View Full Version : Entente Cordial amonst US locos?

17th Jan 2013, 00:31
From the wonderful world of twitter, a rare gem:

Tomas Santana @TomasSantana_
I've never flown @SouthwestAir so today's flight will determine if I stick with @JetBlue or if I switch over to SouthWestAirlines

JetBlue Airways @JetBlue
@TomasSantana_ We'd be happy to share you with @SouthwestAir, especially when you're headed somewhere we don't fly. They're good people too.

Southwest Airlines
@TomasSantana_ @JetBlue We've done a lot of thinking today... and we agree. Can't go wrong with either! #EspeciallyWhereWeDontFly

Andrew Sweet @AndrewSweet
@SouthwestAir @TomasSantana_ @JetBlue Aww this is presh. Airline amigos


In response, Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary said "nah, Easyjet are still always late, always losing your bags and Stelios is a fat f^&k"