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14th Jan 2013, 23:16

Or, as someone once said: "Now that's a scenic root" :ok:

Nervous SLF
14th Jan 2013, 23:27
When I imagine what it will look like in forty years or so then I feel :yuk:

DX Wombat
14th Jan 2013, 23:32
In a word - NO!

14th Jan 2013, 23:39
Good grief! NO!

As nervous SLF says: imagine that in 40 years time.

It's probably my age, but when I see youngish girls who've had writing (usually ungrammatical and with spelling errors) tattooed onto their bodies, I wince.

M and I refer to them as "Lydia". Those of our age or close will understand the reference.

14th Jan 2013, 23:50



15th Jan 2013, 00:00
Silly girl - tried to improve on perfection (or very close) and now she's grotesque - almost repulsive :yuk:

Wayne Swan could still get his budget surplus if he taxed tattoos - $10 per year for a for each square centimetre would do it easily :ok:

15th Jan 2013, 00:31
...I don't mind a tiny heart tattoo'd atop her bum or minge, but
anything more like in 1300 and Mouse's examples gross me out. http://serve.mysmiley.net/sick/sick0025.gif

15th Jan 2013, 00:41
As nervous SLF says: imagine that in 40 years time

Keef, why wait the forty years? Blench from it now.

15th Jan 2013, 02:41
As nervous SLF says: imagine that in 40 years time.

The colours will fade, the ink will spread and the lines will blur. But I expect that the art will survive the passage of time much better than the canvas its painted on.

15th Jan 2013, 03:06
Just a a way got the attention seekers to get even more attention.

Gotta love new tattoos on middle aged women too, especially those of stars or other pointless crap.

Tattoos used to be the preserve of inmates and sailors..

15th Jan 2013, 03:16
Ah, but with a ladder on her back, tattooed right down to her crack,
Every throw of the dice could land you somewhere nice...!

Solid Rust Twotter
15th Jan 2013, 05:15
Personal choice. Some folks like it, but I find it deeply unattractive and an outright turn off. Just don't understand why folks want to look like they've been slapped with a wet Beano.

15th Jan 2013, 05:25
What prompted my original post was this:

Bartender Takes Out Miss Surf'n'Ink Title

TATTOOING eyeballs, devil horn implants and temporary piercings are just some of the weird and wonderful trends highlighted at the annual Surf'n'Ink Festival.
The three-day event was also a chance for thousands to cool off at the Mercure Gold Coast Resort's pool as the fourth annual event was hosted at Carrara for the first time.
Sydney bartender Sinead Simoes did not plan on entering the contest but was happy to take the title of Miss Surf'n'Ink at the weekend.
Ms Simoes, 21, said she was not happy with all of her tattoos but was glad the judges were.
"I am getting my sleeve (arm tattoo) lasered (off), it cost me about $3500 and will cost me about $6000 to get it removed," she said.
"I'm just lucky my fiance does all my tattoos for free now because I am broke."
While many were making the most of the 60 internationally renowned tattooists, others were excited to show off their skills.
Xander Xdrvnc won this weekend's "Freak of Show" contest when he was pierced with 40 needles for almost three hours in an artistic string display.
Mr Xdrvnc, 24, has had about 1500 temporary piercings in the past few years.
He said he loved the "endorphin and adrenalin rush".

"It became routine to take them out for work and university," he said, "but now it's just fun. It's the whole pleasure and pain thing. You've got a lot more artistic ability this way."
Festival organiser Lindsay Hall said she had seen even more unusual characters.
"A couple of years ago we had a guys with horns on his forehead, bump implants on his chest and his surgically removed nipples in a jar which he carried around in his pocket," she said.
"Last year we had a guy tattoo the white of his eyeballs black.
"People come here because no one judges them and they can be as creative as they like."

Bartender takes out Miss Surf'n'Ink title Local Gold Coast News | goldcoast.com.au | Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia (http://www.goldcoast.com.au/article/2013/01/14/445322_gold-coast-news.html)

I think I look at tattooed people like some people look a terrible road smash - it's sad, it's unneccessary; and there's a morbid aspect that makes you look again, as if you can't really comprehend what you are seeing.

