German positions before the armistice took effect at 11 am.[23] The war was a transformative experience that brought out Truman's leadership qualities,[24] and his war record made possible his political career in Missouri.[21]

By the way, back then there was only one type of National Guard, Army. If you knew a tenth as much as you think you do and post as you do, you would have known that. I should not have had to explain that to you.

Temp Spike
17th Jan 2013, 04:36

Truman's military Service.

Truman Life and Times Exhibit - Truman Presidential Museum & Library (http://www.trumanlibrary.org/lifetimes/military.htm)

You da fool pale face.

Makes no difference your correcting your post, I have a copy already. Next time try not to lie.

17th Jan 2013, 04:49
Adam Nams

Can you look up the word "W A N K E R" and send a link to Robe.

This is so true from where you posted this question before.
"Americans seem to lap up the UK royals more than we do."

And don't deny it, you guys swoon over the Royals when
they visit. Even the Obama's :O

And even Obama copped it sweet when he was told "No, he could
not bullet proof the Palace windows or land his Helicopter out the back
when he stayed there, he would just have to do as every other visitor
does which is what the Queen does" :O

Temp Spike
17th Jan 2013, 04:55
Lets also keep the G. W. Bush record straight too. He flew the F 102 for ONE FLIGHT and there is no real data for that either. Seems the record has been...ahem....cleansed into barely more than a few mostly empty pages of usless info. Not any kind of military record to be...cough....proud of.

17th Jan 2013, 05:03

If the Monarchy are not loved, why do you get millions of visitors
to the UK and millions of British citizens in the streets when the
Queen or the others go walkabout, all wanting to see her ?

Oh, and on the subject of walkabouts, funny how our Queen can
walk around crowds with only a barrier separating her from the crowd,
a couple of Police and one or two "ladies in waiting".

Obama on the other hand needs a Company or sometimes a Battalion sized
entourage just to go from A to B ???

The less said about Bush the better :O

Hell, the last two Royals who went to war had to fight to go
and I think Prince Andrew threatened to resign if he didn't go
to the Falklands.

Don't see many US pollies or family fighting to go to war ?
In fact the opposite.

Temp Spike
17th Jan 2013, 05:10
Don't see many US pollies or family fighting to go to war ?
In fact the opposite.

You got that right.

But we have a few that went:

•Sen. Kit Bond, R-Mo. - Sam Bond, Marine Corps, Iraq.

•Sen. Tim Johnson, D-S.D. - Brooks Johnson, Army, Iraq and Afghanistan.

•Sen. James Webb, D-Va. - Jimmy Webb, Marine Corps, Iraq.

•Rep. Todd Akin, R-Mo. - Perry Akin, Marine Corps, Iraq.

•Rep. Jo Ann Emerson, R-Mo. - Stepdaughter Jessica Gladney, Army, Iraq; Stepson Sam Gladney, Army, Iraq.

•Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Ca. - Duncan D. Hunter, Marine Corps, Iraq.

•Rep. John Kline, R-Minn. - Dan Kline, Army, Iraq and Afghanistan.

•Rep. Ike Skelton, D-Mo. - Two sons in military. Citing privacy concerns, Skelton's office does not disclose names or assignments.

•Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C. Addison Wilson, Navy, Iraq; Alan Wilson, Army, Iraq.

Not many considering the number we have in congress.

West Coast
17th Jan 2013, 05:26
Much ado about nothing. Lots of important jobs in the civilian world prepare a person to serve ones country.

Temp Spike
17th Jan 2013, 05:35
Try getting an astro-physics degree, or, something/anything, at UC Santa Cruz instead laying around on the beach and playing internet commando.

because you are a :8

tell me more about your "Marine Service"....

Lon More
17th Jan 2013, 05:42
Castles fairies and fire breathing dragons
Last time I was there, California was full of fairies. Talk about fruits and nuts. I wonder which group the OP belongs to? The UK, for all it's faults, has been around in various forms for many years and has developed customs whilst the USA has only been around to develop habits.

BTW wasn't Harry credited with a kill last week?

17th Jan 2013, 05:50
"BTW wasn't Harry credited with a kill last week?"

Yes, not sure it was last week but a kill none the less.


Just FYI, you are the type of Yank that I don't like,
and I deal with a lot of them from all over the US
and I like the majority. I also don't use the Yank word
much :O

17th Jan 2013, 05:55
Temp Spike
Don't screw with me on history, you will look the fool.

Errrr ... no .... everything he writes make him look a fool. There is undoubtedly a sound reason for that.

Rarely have I seen an individual write so much unmitigated, incoherent and meaningless bilge.

I have far more respect for KAG who at least is consistent and is able to attempt to explain his statements, he also has the courage of his convictions.

West Coast
17th Jan 2013, 06:06
I think it is a fair question, asked of course in a more civil tone. The royality is a titular head of state. I get the advice and consent part, but really they are there for the pomp and circumstance, along with the occasional ribbon cutting ceremony.

I've asked in the past those who defend the royality to defend them. A couple of reasoned answers were:

1)Provide a link to the past
2) the royality brings in a lot of tourist money that otherwise wouldn't have been spent in the UK. I fall in this category, bought all the tourist trinkets I could find.

That's about it.

California is indeed full of nuts, hell, the democrats have super majorities in both houses, so it's going to get nuttier. That said, it's gonna be 22-24C at my house in the foothills of San Diego for the next few days. Gonna BBQ by the pool this weekend.

Temp Spike
17th Jan 2013, 06:36
Tableplate, thank you very much up yours too. Big fail on the propaganda attempt and if there is anything in the "bilg" it's you floating.

Lon More
17th Jan 2013, 08:10
Temp Spike Humour or spelling don't seem to be your forte either.