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Flying Bean
16th Jan 2013, 03:21
Anyone had a chance to see this yet? Believe it has only had a nominal release (to get into the Oscars).
Looks like the technical basis of the movie was based on the Air Alaska trim accident.Is such a recovery possible.?
The larger theme of the movie, alcohol use by crew etc, looks interesting.

16th Jan 2013, 03:31
nose candy, hookers, alcohol...very realistic :}:}

Dea Certe
16th Jan 2013, 03:38
In my opinion, the movie was a metaphor for alcoholism rather than a story about commercial aviation. On fire, inverted and still think it's under control. I thought Denzel Washington did a great job and John Goodman was hilarious.

16th Jan 2013, 04:49
Slightly off topic but the missus torrented "Fortress 2012" thinking I'd like it.

I didn't.

Started off ok but the continuity errors were many - including a view of No 2
still running outside the Nav's window - though it'd been feathered seconds
earlier. And the tail wheel was shown actually retracting during the landing

Another was the application of 21st century swearing and abuse dialogue
that was certainly not in vogue circa 1943.

I know one has to suspend a measure of disbelief in any bullsh!t aviation flick
generated by Hollywood, but like "Flight" I wouldn't stomach seeing it again.

1st Feb 2013, 02:08
Some interesting YouTube video of the equipment and effects used in the making...

Flight "Brace For Impact" - Official Featurette - YouTube