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Mr Bump
17th Apr 2002, 12:59
I was flicking around the channels last night and stopped on one of those documentary type things about Super Structures.

The object of interest happened to be Kansai Int'l Airport(KIX) in Japan, which the narrator claimed was possibly one of the most amazing and beautifully designed airports in the world. Apparently they have thousands of visitors per month just to see the airport.

I was wondering what the guys and gals in the biz thought, so what is your favourite airport to fly to / from? Any that you dread flying to?

17th Apr 2002, 13:59
I'm not a pilot, but my favourite airport (along with a lot of other pax) is Singapore's Changi.

Biggles Flies Undone
17th Apr 2002, 14:38
From an anorak's point of view the old Kai Tak took a lot of beating - the glass walkway where you could watch the final approach over HK was awesome.

The airport I've been happiest to see is Humberside - but that's got more to do with a low time pilot and horrible wx than architectural splendour ;)

17th Apr 2002, 15:02
My personal favourite is Oslo Gardermoen to visit, Stansted to look at and Gatwick to work at. Oslo is such a lovely building with loads of wood and a really relaxed atmosphere. Stansted looks like a spaceship at night, and the people at Gatwick are the most friendly as a group that I have worked with. I really don't like Heathrow, too hustle and bustly for me.

17th Apr 2002, 15:08
Wonder how much they'll like trooping around Kansai when it's underwater :D

Mr Bump
17th Apr 2002, 15:12
Yeh I was wondering how low the airport has sunk since the program was made.

Appartantly it's sinking 30cm per year and it was only 5 metres above sea level at the end of the filming. Does anyone know whether it is still sinking or has it stopped?