15th Jan 2013, 05:37
Not a great fan of them but I did see a really nice tatoo
the other day on a young ladies arm.

It was all the characters from the Sgt Peppers Lonely heart Club.

Even though it was very well done, two things sprung to mind.

She didn't need it as she was a slim, very attractive red head.
I don't want to think about what it will look like in 30 or 40
years time when the arms have sagged.

15th Jan 2013, 06:27
ahhh...the good ol tramp stamp also referred to as the b:mad:h stamp.
It spells one word to me...

15th Jan 2013, 06:45
Revolting ............... it reminds me this Roald Dahl story :

The year is 1946 and an old man named Drioli shuffles across the Parisian street in the freezing cold. He stops before a picture gallery to admire the painting in the window... and suddenly recognizes the name of the artist. "Chaim Soutine... My little Kalmuck, that's who it is!" Drioli remembers a night thirty years before, when he had come home from his tattoo parlor flush with cash and bearing bottles of wine. The boy (Soutine) had been painting a picture of Drioli's wife, with whom he was infatuated. The three of them get very drunk and Drioli comes up with an idea – he wants the boy to paint a picture on his back and then tattoo over it! The boy only agrees when Drioli's wife Josie says she will pose for the picture. It takes all night, but eventually the picture is finished and signed. Not long after, the boy disappeared and they never saw him again. Josie died during the second World War and Drioli's tattooing business collapsed. Now, in the present, he is reduced to begging in the streets. He decides to go in and see the other Soutine pictures on display. The gallery workers try to throw him out, but before they can he takes off his shirt and shows the crowd his tattooed back. They are amazed and immediately several men offer to buy the painting from him. Eventually Drioli is faced with a choice: one man offers to pay for a major skin-grafting operation, while another simply asks Drioli to come live at his hotel (the Bristol in Cannes) and exhibit the painting to his guests. Drioli chooses the latter and goes off to dinner with the man. Not long after, a strange painting by Soutine shows up for sale in Buenos Aires. And, the narrator tells us, there is no hotel called the Bristol in Cannes.

Lon More
15th Jan 2013, 06:50
For Keef
Lydia the Tattooed Lady - YouTube

It was almost compulsory to get some ink as a biker. Being allergic to pain I never did. I also had no desire to become part of somebody´s lampshade.

Alloa Akbar
15th Jan 2013, 07:24
I have two, both have sentimental meaning and unless I take my shirt off, they are not on public display.

In a business sense I think it looks unprofessional, on a woman.. Generally speaking, it has a negative effect.

Ancient Mariner
15th Jan 2013, 08:20
Coming from old seafaring stock I do have a tatto, like my father, uncle, grandfather all had. I had mine done in San Fransisco in the early 70'ies.
A rose on my upper arm with the name of my then fiancee, now wife below it.
My wife's name is Margareth, yeah i know, not the correct English spelling, but OK in Norway. OK it was not when i returned back home after 12 months at sea, quickly undressed and was promptly asked by love of my life: "Who's that?" pointing to my fresh tatoo. "You, my dear", says I. "No, my name is not Margreth", says she. Not much sex that night it was.
And no, I don't like tattos on females, not on males either come to think of it.

15th Jan 2013, 08:33
My wife's got a tattoo of a seashell on her inner upper thigh. If I put my ear to it I can smell the sea.
Hat, coat, I'm going...........

Windy Militant
15th Jan 2013, 08:34
ahhh...the good ol tramp stamp also referred to as the bhttp://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:www.pprune.org/get/images/smilies/censored.gifh stamp.
It spells one word to me...

A mate of mine calls them Slag Tags!

15th Jan 2013, 08:41
I'm still struggling with the david's original article.....

Sydney bartender Sinead Simoes did not plan on entering the contest but was happy to take the title of Miss Surf'n'Ink at the weekend.
"People come here because no one judges them and they can be as creative as they like."

Still, I suppose I'm daft to expect logic or eloquence from people who do that to their bodies!

15th Jan 2013, 09:11
Each to their own, but as an autistic friend of mine once said with pinpoint accuracy, "Tattoos are a matter of mood" and he was right. You get an idea in your head and before you know it some trusted artist has transcribed it onto your largest organ, potentially until death do you part. Things change and so do moods and to my mind the larger tattoos that were once the coolest thing in the fickle kingdom of cool, might be seen with regret.

