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highland cow
15th Jan 2013, 22:16
QF65 just arrived 20 hours or so late. Anyone know why the flight was not shown on the Sydney Airport on-line arrivals board at all?

15th Jan 2013, 23:31
What I want to know is,

Why aren't Qantas advertising the fact that they have a better on-time performance than Virgin?

Why aren't Qantas exploiting the fact they have a lower cancellation rate than Virgin?

Come to think of it, reading the stats, Jetstar have a lower cancellation rate than both Qantas AND Qantaslink, Virgin AND Virgin's ATR Fleet, AND Tiger... Yet everyone will have a stab when they cancel a flight...

Cancellation rate:
Qantas: 1.2
Virgin Australia: 1.4
Tiger: 1.0
Virgin ATR: 1.6
Qantaslink: 1.9
Jetstar: 0.9

Nov 2012

highland cow
16th Jan 2013, 00:58
It appears that some use any excuse to push the QF/JQ barrow,. What Ultergra is quoting is completely irrelevant to the original question.

16th Jan 2013, 01:10
Completely irrelevant?

I would say if I started to discuss the colour of JB underpants, then that would be completely irrelevant...

You talked about the lack of 'on time performance' of a particular flight. Correct?
I talk about the on time performance of all Australian Airlines. Correct?
Qantas could have cancelled this QF65 flight. I talk about cancellations. Correct?

So what's so totally irrelevant about my post?

Your original post, news? Rumour? No, it's more Qantas bashing.

Time to close this one down. Mods?

16th Jan 2013, 01:25
Except that cancellations don't affect your on time statistics.....that aside if you compare QANTAS group as whole which they always love to do come reporting season you will find that the ontime performance of QANTAS Group vs Virgin is.........identical!!

As for the original post...well who cares...if you were on the flight you would know why you're late....

highland cow
16th Jan 2013, 04:33
Again it appears that those who have replied to this thread cannot decipher what the actual question is, therefore I shall repeat it as follows
"Anyone know why the flight was not shown on the Sydney Airport on-line arrivals board at all?"
It pertains to the Sydney Airport on-line arrivals and not Qantas flight 64.
If you both are still having difficulty then I will draw it for you. I don't know what building you both hail from, ie, QCA, B, or C, but I can always meet you in Coward St and explain further.

Capt Fathom
16th Jan 2013, 04:53
It shows up on yesterday's Arrival board.

I guess it would be confusing to have two QF64's on the board at once! That would have the meeters and greeters in a tiz!

16th Jan 2013, 04:58
This thread can hardly be described as airline news affecting pilots, which is the aim of the D&G Reporting Points forum.