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17th Apr 2002, 15:20
-Leave home to start the workweek on saturday
-Push food trolleys around the skies of Europe for a few days with no chance to acces the net.
-Get a 30 minute log onto PPRuNe at the crew hotel and get a few surprises.

Xenia and all of you sweet people wishing me well here, thank you for your kind words and best wishes. They are very much appreciated.

While I have not been on the net since saturday, and didn't even know that my name was already posted as moderator, already I'm accused of having been high-handed, arbitrary and overstrict. Of having practised favouritism, caused a poster to be banned and deleted an offensive link.
My powers are amazing!

Captain PPRuNe asked me to moderate JetBlast. The question caused some apprehension in the happy home. :) I asked him was he sure he wanted a hot-tempered foul-mouthed feminist of questionable moral fibre and with a fondness for discussing mattters sexual and political as a moderator?
He seems to think that the above fits the bill for this place ;) so I accepted. Not because I think it wil be all that much fun, or that I will be good at it, but because I feel that I owe Captain PPRuNe & Company a great deal for everything proon has given me since I signed up.
I haven't read the rule book yet, nor figured out the technical bits and pieces. Will have to do that before I can make a first tremulous stab at moderating.
Will I manage to be impartial?

Not bl**dy likely. :)
I bring to the "job" my very own prejudices and irrationalities.
Striving for fairness will probably mean some serious thinking before moderating a post from a nome-de plume for whom I do not feel great affection. While I'll have few qualms about coming* down like a ton of bricks on a certain erudite self-proclaimed deviate from the Mekong Delta whose PPRuNe persona always puts a smile on my face.

To moderate JB one needs the wisdom of Solomon. I don't have it.
What I also lack is the ability to take myself very seriously.
Responsibility is something I take seriously however. So I'll do my level best here, but I won't forget that JB is a small frivolous cog in the big serious virtual machine that is PPRuNe.

While doing the best I know how to, I'll no doubt f*ck up gloriously and fall flat on my face frequently. I'll keep on doing that until I decide that enough abuse has been heaped on my head or until Uncle Danny decides to let me off the hook.
Whichever comes first. :D

* Slash, it says "coming" not "going".

Biggles Flies Undone
17th Apr 2002, 15:24
Moderate? Hmmmm.......

Wonderful? No question :D

17th Apr 2002, 15:49
Flaps - ever considered politics?

Seems to be you'd do a lot better than many of the incumbents!

What a great disclaimer - I may even copy it to plagiarise at a later date :p

17th Apr 2002, 16:10
Congratulations, Flaps!

It's your self-proclaimed lack of ability to take yourself seriously that makes me so sure you're the right person for the job! :D Rather you than me, though...


17th Apr 2002, 16:30
No doubts! she is the woman :D :D :D

17th Apr 2002, 17:48
sounds to me from that description you will be the perfect moderator, best of luck:D

17th Apr 2002, 18:06
Flaps - welcome, now let me show you were the padlock is kept.........:D

17th Apr 2002, 18:11
Can't wait for Slash to spot this!

17th Apr 2002, 20:58


Well Flaps I hope you will "come down hard" on me if Im a naughtey boy! :D

Good luck and warmest lust as always!

Slash xx
Erudite self-proclaimed deviate from the Mekong Delta.

Send Clowns
17th Apr 2002, 21:06
Well, dubious that JB should be moderated, I was pleased to see it was to be by you, Flaps. I don't think I have ever transgressed here (only tend to over-sell my employer on Wannabes :o - they need it, a new company, unknown :( ) and shall endeavour not to fall foul of you, Flaps. If I do, I will not be offended if you gag me :eek:

Lima Tambo
17th Apr 2002, 22:06
stop whinging Flaps. ;)

18th Apr 2002, 01:16
Yep, congrats Falps.

and while we are at it why don't we all use this colour!

Just showing off really, found out how this colour thingy works:)

Capt Vegemite
18th Apr 2002, 05:24

18th Apr 2002, 10:18
Onya Flappie! :)

18th Apr 2002, 10:47

Your qualifications are impeccable! All possible success and may you be a memorable moderator for all the right reasons.

18th Apr 2002, 23:37
So you didn't... you mean... and there we all were, saying bloody hell only been a moderator for five minutes and look at wot she's done.

Ah well, pretty sure that your predjudices are all in the right place Flaps, you'll do good, girl, and besides, we're not going to know that you've removed our posting unless you mention it. Then again I don't doubt if you did, you would.:) :)