I went to a capable dentist a while back, however he had full sleeve tattoos on both arms and in honesty I haven't been back due to the impression it created.


15th Jan 2013, 09:23
I don't like tattoos. Or, for that matter, piercings. I would never employ anybody with either - but as I won't be employing anyone (I'm retiring), it's immaterial.

15th Jan 2013, 09:24
I assume SHJ the dentist had tattoo'd

http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQL19HrSjY0rlu4oAVzlthECgnej1BcxNDYs2V1Xc7 eyNx1tNyGOl1JQDA

on his forearms? :uhoh:

Solid Rust Twotter
15th Jan 2013, 09:27
Folks get pretty sensitive about them too. Happened to venture the opinion on another forum that I find them a little trashy. This earned me a tirade of abuse from someone I guessed had a few hangups about her own personal example. Culminated in her addition to my wuckfit/ignore list rather than getting into an online pissing competition.

15th Jan 2013, 09:49
So, radeng, you'd never employ a woman wearing earrings?

Howard Hughes
15th Jan 2013, 10:08
Body art is attractive (if not over done) on taught trim bodies, not so on less than trim bodies and that goes for you ex mariners too! ;)

15th Jan 2013, 10:27
Much prefer this type of body art...at least it can be washed or peeled away when the novelty wears off...


Ancient Mariner
15th Jan 2013, 10:37
Howard Hughes, my body is taught, thank you very much, being as it is filled to capacity, and then some. Trim however...................:hmm:

15th Jan 2013, 10:48
What have you taught your bodies??? Or did you mean taut?

BTW, pierced right ear and one small turtle tattoo on my shoulder. The former doesn't seem to bother the Supreme Court judges, and there's no reason for them to see the latter (although I'd make an exception in one or two cases :E)

15th Jan 2013, 10:56
I don't like tattoos. Or, for that matter, piercings. I would never employ anybody with either

Do you conduct your interviews with the interviewee naked, then? For a lot of tattoos and piercings, that's the only way you'd ever see them.

Still, I suppose it's a whole different take on the 'imagine the interviewer naked and you'll be less intmidated' thing :E

15th Jan 2013, 10:58
Earings on women are OK. Remember why Essex girls wear big hoop earings - somewhere to put their ankles.

Temp Spike
15th Jan 2013, 10:59
See...told ya black was beautiful.

Ancient Mariner
15th Jan 2013, 11:10
Taut, Magnus, taut. I mentally copied HH. Then again English is not my first language...................as if I spell any better in Norwegian. :rolleyes:

Temp Spike
15th Jan 2013, 11:16
Looks like the little candles or bullets or whatever they are at the nether world get a little inconsistent. Artist nerves maybe?? Like erase and start over? Oh cripes, I made another mistake…..let me rub this off and start over....

DX Wombat
15th Jan 2013, 11:41
I can accept the traditional henna designs used by Asian ladies as part of their wedding make up as these are temporary, eventually fade away with washing and usually confined to the hands and sometimes forearms but the permanent ones I cannot abide on girls, older women etc.

15th Jan 2013, 12:04
Managed 13 yrs in the Army and when in Hohne there was a tattoo place next to the Quelle bar. Saw plenty of numpties get them done when drunk. Some married and the wives were not impressed.

Personally don't like them and on a couple of occasions been "put off my stroke" when turning a girl over and found myself trying to read said tattoo on her lower back.

15th Jan 2013, 13:47
Phalconphixer, been to the body painting festival in Bardolino on Lake Garda? It can be quite interesting . . . :E

Lightning Mate
15th Jan 2013, 13:53
Nurse giving hospital patient his daily wash.

"Why is Ludo tattooed on your penis?

"It's not, it's Llandudno"

15th Jan 2013, 14:15
A total turn off for me on a female.

15th Jan 2013, 14:23
Health: I know a very senior doctor in the German medical profession who said "you can't believe how many skin cancers start at the line of a tattoo. The red dye seems to be the most carcinogenic".

