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17th Apr 2002, 11:37
OK, there's a thread going on the best beers in the world and FlyingForFun has said he loves Stollie Gold vodka, so let's start a thread off for your favourites spirits/cocktails.
I'm not really a cocktail person, but my favourite spirit has to be Becherovka from the Czech Republic drunk neat.
The Czech PM has it for breakfast I'm told.

17th Apr 2002, 11:42
Just about any malt whisky.

Also gin (but only Gordon's or Tanqueray - my grandfather used to say "Drink Gilbey's and die").

17th Apr 2002, 11:58
Gin and tonic, Pink Lady, Frozen Daiquiri, or a Midori Illusion...hopefully not all on the same night or I'm a very sorry minnie in the morning :)


Hagbard the Amateur
17th Apr 2002, 12:13
A spirit to die for...
Ron Palido - a dark rum produced and only available in Spain's Granada province. One of Andalucia's best kept secrets.
Serve in large measure with cola and lots of ice. Add a beach and a couple of palm trees. Heaven.

17th Apr 2002, 13:12
Jack Daniels.


17th Apr 2002, 13:32
Hagbard has identified the crucial ingredient. ANY cocktail tastes good on a beach under a palm tree. If forced to choose Margerita.

17th Apr 2002, 13:49
Huggy, there's blended malts and single malts. I take it you mean the latter?

17th Apr 2002, 14:05
Pandora and Hagbard, very good point re the beach and palm trees. If I have enough cocktails, I can almost feel the sand between my toes....


Mr Bump
17th Apr 2002, 14:08
Malt whiskey and brandy are my two favourites.

Although for something that gives you a kick try the following:

1. Get a wine glass and turn it upside down
2. Get a bottle of vodka and fill the recess of the glass base / stand
3. Block one nostril up and snort the vodka through the other nostril
4. World spins around for a bit (and nose hurts a tad the first time you try it) but one hell of an experience
5. Don't do it often as I'm sure it isn't good for your nose

The other one is simple but usually a right laugh to watch:

1. Fill mouth with Drambuie
2. Light said Drambuie
3. Object is to see who can keep the lit Drambuie in their open mouths the longest

Usual result is as soon as the Drambuie is lit, the person panics and for some reason instead of just swallowing (which doesn't actually burn the throat) they end up spitting the contents across the table. Most people (who are usually quite pi$$ed at this point) find this hilarious

17th Apr 2002, 14:18
Hopefully, I'm not a party when these 'tricks' are tried, coz I might have to put my nursing skills to use....they sound mortal!!


17th Apr 2002, 16:10
I top drink I discoverd while at university is white rum and Lilt. The most important specification for a drink if you're a student is kick. It simply must make you dribble and want to fight someone within forty minutes or its back to the drawing board. However, it obviously must taste acceptable too or you might as well drink floor polish. The third factor is that it must be cheap.

Well, white rum tastes of varnish but the magical addition of Lilt creates the taste of, what seems like, a quality fruit juice. The drink becomes greater than the sum of its individual parts.

The man from Del Monte says "You! You're my bestest friend, you are!"

17th Apr 2002, 16:16
If you're looking for "kick", a nice trick is to drink your favourite spirit+mixer through a straw. Even better, use a pin to poke a small hole near the top of the straw, then drink through the straw as normal. As the drink is sucked up, it collects air through the hole in the straw, the air absorbs some of the alcohol from the liquid, and then delivers it direct to the blood-stream.


17th Apr 2002, 16:18
PP, I most certainly do mean the single variety.

Would like to add (for those who think Bacardi is a good white rum and thereofre demonstrate their lamentable lack of education):-

CSR (Short for "Cane Spirit Rothschild") - THE best white rum ever. Wonderful mixed with Ting.

Standard Noise
17th Apr 2002, 17:39
Anything, as long as it keeps on coming, as per last Saturday night!

Or Rumplemintz - peppermint schnapps.

17th Apr 2002, 18:04
Keep vodka in the freezer and drink it with sliced green apples. The vodka goes 'syrupy' and compliments the apples nicely.

17th Apr 2002, 18:26
Peach Schnapps.

If I've had enought of it, I couldn't give a monkeys about the location:D

17th Apr 2002, 18:55
Erm... FFF's Stollie! (Cheers mate)
Another way to get a 'kick' out of it, without faffing around with a straw, is to snort it from a teaspoon. Not that I've ever tried it of course! I'm sure it would sting. Not speaking from experience.

A great way to drink cheaper vodka is to put a jelly baby in a shot, microwave briefly, and drink... mmmmmmmm

Also drink single malts. Currently working my way through a bottle of Jura, and the last inch of some Oban.


17th Apr 2002, 19:10
I don't drink it regulary, because it's like drinking 4 star, but for the ultimate kick the sensible man's choice is Absynth (spelling?). There is a shop near me that sells a brand from Czechoslovakia that is 85% by volume. You're supposed to light it and then starve it of oxygen before you drink it. However, when drinking what is essentially methanol, I think playing with fire is very unwise.

