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Jump Complete
12th Jan 2013, 10:33
Just received my shiny new EASA ATPL (Initial issue for the ATPL as although I have just short of 5000 hours I've only recently gained the 500 hours multi-crew) Not a very impressive document, to be honest. One sheet with everything on it. The book is similar to the old book but half the size. One question though; the book is blue, I was expecting it to be green. Have they sent me the wrong cover or are all the licenses the same now?

green granite
12th Jan 2013, 10:36
You only get a green one if you are flying electric aircraft.

Greek God
12th Jan 2013, 18:40
Blue it is! & I'd like to nominate the tw*t who signed off the design for some kind of an award! Or at least a fast track to the portfolio of minister for the Ministry of Crap Design:hmm:
Take one A4 sheet fold in half then in half again and then do it again to give 16 minute pages - 8 per side - genius. :8

Page1 Title
Page2 Details Sections I III IV IVa/XIV V VI VII VIII X XI
Page3 Details Section II IX XII XIII
Page4 Details Section XII ratings
Page5 Certificate of Validation 5 blocks
Page6 Certificate of Validation 5 blocks
Page7 Certificate of Validation 5 blocks
Page8 Abbreviations
Page9 Previous Ratings
Page10-16 Intentionally Blank

A lifetime licence but no separate page(s) for revalidations (god forbid any TRE/I with a thick pen, long name, number & no glasses) only 14 boxes so 7 years worth on a single type. I bet although a lifetime licence they will charge for reprints once full ! Beware also as if you cut or split the page, the license becomes invalid, small envelopes in the book just big enough for the 3 times folded page so other useful stuff can't be kept in it easily.

Amazing what 139 drinking vouchers will get these days?!

DX Wombat
12th Jan 2013, 20:44
139 drinking vouchers?! 695! That sounds a bit expensive even for the Campaign Against Aviation. :eek:

Jump Complete
12th Jan 2013, 23:19
Mine cost 250 for initial issue. But yes, it is crap. What was the point of changing it from the old design? We all carry flight cases of some description, has anyone every thought the license was too big to carry to work? It's not like I want it in my pocket all the time! Kind of disappointed it isn't green, worked long enough for the bloody thing! Hey ho, at least the unlimited glamourous opportunities of 21st century commercial flying await now I have it....oh wait..

14th Nov 2014, 11:11
Hi Green Granite,
What do you mean by "electric aircraft" ?

Loose rivets
14th Nov 2014, 11:27
Where electromotive force is applied to the air molecules to accelerate them. Newtonian physics does the rest.

They are, by their very nature, very, very quiet. (quite unnervingly so.)

(lesson for probationary ppruners. JB is NOT the place for sensible answers.)

Loose rivets
14th Nov 2014, 11:38
I've still got my dull old green book. Somewhere I also have a PPL (with a Viscount endorsement. Got P1 hours on the beastie until they banned the changing of seats.)

Then a CPL.

Then a Senior CPL

(that doesn't sound right. But something like a frozen ALTP. Yep, letters in that order.

Then the green book which became at some point, an ATPL.

My American ATPL was one diddy piece of cardboard, across the top of which was printed some wise words. Something like "Crashing is not an accident, it has to be planned." :ooh: Perhaps not quite those words but you get the gist.