Asthetics: there's a lovely young lady who comes to the gym each morning, married, two sweet kids, nice husband. Lovely body, lovely face. But she has the most awful amateurish tats covering her left shoulder, absolutely hideous. A five year old child produces better pictures. To me, that's a deformity she's had done.

15th Jan 2013, 14:46
" Paul was here " Beaten only by "I saw, I conquered, I came":hmm:

15th Jan 2013, 14:51

Or: vidi, veni, vici.*

* note the word order.

15th Jan 2013, 15:00
Or possibly veni, vici, VD. :(

15th Jan 2013, 15:20
Not sure if it's true but I've read more than once that the pigments used were never developed for human use but are simply derived from car-paint pigments. If true, obviously only possible because it's something that started a century (?) ago and simply carried on.

This would fit in with OFSO's medical comment above.

Standard Noise
15th Jan 2013, 15:40
Did once say that I'd have this done if we ever won the Heineken Cup again, was 80 mins away from it last May but some stunning feckwittery (and good play by Leinster) prevented it................

15th Jan 2013, 16:00
There must be a latent allusion soemwhere here to "Dick" (Moby) and Queequeg.

15th Jan 2013, 18:06
Personally don't like them and on a couple of occasions been "put off my stroke" when turning a girl over and found myself trying to read said tattoo on her lower back.

...this tattoo strategically inscribed " Paul was here "

Not quite tattos, but I was told a story of a Royal Navy visit to Brazil. In the red light district, one of the girls had her back signed by all the matelots that had previously used her services.

15th Jan 2013, 18:16
So this fille de joie down in Nashville has a tattoo of Frank Sinatra put on the inside of her right thigh and Dean Martin on the left. Pleased with the artwork, she goes out to find someone to appreciate it. Sadly there's one old drunk propping up the hotel bar, but nobody else, so she drags him into a dark corner, whips off her underwear, hooks a leg over a chairback, and says "what do you think of my tattoos ?"

He looks at the tattoo on the left, mumbles to himself, looks at the one on the right, shakes his head, mumbles to himself, and says "lady, I don't know the one on the right nor the one on the left, but the one in the middle with the scruffy beard and bad breath - why, that's Willy Nelson !"

spInY nORmAn
15th Jan 2013, 19:02
At least this one has the benefit of "looking" practical!


BTW - this site has some of the most god-awful tattoos you can imagine. Those that are spelled incorrectly are some of my favourites (adding insult to injury?).

Mac the Knife
15th Jan 2013, 20:14
"I know a very senior doctor in the German medical profession who said "you can't believe how many skin cancers start at the line of a tattoo. The red dye seems to be the most carcinogenic".

Never seen it (and I've seen a LOT of tattoos) - some of the old reds did produce a reaction in some people though.

Seen some interesting mutilations when folks try DIY removal though, battery acid is quite popular.

Chicks with tats, no, not my scene, though I've seen some stunning ones in mastectomy patients who don'y want or can't afford a reconstruction.


Only got one myself, a small classic bluebird in memory of my old mate Tomás

Hey ho...



16th Jan 2013, 00:11
Here's me mate Smeer with his 22 y/o girlfriend.


Smeer was/is an old school punk musician who did tattooing and body piercing on the side to pay the bills. His chick is a gorgeous Hungarian who got a waitressing job at the local coffee shop at age 18 and was into body piercing. We could talk about chemistry here on how they met and fell in love and be right in both contexts.

I used to like Smeer's skull and crossbones tattoo on the side of his head, then his Mohawk (hair) fell out so he now wears a hat.

Captain Dart
16th Jan 2013, 00:48
I didn't go out of my way to look at sailors without shirts on during my navy days, but one I noticed at a 'banyan' warranted a grimace.

The large 'tatt' on his midriff was a cute Disney-esque puppy dog from behind, looking backwards, with his upright, curly tail prominent. The sailor's navel was the dog's anus.

16th Jan 2013, 01:27
Add me to the list of "not in favour", a couple of the very attractive young ladies in my office have discrete tattoos which when the climate gets hot and the apparel gets skimpy become bleedin obvious!

I was once in a eatery somewhere between Glasgow and Edinburgh waiting in the queue to be seated, and in front of me where a young local couple. The young lady was in her early 20's, well dressed, and had obviously taken time to do her hair, makeup etc. They were standing facing each other, so I could see his back and her front view, and she was wearing a knitwear garment which covered her front and arms.

