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Magnetic Iron
16th Jan 2013, 16:19
Hello All,

I am surprised that there has nothing recently concerning the action day on the 22nd of January

In the proposed legislation is:

¨The operator shall establish procedures specifying how the commander shall — in case of special circumstances which could lead to severe fatigue, and after consultation with the crew members affected — reduce the actual FDP and/or increase the rest period in order to eliminate any detrimental effect on flight safety.¨
This is a oxymoron, while admitting there may be a detrimental effect to safety they pass the buck on to the commander

How many commanders to you know will reduce the FDP and increase the rest
if the company has a different view ? Do you many Captains will reduce the FDP in case of sever fatigue ?
In case of of severe fatigue, I do not like the wording there of severe.

In this leglislation there is FRM training and there appears to be offloading of responsability to the commander in things that were and should be legislated,

Also 1 000 hours of flight time in any 12 consecutive calendar months ?

Duty extension
Twice per week by 1 hour
Twice per week by 1 hour, but not at night

Is this right ?
They will be able to to have 2 duty extensions per week

If one has not read the proposed legislation, now is the time before the 22nd of January

The link below to ECA

22 January: 'Walkout for Safety' Action Day | European Cockpit Association (ECA) (http://www.eurocockpit.be/stories/20130115/22-january-walkout-for-safety-action-day)

Mr Angry from Purley
16th Jan 2013, 17:01
The ECA walkout for safety is still tba for the UK venue...
Maybe if fatigue was switched to sleepyness it would be more appropriate for the Commander to make a judgement on the day.

Magnetic Iron
16th Jan 2013, 17:55

They say, you have a briefing and discuss if the crew may encounter severe fatigue and decide to increase your or reduce your FDP.
Are they kidding ?
If your pay scale means flying more means you get paid more, that will also affect your decision, no ?

Of course you can make the decision to continue flying, les go for it and get the job done. Yet, those little mistakes one makes when one is tired, add up, no?
Interesting how little mistakes can become

Surely, they are missing the point you could be really tired and not even know it.