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16th Jan 2013, 12:53
Sponsor, patron, call them what you will but they exist to support causes and/or organisations sometimes by their connections and personality and sometimes with their cash. But how on earth do you cold call a potential sponsor/patron with an offer to support your organisation?

I'm on the board of a relatively recent national institution in Australia concerned with overseeing an area of alternative health. We've got to the point of seeking a sponsor/patron and I've been given the job of sounding them out :\

Are you a sponsor/patron of an organisation? If so what made you accept your role? If you aren't what would convince you to sign up?

What should I write to Gina Rinehart to get her to part with some of her dish?

16th Jan 2013, 13:21
Well, the very first thing to check is whether they believe/support what your organization does.

If they do, either a very simple direct request or an invitation to an informal meeting.

Temp Spike
16th Jan 2013, 13:37
Oh crap. Sounds like another kaizen meeting gone nuclear. So “you” were chosen? The best way out of this is to hire a consultant. Believe me, it will save you from disgrace.

16th Jan 2013, 16:26
I was the administrator of a childhood sexual abuse referral and resource centre in Sydney some years back. We were at the time looking for a patron, and it was suggested the then Governor of NSW be approached. I researched the interests of the Governor and spent a good week working on a letter, numerous drafts.

The letter spelled our mission, qualifications of the Board of Directors, etc. and suggested a significant correlation with the Governors personal interests. In due course we received a letter from her secretary stating that she would be pleased to accept, and would like to meet with the Board when mutually convenient. The whole process was remarkably easy, which we hadn't expected. We were required to submit examples of letterheads, etc. that would show the Governor's name for approval.

PM me with more details if you think I can be of any help.