When the queue moved forward she turned to move with it, and I saw that the knitwear garment had a low back which came down to between the shoulder blades. There on her back, framed by the collar of the garment, was an 8 inch tattoo of the red hand of Ulster.

Didn't feel hungry after that.

16th Jan 2013, 04:01
Stick this with the gun thread will ya? Another debate been had time and time again in JB.
Same old bigots shouting i wouldnt employ someone with tatts or piercings (think you'll find thats illegal), and as for being "put off" by a tatt on a fit young lady, you obviously only find beauty skin deep.

Lets all just judge books by their covers shall we?

Yes i have tatts but they are personal to me. I have thought long and hard about each one and regret none of the 7 i have (im 42 btw) even carefully planning more. If either of my children want a tattoo when of age, i will ask them what they want and where they want it and tell them they have a year to think about it. If they still want the same thing in the same place then they will have my blessing.

There are 2 types of people in this world; people with tatts and people without tatts. The difference is people with tatts dont give a rats arse whether someone else has one or not.

16th Jan 2013, 04:18
and as for being "put off" by a tatt on a fit young lady

What about fit old ladies?


You'd have to employ her too Richo - to do otherwise is illegal!

16th Jan 2013, 04:44
As long as she was capable of doing the job in hand Slasher....

16th Jan 2013, 05:47
Sorry, too many years transporting prisoners, I see a tattoo, I think prisoner. With young women and girls, a complete turn off.

With any young female that is considering getting a tattoo I would give anything to show them what that tattoo will look like when they reach over 40 years of age, the tattoo turns in to looking something like a horrible scar on their body.

Why the hell people want to disfigure themselves is beyond me. But it is their bodies after all and if some young bimbo wants to prance around with 'Get two orders of Kung Pao Chicken, you get egg roll' in Chinese tattooed on their butt, it's fine with me.

If I was younger I might play with them, be they ain't going home to met mother. :p

But then again, I am of the old school. (ie old fart :E)

Once one sees old faded tattoos on fat 60 year old women, you'll understand. :uhoh:

Talking about prisoners. One day a Deputy US Marshal stopped at a convienicence to pick up a case of beer, as he was waiting in line to pay for the beer he noticed that the guy in front if him had some homemade tattoos on his hands, a sure sign of someone that had spent time in prison. So jokingly the deputy pulled his jacket back to where his Marshal Badge could be seen and said the guy, 'Hey, we've been looking for you, you forgot to turn in a library book when you were released.'

The Deputy didn't even finish the sentence before the guy with the homemade tattoos started crying and held his hands up. Turned out he was an escaped Federal prisoner that had been running from the law for years.

This really annoyed the Deputy, because by the time the paperwork was finished, he missed the football watch party he was going to, the reason he stopped to buy the beer in the first place. :p

16th Jan 2013, 06:18
you have a tattoo, anywhere - you are trash.

Very limited exception for Navy folk waking up after a blackout in a far-away land with a stinging wannabee-bicep. But then....nah....still trash...

Ancient Mariner
16th Jan 2013, 06:27
I do not judge a book by the cover, Richo, but there are times I simply do not like the cover.

16th Jan 2013, 08:41

There are 2 types of people in this world; people with tatts and people without tatts. The difference is people with tatts dont give a rats arse whether someone else has one or not.

No, you're wrong . There are three types.

The ones who are happy with tatoos, the significant number who regret them and are wondering how to hide/erase them and the un-tatooed who don't have to worry.

Don't know which country you are speaking about when you say illegal to discriminate against tatooed , but you will find that numerous airlines have written codes of conduct that say visible tatoos mean no job, so obviously not illegal to do so in many countries.

Alloa Akbar
16th Jan 2013, 10:25
Richo77 I have thought long and hard about each one and regret none Ditto that mate. :ok:

the significant number who regret them and are wondering how to hide/erase them I suspect these people are probably lacking intelligence to the degree that they have far bigger problems in life than a frickin' tattoo.


It really is quite simple.. You are a cnut

DX Wombat
16th Jan 2013, 10:28
Heaven forbid the tattooed area should ever need operating on or suturing. You have no idea how many people do not realise that the surgeon/suturer will not be able to restore the tattoo to its original pristine condition.

