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17th Apr 2002, 08:36
So I'm asleep, it's early, I got in late. I put the 'do not disturb' sign on the door. The cleaner walks in anyway, and gets a surprise when I think she's part of the dream I was having about a burglar and scream.
Another night, another hotel. 'Do not disturb' sign on the door. Around about the crack of dawn I get a phonecall from housekeeping explaining that I have the sign on my door so they didn't want to knock but they were ringing to find out if I'd like my room cleaning.
Another night, yet another hotel. Now I'm paranoid. I put the sign on the door. Put the security chain on. You guessed it - crack of dawn, banging on the door, rattling of the security chain.
Even when I leave the sign on the door and go out for a bit, I come back and find all my dirty undies folded into neat piles, and I happen to like my mess. It's a little piece of home I take to every hotel room I stay in.
So, does anyone know why they do this, and does anyone have any quick, easy and legal remedies?

17th Apr 2002, 08:55
I suppose you could get your chinagraph pencil, and underneath "Do not disturb", write: "Or Else !!!!"

17th Apr 2002, 08:58
I have no idea......BUT...couldn't you 1) re-iterate that you don't want to be disturbed when you check-in AND 2) carry your own 'I'm Sleeping - P*ss Off And Leave Me Alone' (possibly translated as required) big sign in Big Red Letters and sticky tape it to the door?

Just a thought.....


Gunner B12
17th Apr 2002, 11:28

I don't believe how jet blast echo's my life.

I have had to leave the better half and my son for 5-6 weeks and move to Melbourne to help out the company that has bought the division I worked for. I did this because the out of pocket expenses I don't spend will make up the short fall I have in my budget for PPL training (old dog - new tricks more hours than expected to get GFPT). Of course this means I am being pretty tight fingered on expenditure. To this end and being a self confessed Wino (or at least very fond of the grape) I decided to buy a bottle the first night then switch to a cheaper, but reasonable quality cask wine on subsequent nights using the bottle as a measure to ensure that being alone and lonely I don't get carried away.

I left the empty bottle in a secure place with the cork pushed back in it and went to work. Lo and behold when I came back the bottle was history. I had not put it in the rubbish so why do people assume they know I want rid of it?

To add insult to injury all my gear was tidied up and I hate people messing with my things. They had even done the washing up. Now that may seem picky but I chose self catering so that I could maintain my own routine in an attempt to feel more at home, so why do they have to try to mother me?

God I'm already feeling pi$$ed off about being so far from home!

It's only been two days!

(Edited coz I couldn't spell Budget)

Feeton Terrafirma
17th Apr 2002, 11:38
I woke up in bed one day to the sound of the cleaner screaming.

This was possibly because she thought I was dead (which I felt like) OR because she was more than a little surprised to find me in bed, OR because when she ripped the covers of the bed I was naked.

Pandora, I'm with you, I have no answer but it really annoys me that bluddy clearers are not taught enough basic english for them to read the DO NOT DISTURB sign.


17th Apr 2002, 12:15
Slightly in defence of cleaners, but only a bit!

Crew have been known to leave the DND sign on their door as they check out in the hope that no one will check their mini-bar and just how much they have taken from it before they leave the place!

Some crew are in so much of a hurry when they leave their room that they leave the DND sign on the door and the cleaners know the room is required for the incoming crew, but obviously they make mistakes and check the wrong room.

I found that calling housekeeping and telling them I was going to sleep, (especially outside 'normal' hours) and then again telling them when I wanted my room made up prevented almost all unscheduled housekeeping visits.

The room maids are often to be found lurking in the corridors and telling them helps too, as they have a list of rooms and they can mark you as 'DND' and pass it on when they change shift.
All little extras you would prefer not to do but they do, sometimes, ensure peace!:)

17th Apr 2002, 12:20
Generally the cleaners do this because their work schedule has NOTHING to do with whether you want peace/quiet and sleep, but everything to do with the fact that they want to clean your room, tick the box that room 12buckle my shoe, has been cleaned, so they can pi*s off home. Same as us really.

17th Apr 2002, 12:31

Have had same problem hundreds of times a year for many years:

I go straight to the general manager and complain loudly. I ask if indeed it is the hotel's policy to harass guest and that this affects flying safety as a tired pilot is not a good pilot, etc.

As for the maids: I have scremed and yelled and insulted 'em. Of course of no help as most of 'em don't speak no english.
Yet if some do and when they call on the phone to ask if I want the room cleaned: Me: Did you see the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door? Yes....So why the **** do you disturb me then???

Other maids see the sign on the door, then call and hang up when ya answer.
They are fairly easy to catch as their cleaning cart is usually outside your door and they are calling from the room next door.
I have also complained about that to the various managers.

