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18th Jul 2001, 13:39
Hi all,

I know you have to have a PPL before applying to Oxford for the modular route but do you have to have a min of 150hrs as well?

If that is the case, where to in the States is good for hour building and for how long roughly would I need to spend over there to say go from 50-60hrs - 150?

Any info or advice would be great.

All the best,

18th Jul 2001, 14:17
there was students with 70hrs on the oat modular who were after phase 1 going to bash out the hours in the states but i'm sure if you shop about you find some cheap flying
in the UK on a block basis


Token Bird
18th Jul 2001, 14:37

The rules state that you must have 150 hours to commence the CPL flying (and presumably the IR if you decided to do it that way round, though I doubt anyone would). However, you can commence the ATPL ground study at any time, regardless of hours. You don't even need a PPL although schools may insist on it.

It would make sense to build your hours while studying for the exams, if that's best for you. All you have to bear in mind is that the exams have limited validity so you wouldn't be able to do them then save for several years before you do the flying.


18th Jul 2001, 16:00
Hi Shamrock,

i am in exactly the same position as you are, i have my PPl and just over 75 hours total, i am going to the states early September to do my Night, IMC and some hour building hopefully to get me to 165hours.

I will then be starting ATPL ground School in October, so hopefully all going well i will be able to carry straight on with my CPl training.

you should be able to get 50hrs in 2 weeks quite easily I'm only going for 3 weeks!

i know someone who did 100hours in 2 weeks, he did nothing but fly all the time!!!

18th Jul 2001, 16:14
hi si,
100hrs, 2weeks !!!, kindof fit with my schedule. Where did he do it.

18th Jul 2001, 16:43
Britannia Flight Centre in Florida, he did it about 3 weeks ago.

18th Jul 2001, 23:32
Thanks for all the info and advice lads.
It will be awhile yet before I head to the states to do hour building but I would really appreciate it, if anyone who has recently done hr building on the Eastern coast of the states, who got on great; can let me know of the flying school's details, e.g name, web-site, etc.

Thanks a million
S105 ;)

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