16th Jan 2013, 10:51
you have a tattoo, anywhere - you are trash.

And what if you have a chip anywhere, perhaps on the shoulder?

16th Jan 2013, 11:01
I'm yet to see a tat I would ever want on myself, and I'm yet to see one on anyone that I appreciate.......And I'm probably considered relatively young....not a spring chicken, but still.....

I remember thinking long and hard about a tat maybe 18-19 odd years ago thought about it for a few years, decided against it....and not a day passes that I am not thankful that I never went through with it! :ok: Just me though, I enjoy being un-inked & blemish free, I somehow still think of cattle being branded / marked, not humans

'Course so many people with Tats nowadays, you're not allowed to say you don't like them, not 'politically correct' to do so :rolleyes:

Wouldn't fancy meeting that Smeer chap down a dark alley, a look no doubt carefully cultivated, looks like he has half of Mount Isa's yearly production in the right ear....:\

Had to laugh a few years back, Jnr Fliegs and I, returning from a surfing trip down the coast, listening to a radio news report in the car, some escaped prisoners somewhere, one suspect 'sporting a large green star tattooed under the left eye'......... :D :rolleyes: Rightly or wrongly it reinforced a few preconceptions!

That said my bet mate has a few, but they are not visible whilst fully clothed...and then there was that Skanky receptionist we had at work who quipped "I have a tat, but you can't see it"....uh, yeah when you squat down to retrieve a file you reveal your skanky arse crack, and your blouse rides up you back, we can see a smudged blue green dragonfly...we think.... :rolleyes:

Alloa Akbar
16th Jan 2013, 11:11
Fliegs - you're not allowed to say you don't like them, not 'politically correct' to do so Each to their own, nothing wrong with not liking them and stating so.. I take issue with the attitude of another poster though, who doesn't demonstrate enough brain cells to have an opinion.

Solid Rust Twotter
16th Jan 2013, 12:07
Don't like them, won't get one. By the same token, I don't care what anyone else does. If they have one I'd prefer not to see, I'll just move along somewhere else or not bother associating with them. They're free to do the same if the Shrek thing I have going re features offends them.

As an aside, the unit I was with way back when dinosaurs roamed free, did a medical on joining and any distinguishing marks, including tatts, got you RTUd.

16th Jan 2013, 12:34
Its a matter of degree and taste. the right tattoo can look great on the right girl but it doesnt matter how much tasteful ink is applied, a skanky old bag will always look like a skanky old bag

I guess its the difference between body art and a plain old tattoo

(have none btw, was told by tatooist tocome back when sober - didnt seem such a god ides then)

16th Jan 2013, 12:39
Well no Alloa Akbar, each to their own is a fine idea, but in the real world it is not like that, I don't like them, have said so, have been ostracised for it.......

Similarly...........Don't agree with Gay Marriage either......if you want to be married, call it something else.....call it hommoriage They do 'proudly' refer to themselves as Gay, so proudly refer to your union as something exclusively gay! SIMPLE, and may I just add at this point, We have Gay friends who just married in Toronto, happy for their civil union, and they have been together for 35 years it needs its own name gay marriage!

16th Jan 2013, 12:53
I have been spray painted before but it is not permanent.:O

16th Jan 2013, 14:12
Friends of mine, Helen and Stanley, both now in their ninety's have numbers tattooed on their arms. Yes they both survived the concentration camps in Poland.

16th Jan 2013, 14:14

Alloa Akbar
16th Jan 2013, 14:15
have been ostracised for it

Well listen mate, I have tatts, I respect your view and I am sure the other inked up boys on here will join me in still sending you a virtual manly group hug and a virtual beer, you're ok by us pal :ok:


Temp Spike
16th Jan 2013, 14:16
Well. Glad to see that we are in the clear.

Edna Beverage
16th Jan 2013, 17:14
I have thought about getting a W tattooed on each cheek.....

fill in the punchline yourselves.


16th Jan 2013, 17:27
Got my first at age 48, got my second (and last) at age 50, actually last month. A statement I needed to make after a bunch of sh!t I had been through in life. Right and left biceps. And they are colourful and mean something to me, none of yer wanky chinese or feckedup symbolism.


