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14th Jan 2013, 01:56
One for Mr.Radeng :

LiveLeak.com - Listening to the radio Ukrainian style

That's one way to de-modulate a radio signal,cheap but slightly risky.Those 2 gentlemen are not the 'brightest sparks'

Temp Spike
14th Jan 2013, 04:53
This is hilarious, but stupid.

14th Jan 2013, 07:36
It appears they can afford a video camera or mobile phone but not a radio!
Priorities of today's youth!

Many years ago I worked at a high power radio transmitting station. If there was a rusty bit of chain-link fencing within a mile or two you could listen to the radio on that.


14th Jan 2013, 13:42
Known as the 'rusty bolt effect'. Been a problem on multi transmitter sites for years, and one company made a fair amount of money selling a grease for warships which was conductive and fairly difficult to wash off.

wings folded
14th Jan 2013, 13:51
If you have two plants, do you get stereo?

14th Jan 2013, 15:09
You only get stereo if you listen to Robert Plant

14th Jan 2013, 20:02
Am I alone in being able to hear the radio through the fillings in my teeth?

Metro man
15th Jan 2013, 00:03
I picked up a telephone during the 1980s and faintly heard a radio station through the earpiece. The line obviously acted as an ariel and the phone contained the amplifier, speaker in the handset completed the requirements.

15th Jan 2013, 08:47
Sorry to a appear silly, but what are they holding the plant against?

15th Jan 2013, 09:18

A company in Potter's Bar bought a cheap far eastern made switchboard, and has BBC Radio breaking through all the time from the Brookman's Park transmitters just down the road. Before the days of the EMC Directive, and the importers couldn't/wouldn't fix it.

15th Jan 2013, 09:30
but what are they holding the plant against?
It's a transmitter tower.

This is normal for high power medium (AM broadcast band) & longwave transmitters.
The tower is insulated from Earth.
That odd dome shape thingy is the top of a ceramic insulator.
Voltage at the base of such tower is in thousands or perhaps millions.
Because it's modulated with the sound going out the burning vegetation actually "plays" the audio.9bWOHrT3lBs