17th Apr 2002, 19:11
Long Island Iced Tea.

Nothing to do with yer actual tea, you understand, in fact you don't order this unless you're looking to get very drunk very quickly.

It's made from (in a tall glass, with ice) one measure each of vodka, tequila, gin, white rum and triple sec. Add a splash of lemon juice and a splash of coke (for the iced tea colour).

It has a deceptively mild taste but if you take less than two hours to drink it, you'll have both eyes in one socket.


Carpet Rodent
17th Apr 2002, 19:51
One I've had many times as a cocktail and loved it!

2 tots Peach Schnapps
2 tots Vodka
Splash of Apricot or Peach Juice
Crushed Ice
Top up with Soda.

Very refreshing, but please drink the bit at the bottom slowly! It does have a bit of a kick if you drink the last bit too quickly :D

Hagbard the Amateur
17th Apr 2002, 20:22
This one serves four but be careful.
1 Pineapple
Two handfuls of ice cubes
half a coconut
half a bottle of white rum
an undeterminable amount of tequila (use the psychopath scale)
A glass of orange juice

Tools - a knife and one blender

Chop the top off and hollow out the pineapple (tricky but it comes with practice), save a quarter of the pulp.

Use blender to pulp the ice cubes and coconut together - add to pineapple.

Add the saved pineapple pulp, all the spirits and orange juice to the pineapple.

stir and insert four straws

plug and pray

This example is also enhanced by the added beach and palm trees accessory but make sure you are only twenty paces staggering distance to where you are sleeping.

17th Apr 2002, 20:23
You are at the Bar, a good looking girl comes in, you want to be impressive, but without "drink mouth".

What DO you do ?

White Rabbit !

1 shot Christian Brothers Brandy
1 shot Peppermint Schnopps
(insert your favorite brands where approprate)

Place in mouth, swish, then swallow.

(:D ! It be mouthwash with a kick! :D)

You are now ready without worry, she'll love the taste of your mouth.

Can also use Rasberry/Peach/etc. Schnopps if you know she likes the berries ....

BD, I live for Iced Tea's in under 40 minutes hehehe ......

17th Apr 2002, 20:51
Royal Exchange Fish Bowl:
3 Shots Bells Whiskey
3 Shots Vodka
3 Shots Gin
Fill up with Coca Cola and Ice

Looks, Smells and Tastes like Fuel Oil, but boy, does it get you rat Ars*d

17th Apr 2002, 21:14

The alcoholic equivelant of a mugging.

Expensive and bad for the head!

1 shot each of:-


Top up with lemonade.

With thanks to Douglas Adams. R.I.P.

Send Clowns
17th Apr 2002, 21:19
Any Malt Wisky apart from Glenfiddich. Single grain whisky (such as Invergordon).

The Stoli was great, FFF. Have the ordinary stuff in the freezer if you're down Bournemouth way.

AerBabe's Sloe Gin is pretty good stuff too.

Only mixed drink a man should try that is not heavily based on Tequila is a Gin and Tonic! Cocktail hour is for the ladies, and those who otherwise would have no fruit in their diet :D

Hagbard the Amateur
17th Apr 2002, 22:14
I still celebrate Douglas Adams' description of the effect of the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster - it must be possible to apply it to a few combinations mentioned on the thread so far - "Like being smashed around the head by a slice of lemon... wrapped around a large gold brick."

18th Apr 2002, 03:57
:) izambard cognac and ginger ale. best drunk on the big island of hawaii when you take a couple of days of.single distilled, expensive, yes, but worth it.:)

18th Apr 2002, 10:18

For an "authentic" long-island iced tea, you also need to add sour mix. It's been gradually removed from cocktail recipes over the years due to fears about the health impact of raw eggs, but it improves the flavour (not that it needs much improving :D ) and makes the drink even more tea-coloured. The last time I tried to make sour mix, I screwed it up, so if anyone knows the recipe, I'd like to hear it, but the ingredients are lemon juice, sugar and raw egg.


Who has control?
18th Apr 2002, 12:14
Blue Diamond & FFF - you beat me too it!!
How about a LIIT tasting session so time??

But for long hot summer evenings in the garden - it HAS to be Pimm's.

Pimms with lemonade, cucumber, mint, apple, orange, lemon, lime and loads of ice. Tastes like a fruit cocktail - gets you ratted in minutes!

18th Apr 2002, 14:15
FFF... you say you screwed it up... but it still tasted great! Apart from the little lumpy bits... :D

The Greaser
18th Apr 2002, 14:16
Gin and Tonic (Bombay/Plymouth for the sophisticate, tanqueray for the uncouth, ie. me)
Cragganmore pre dinner
Lagavulin/Talisker post dinner
Irish car bomb for a laugh

Capt Vegemite
19th Apr 2002, 00:05
From the prawn trawler bar cocktail competition in Darwin.The winner Chivas Regal with a dollop of Rosella tomato sauce. Named the "Rosella Regal"