B Fraser
16th Jan 2013, 17:37
Here's a story from an old mate who was in the merchant navy. He worked with a Scottish engineer who got absolutely legless in Hong Kong. He went into the legendary Pinkey's and asked for a large thistle to be tattooed on his back. The tattooist didn't quite understand so a picture was drawn with the words "Scotland For Ever" underneath.

Today, there's a bloke somewhere in Glasgow sporting a giant pineapple.

16th Jan 2013, 19:51
Surprised nobody has mentioned the tale of the white Essex boy on holiday in Montego Bay who went for a slash in a local bar.
Glancing down at the todger of the local lad doing his business at the the next urinal he says. " Ere mate, that's a coincidence, My missus is called Wendy too and I've also got her name tattooed on my old man!"
"No mon!" Says the local. "That tattoo says Welcome to Jamaica, have a nice day!"
Hat, coat etc.

16th Jan 2013, 22:21
Anyone with a pineapple instead of a thistle or the myriad of interweb people you see with misspelt words have only themselves to blame. Any half decent Tattoo Artist always shows you the stencil and asks you if you're happy with the look/placement/spelling etc.

Yes, they do fade a little but ive got one that is 24 years old and it still looks good. Its a little faded but then so am i these days.

16th Jan 2013, 23:29
I'm not at all in favour of tattoos but who am I to tell someone else (well, except our kids) what to do?

Well, our kid got herself tattooed (after leaving home) - horse, water...water, horse. "It's a statement of individuality, Dad", she said. "Oh", I said, "Just like everyone else then".

17th Jan 2013, 01:43
Cause of all of us inked folks have the same tattoo do we Reynolds? You know fully well what she meant and yet you post that dribble anyway. Feel better do you?

17th Jan 2013, 03:04
Making a social statement, expressing one's individuality, don't judge a book by its cover etc. I've heard it all before.

Consider these two women -

http://i4.mirror.co.uk/incoming/article389628.ece/ALTERNATES/s615/susan-boyle-pic-image-international-ltd-867903922.jpg http://www.tat2pictures.com/diversen/most-tatooed-woman/02.jpg

We see two ordinary-looking older women who are not particularly attractive.

Both you wouldn't dare employ at the front counter of your Rodeo Drive shop if you want your business to survive.

One expresses her individuality by her almost-unmatched singing ability and talent without needing recourse to anything else, even makeup.

The other tries to do the same by just looking plain silly.

I think I made my case.

17th Jan 2013, 03:06
I remember thinking long and hard about a tat maybe 18-19 odd years ago thought about it for a few years, decided against it....and not a day passes that I am not thankful that I never went through with it!

I'm not a big fan of tattoos, but if you think every day about something you didn't do nearly 20 years ago, maybe you need to get a new hobby.

17th Jan 2013, 06:49
Tatts are like Harleys these days in that all the wrong kinds of people now have them. Really, what is a fat middle aged lady with a chinese shoulder tattoo in the beauty products isle in the supermarket trying to say? Sorry, that just doesn't do it for me, her rebellion contradicts her own cushy existance.

Some folk have actually had a tough life and some folk just like to say they have and dress it up so.

Temp Spike
17th Jan 2013, 07:43
You know what cattletruck, I have exactly the same opinion as you have expressed here. Obviously we are older Americans. What you are describing is a cultural change and our mutual observed conclusion; “what’s the point of all this fantastic tattoo nonsense, nose piercing, face eviscerating, clownish, Halloween costume fads of fancy”..?

In my opinion these people are trying to express themselves loudly. Maybe because they feel unseen. Maybe they feel invisible and want to be part of a community. So they do this to join a community of people who do the same thing to their bodies. They interact with these people and find common bond….a family of sorts. To me this is strange behavior and they are generally bizarre and unpleasant to look at, but I realize they do this for their own reasons not mine. Since I haven’t walked in their shoes. I don’t know their reasoning, but I feel it my human duty to treat them no differently than I would anybody else. So I release, with great fanfare, my flatulent expressions just as if they were anyone else in the check-out line.

With this simple communication, they know they can feel at home in my community too.

