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10th Jan 2013, 09:41
Sorry if there is another thread on this - I can't find it. Mods feel free to delete or amalgamate if appropriate.

Saw the dangerous flights program last night about Ferry Flying which was mainly about a small, new start up Ferry company in the U.S. It raised a question for me which made me wonder whether it was bad programming or actually correct.

One comment was that Ferry Pilots fly any type of aircraft, anywhere (or words to that effect). Given the large number of aircraft that need to be ferried, does the PIC need to have a rating for that particular aircraft or do some groups of aircraft come under a single rating?

The program certainly highlighted the dangers of Ferry flying which I do understand (taking a single engined aircraft over water from U.S. to Europe for example) and looking at the situation that the two pilots were in with the Cessna they were ferrying it seem bloody dangerous to me - fairly nasty fuel leak from a perished fuel bladder into the cockpit seemed to me like a 'bad day'

Wondered what people in the know thought of the program and if it was a realistic representation of every day Ferry flying. Even if not, I enjoyed it.

11th Jan 2013, 11:44
I have seen all 10 episodes of Dangerous Flights now.

I am not a pilot - but I am very curious to know what real pilots think of the show. It seems to me (as a non pilot) incredibly dangerous in some cases as some of the aircraft seem to have a lot of defects.

And what about the pilots ? most of them seem pretty decent guys, but one in particular Kerry is incredibly arrogant. Are pilots like this in general ? i.e very bad back seat drivers when they are co-pilots ?

11th Jan 2013, 12:34
It's not realistic, it's television. There is always a lot of induced drama in these programs given that they are aimed at the layman. There are also faked warning bells not to mention piston engine sounds over a turbine.

Laugh of the day in the first programme was the 'Will he or won't he make it' take off sequence!

On the other hand, the fuel leak in the Cessna was a bit scary to say the least. Not to mention metal in the filter. Not very reassuring before an Atlantic crossing.

And what about the pilots ? most of them seem pretty decent guys, but one in particular Kerry is incredibly arrogant. Are pilots like this in general ? i.e very bad back seat drivers when they are co-pilots ? Are pilots arrogant? Heavens no! Why would anyone think such a thing?

11th Jan 2013, 13:06
lol - I wondered if some of it was faked. :O

There was a scene they were running short of fuel (I think in the Piper Navajo Chieftain) and they kept saying "I hope we have enough fuel to make the airport ...." then at one point Stu says "that's great if we run out now we can glide into the airport" and I thought he added that for affect ... :D

And a couple of time Kerry grabbed the controls from the Pilot - that would be very annoying. :=

11th Jan 2013, 15:56
Only watched Episode 1 but it's Ice Road Truckers for ferry pilots. It even sounds like the same guy narrating it!

S'pose it's harmless.

16th Jan 2013, 11:53
Having watched Episode 2 now I got the impression that it is quite well over dramatised. 'Are we going to make it?' Well one would presume they are or it would have been a very short series :-)

It's good entertainment though whatever.

16th Jan 2013, 11:56
It's good entertainment though whatever

I wouldn't even say this, harmless yes, good entertainment mmmmmm, nah! I thought the repo pilot short series was far better than this, you know, the one with Nick Popovich.

Anyway, horses for courses.

Temp Spike
16th Jan 2013, 13:54
The specific answers to these types of questions are on-line at the FAA. Read Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Parts 91, 135, and 121. Simple and easy to understand.

eCFR — Code of Federal Regulations (http://www.ecfr.gov/cgi-bin/text-idx?c=ecfr&tpl=/ecfrbrowse/Title14/14tab_02.tpl)

Begin now.

bugg smasher
16th Jan 2013, 18:27
In my early days I did some of this work, US to EU in small aircraft. One month in mid winter, a particularly bad one, several aircraft were lost. A horrifying event I specifically recall, the pilot ditched his aircraft somewhere between Greenland and Iceland, he'd had enough warning of the impending engine failure that the rescue chopper was able to rendezvous before he ditched.

Whether accidentally or in panic, he inflated his life vest while still inside the aircraft, the chopper crew watched the aircraft sink with the struggling pilot inside.

Arrogant? Maybe, depends on the pilot. Ballsy? Yes, definitely, and not really the kind of work for those with highly active imaginations.

Temp Spike
17th Jan 2013, 01:33
Same thing happened about 200 miles off the California coast. Light aircraft ferry flight originating from Australia. Pilot realized he just wasn’t going to have enough fuel. Coastguard helicopter meet him and follow him down as he ditched, but he unlatched his harness before hitting water! (I guess trying to speed his egress.) Hit his head in full view of the rescuers. He was knocked out cold. The rescue swimmer tried in vain to get the door open in time to save the unconscious man. To no avail. I think the ocean depth there was in the thousands of feet. Gone forever after a gruelingly long flight in a small single engine airplane. RIP

29th Jan 2013, 11:09
so did the pilot in the sinking plane drown ?

29th Jan 2013, 11:24
"The rescue swimmer tried in vain to get the door open in time to save the unconscious man. To no avail." :ugh:

29th Jan 2013, 11:49
I fell asleep half way throgh last nights programme!

Does anyone know when it will be repeated?


29th Jan 2013, 11:52
repeat showing of last nights ->

Tue 29 Jan, 1pm Discovery+1

Sat 2 Feb, 9pm Discovery

Sat 2 Feb, 10pm Discovery+1

Sun 3 Feb, 1am Discovery

Sun 3 Feb, 2am Discovery+1

29th Jan 2013, 11:55
Wow, that was quick Rufus, thanks.

Plenty of opportunity to see what I missed:ok: