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G&T ice n slice
13th Jan 2013, 15:34
FAA concerned about increase in manual handling errors
News: FAA concerned about increase in manual handling errors (http://www.avherald.com/h?article=45bee59c&opt=0)

Dear gods (imaginary relics of an outmoded belief system, excepting Blind Io of course)

They don't even want us to handle manuals without flamin' "manual handling training" being given, it's just an insane bandwagon for compensatory claims against employers lawyer's gravy train.

Ok maybe some of them weigh a bit, I mean the AHM for the 747 ran to 3 volumes and a separate volume covered the Combi, and yes, I expect the were 1-2 kilos each, but sheesh, I can handle the dang things without special training

13th Jan 2013, 19:15
Wish they'd mandated it sooner. I'm sick of catching my finger when the binding rings snap closed. Appropriate training culminating in a binder type rating might have prevented these horrendous errors.

13th Jan 2013, 19:35
It's no joke. In 2011 16% of commercial pilots in the US were hospitalised with paper cuts. Four of these were, unfortunately, fatal. Good move by the FAA I say, should have been done long ago.

14th Jan 2013, 10:03
I'm sick of catching my finger when the binding rings snap closed.

And I'm sick up and fed of cadets entering an amendment - then forgetting to
snap the binding closed - with the inevitable vomiting of said manual all over
the cockpit floor when I decide to pull it out of the library.

This type of training should be part and parcel of any Weeties cereal packet
from which they obtain their MPL (makeshift pilot licence).

G&T ice n slice
14th Jan 2013, 11:38
I must admit, I got a nasty strain when I lifted the Ground Handling Manual off the shelf.

But that was because I didn't apply the correct "lifting of heavy weights procedures" that I had been taught on the warehouse operations course.

15th Jan 2013, 01:46
Slasher, they probably never completed the new(ish) Manuals Correction Certificate prior to attempting the amendment task. We all know how incredibly, nay, vitally(!) important an MCC is, and how the error rates have reduced drastically compared to previous, non-MCC times or other places that dare to open a manual without even having an MCC.

15th Jan 2013, 03:40
Tinny the Nabisco Co doesn't include the MCC in their Weeties packaging,
but I heard the ICAO contract for same has gone to Kelloggs and may be
included in Corn Flakes.

15th Jan 2013, 13:09
Gee....and the FAA system is so lightweight compared to the CAA.

You folks in Blighty were the cause for the Aeronautical Axiom that requires the Paperwork to equal the Take Off Weight of the aircraft before the aircraft can depart.

I am quite sure there are simply tons of documents, Orders, Letters, Policy Statements, and other related sources of authority, permissions, licenses, permits, and letters requiring compliance in your system to that effect.

Is it true....most UK pilots retire due to Eye Strain and Hernia's....from toting your Flight Cases with all the manuals and the intense scrutiny each gets daily?

15th Jan 2013, 14:13
Well I spent many years working a handling aviation manuals. Most of them so big they would stop a .50 calibre bullet. Thanks to that extensive training. I can now hand fly aircraft in IMC while eating a sandwich and reading a book.

I could be the poster boy for the FAA.:ok:

G&T ice n slice
15th Jan 2013, 14:45
If you have enough manuals I am told that you can set up a complete croquet layout in the office - two big sturdy manuals set about 6 inches apart with a lightweight manual over the top to form the hoops. Then take all the old non-curent pages & scrunch them up (a bit of water helps) and make a ball; and with a ruler, broom, or something similar as your mallet you can get a couple of rounds in on night-shift.

Not that I've ever done that sort of thing because it's NOT clever, it's silly, juvenile and a complete misuse of company equipment & time.

I sincerely hope that you out there are all sensible adults and will not indulge in such wasteful activities

15th Jan 2013, 19:53
My last employer - UK - purchased a second hand USA aircraft, which came with FAA manuals. To put the aircraft on the UK register required the manuals to be re-printed to reflect the fact that they now referred to a British aircraft not an American one, and .... various items of text had to be re-written in UK English instead of USA English, e.g. every reference to 'lamp' had to be changed to 'light' - and other such nonsense.

Took ages, and delayed the use of the its revenue earning potential for the greater part of sometime !

Q. How do you make a small fortune in aviation ?
A. Start with a large one.

15th Jan 2013, 21:11
i had my flight bag containing my airways manuals fall out of the little forward baggage door of our DC3 and go through the left prop. Hell of a mess. We were on the ramp at the time. Never did get any manual training, though.

Temp Spike
15th Jan 2013, 21:24
Most of you never keep them updated or even have a subscription, sighting “cost”, even though the LAW orders you to do so under tech data requirements. Pah! What laughable American yokels. Country bumpkins, preferring to “skim” through them rather than study them. Knowing them ONLY for type rating and check-rides NEVER knowing them for ramp checks. Of course the FAA is cracking down.

15th Jan 2013, 23:44
I simply must get the name of your booking agent.

The big office party is sure to be a success now...