Ascend Charlie
17th Jan 2013, 10:15
Police LOVE tattoos, it makes it so much easier to identify the ratbag who just stole your purse.

"He was a yobbo with a mullet haircut and a tattoo of a dragon on his left arm and a naked lady on his forehead."

"Right, that will be young Bloggs then, we'll go pick him up."

The only ink I like is on well-developed young ladies with tittoos on their tatties.

17th Jan 2013, 10:16
"I'm not a big fan of tattoos, but if you think every day about something you didn't do nearly 20 years ago, maybe you need to get a new hobby."

Etrang, sorry, what I meant was every time I see a God awful tramp stamp, which happens to be everyday, I am pleased with my decision from years ago, may better reflect what I was trying to say....:)

Temp, that may be at one and the same time the most accurate and amusing posting of yours ever.

green granite
17th Jan 2013, 13:26
There's body art and then well there's body art:
warning NSFW

Topic: Halloween Body Paint Costumes - Stay Tuned With-Vinay (http://blogwithvinay.webs.com/apps/forums/topics/show/2689107)

DX Wombat
17th Jan 2013, 14:01
Paint on - wash off fine. That third one with the croc is a stunning piece of work.

Bern Oulli
17th Jan 2013, 19:47
ooops - gross finger trouble.

Bern Oulli
17th Jan 2013, 19:57
What I meant to say was - I quite like these ... puppies.


18th Jan 2013, 00:43
Slash I dig the blond chick...

Nothing wrong with a bit of ink. As you know just as long as you don't cover you arms with it if you are covering for a 'serious' life...

Finding a woman's elusive tat is another thing!


18th Jan 2013, 00:47
Slash I dig the blond chick...

Well that's one question of your tastes cleared up Caco! ;)

18th Jan 2013, 00:54
Well that's one question of your tastes cleared up Caco! http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:www.pprune.org/get/images/smilies/wink2.gif

Better than a cannibal native man! :ok:


Takan Inchovit
18th Jan 2013, 01:23
Leave the Tats (and drug taking) for those over 50 or 60. They've probably earn't it by then. :)

Temp Spike
18th Jan 2013, 01:41
Holy nude nannys! ET call home! Don't bring in any wood tonight cause I'm comin home wid a LOAD!

18th Jan 2013, 02:31
Sorry, I bumbled back here accidently ;-) (don't you just you love these franchises)?

Beth Hart... dig her...

Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa - Something's Got A Hold On Me (WOW!) @ Echoplex 9-19-11 - YouTube


18th Jan 2013, 03:41
Horses for courses Slasher... no, of course im not hiring either one of those women IF i run a Rodeo Drive Store... but neither one of them are applying for the job now are they?

Lets say i'm Ami James who runs a number of successful tattoo studios and has 2-3 TV series on cable (and a nightclub or 2 i think). Am i hiring the Harvard grad in the 3 piece suit with impeccable credentials (cant be arsed posting pics) or the guy with half a sleeve who knows his tatts to be my store manager?

Again, the Harvard grad in the 3 piece suit doesnt even apply... easy to write bullsh!t scenarios aint it?

Ami James even covered this issue when hiring for his Miami Ink store. He hired the person who knew something about tatts, had some and could relate to the customers.

Regardless of the whatever policies ANYONE cites, to judge people by sight is profiling. Whether that is good or bad is up to you to choose, but for mine to judge someone on sight is being small minded. Judge me by my tatts if you will, i dont care what you think, MY tatts are for me, not you. If it offends YOUR delicate sensitivities to look at them, i suggest you look somewhere else.

Ken Borough
19th Jan 2013, 10:30
I don't know if people with tattoos are brain dead or simply aping someone who's brain dead. Why would anyone find it necessary to etch an image on his or her body to remind them of a life event or of someone in their life? Do these people lack memory?

The answer to the question as to whether body art is attractive has to be no. I find it abhorrent while the expression 'body art' has to be one of the best oxymorons I've heard for some time.

19th Jan 2013, 12:43
I have just seen post #53 of the mastectomy patient with a tattoo over the area of her missing breast. That has to be the most creative and sensible use of a tattoo and clearly has helped the lady concerned to deal with every woman's worst nightmare.