If ya don't answer the phone, they will enter the room to clean it.
Cathc 'em then and stick the "Do not Disturb" sign in their faces.

Sometimes I have been getting personal guarantees that it will never happen again. (Churchill Hotel, London)
The worst of all the hotels must be the Airport Hilton in Miami.
Great location and good food, but the staff did not care one whiff about the comfort of the guest. Finally had to write letters to the manager and threaten to ask my airline to find another hotel as this one was totally unusable for crew rest.

90% of the above problem is when trying to sleep during the day so as to fly at night. Most of the hotel staff just does not understand that people need to rest before staying up all night.
They don't have a clue. Never been there, never done that.

The Leedra Marriot in Athens had a special sign for crews: It hung on the door knob and had a cartoon drawing of a "sleeping airplane" and a fill-in area for when ya wanted the room cleaned.
Great idea.

Most of the time now, if I need to rest I call housekeeping and explain in detail that I do not want my room cleaned today. Yes, tomorrow please clean, but not today. Must sleep, no noise, must sleep.., etc.
It seems to help...:rolleyes:

17th Apr 2002, 21:15

:D :D :D :D :D :D

18th Apr 2002, 09:36
Weak defense of cleaners G.Khan

Why would crew want to do a runner with the minibar? They probably finished it all off the night before anyway and it's not like you couldn't track em down is it.

Most of the hotels I stay in I have to check out so just checking at reception should be able to tell them if I'm in or not.

Also do the cleaners only do this with crews because if they do this to their usual punters they'll be getting a reputation.

18th Apr 2002, 09:48
Mainfrog - you might just be amazed at the number of times crew have tried to duck out without paying their mini-bar bill, yes they can be traced but it still doesn't stop them, ask any station manager for a larg(ish) airline.

Usual punters usually keep usual hours! hence not much chance of disturbing them by barging into their rooms during the day.

Always a big complaint of mine was that they would try and put crews next to work in progress, like renovations etc. when it would make perfect sense to put the usual punters next to the work as they are never in when the noise is being made - try getting that accross to hotel management though!:mad:

18th Apr 2002, 13:24
Might pay to do what I do - I carry a small roll of sticky tape, and I tape the DO NOT DISTUB sign over the keyhole/card slot, so they can't get to the thing.
Makes it all too obvious then, never had a problem since I started to do that.

19th Apr 2002, 00:37
They have to spend all day cleaning the aircrew rooms so that they can be busy cleaning mine or the other business guests' rooms when we get back after a hard days lunching and need to get ready for another night out on the town.

Through difficulties to the cinema

19th Apr 2002, 01:01
1. Carry a rubber door-stop (the kind that you use to hold doors open). Put it in front of your door to stop it from opening.

2. Unplug the phone. This also stops The Teenagers (i.e. crew scheduling) from waking you up so they can say intelligent things like "Oh Jesus, what time is it there?"

19th Apr 2002, 13:44
Heres things Ive found that helps keep these anoying b uggers out of my room:

* Get some Kleenex from the bathroom and stick it in the door-spyhole. Theyll think its all dark and that your asleep.

* As soon as you get to your room notify hotel security to tell the house-keeping dept that if ANYONE trys gettin in to your room youll be making an oficial attempted B&E police complaint, unless the hotel is actualy on fire.

* Hang a sign on the door saying WARNING! "Any attempt to enter this room without the occupyers prior consent will be violentley dealt with!" And realy get punchey if they defy it!

* If the attempt to get in scream "F*CK OFF YOU BLOODEY @RSESOLE!" as loud as you can. Then ring security and tell them your goin to make a police report.

These have always worked well for me and still do!

tony draper
19th Apr 2002, 14:04
Was once instaling a dirty movie system in a Large Hotel that shall remain nameless, when one was gropped by the senior housekeeper, a very hansome lady indeed, one was about to encourage her into the linen cupboard, when her double dammed bleeper went off, and the relationship went no further.
Bludy bleepers.:rolleyes:

19th Apr 2002, 14:22
Was misguided enough in my youth to join a band of energetic individuals who's massive expenditure of energy in rushing around through swamps and over obstacle courses with big packs on their backs and very little sleep lent new meaning to a saying that was bandied about at the time that went,
"Don't run when you can walk, don't walk when you can stand, don't... " but then I am sure you get the picture. It ended with "gonc when you can."
While learning to do the other bits and bobs I also perfected the art of being able to go to sleep anywhere anytime, and I do mean anywhere. I have grabbed a nap in the plane on the way to the DZ, in six inches of freezing mud, and various other unlikely spots. So going back to sleep having been woken by ops, or the maid, has never been a problem, in fact...zzzzzzzzzzz. Er, wossat, ughh hmmn, yes I do snore, and I have got used to being kicked to stop as... zzzzzzzz.