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8th Jan 2013, 15:47
The flu season seems to be especially hard this year, in the US anyway. Here in NYC it seems like every other person has come down with a serious case of the flu. Not so much, yet, in the satanic state of Connecticut.

How's it by everyone else? Have you been smitten? If so, how bad was it and how long did it take you to recover?

8th Jan 2013, 15:54
No Flu here...middle of winter but 26C today...a few sniffs and sniffles, and a chest infection or two.
I'm holding out for a decent bout of influenza...according to my GP I'm pretty much immune to most of the present strains, all I now require to achieve my goal is a decent enough pandemic...:ok:

8th Jan 2013, 15:58
In what way are you immune? Have you gotten a flu shot?

One of the reasons why I ask, and I'll probably pay for it by saying this, is because the last time I had a verifiable case of the flu was back in 1995. January to be precise. Since then I've seen many, many people coming down with it year after year.
Even people close and in daily contact with me. Yet I never seem to get it and I don't get the flu shot either.

when I did have it back in '95 I had it really bad and it kept me bed-ridden for about a week. Yet, now, whenever anyone else gets it badly I exhibit some minor symptoms of it and then it's gone.

Like I said, I'll probably pay for it by saying that!!!

8th Jan 2013, 16:03
In what way are you immune?

I don't have a clue..but according to the blood test, I have an enhanced immunity to most of the currently known strains...don't ask me why, I believe the doc....

tony draper
8th Jan 2013, 16:44
We cumblies get free flu shots every year here in the UK.:ok:

8th Jan 2013, 16:53
Often wondered - what's the defining line between a cold and 'flu?

Whatever I've had/am having has lasted for 14 days (yes, my Xmas present!) although it's not as severe as it has been. Still plenty of evo-stik in the system at times.

tony draper
8th Jan 2013, 17:13
We have a symbiotic relationship with the common cold virus,in exchange for a little food warmth and a place to increase their numbers they take our immune system out on maneuvers every now and again,influenza is a different kettle of pigs altogether,make no mistake, flu is out to kill you.:=

Milo Minderbinder
8th Jan 2013, 18:17
lucky its been a quiet winter so far......one of the two (?) vaccine suppliers for the UK cocked up and made their batches with the wrong vaccine cocktail.
Result was a lot of innoculations were delayed until December leaving a lot of vulnerable people potentially at risk. In the event it hasn't been a problem, but it could have been..........
Second year in a row this mistake has been made

8th Jan 2013, 18:27
Still sipping my chili-and-pepper vodka every night. Guaranteed to kill all known germs and virii (and perhaps a few brain cells, but I have some to spare).

8th Jan 2013, 18:32
Can't remember the last time I got flu - it was a very long time ago. Here in Spain they usually go berserk about it just before the turn of the year but it's been very quiet this year because no-one can afford to get it. Funny that . . .

8th Jan 2013, 18:44
Here in Spain

Here, as in 'here' where I live - it was too hot to sit outside today, although cooling off a bit at nights. Not "flu" weather at all.

8th Jan 2013, 18:56
Ah - OFSO - you've not been following the local papers. The temperature at night here falls (shock, horror) twenty degrees (C that is). This rise and fall of '20 grados cada dia' is bound to promote flu.

8th Jan 2013, 19:12

Cheapest Absolut Peppar I ever saw was when I spent New Year's Eve at Andorra (2003 turning into 2004). It was about 1/4 of what we pay. All the other liquor was similarly priced.

Another good deal was excellent Cote du Rhone and other bold reds at Carrefour (Gigondas, Languedoc and the like). You had to test to find the good ones at 6 or so euros/bottle, and when you found one you stuck with it.

My palate isn't too sophisticated, I suppose, but I can determine what I like. Chateau Lafite-type Bordeaux and the fine Chateauneuf de Papes are wasted on the likes of me.

Those were the good old days. And I never got the flu.

8th Jan 2013, 19:53
We live on south-facing mountain slopes (on the other side of which lurk the French). We have many good wines growing here which are sold locally so don't need to travel more than a few miles to buy direct from the vineyard. Whereas our French cousins are tearing their vines up as they can't sell their wine, here the acreage under vines increases every year.

We're currently experimenting with peppers and chilis in vodka.......


8th Jan 2013, 20:24
Missed my flu jab this year cos i was away, but don't feel any different to last year and I haven't got flu. Come to think about it i don't know anyone around here who has. A few people got the runs etc.
Probably a case of famous last words now:):):)

8th Jan 2013, 20:29
I wistfully recall going to the local winery, Mas de la Dame, Les Baux in my case, filling my jug at a euro or so with the exlixir I needed to turn my teeth purple and make for another blissful day in Provence. We pumped the wine like gasoline.

I lived local to California's Napa Valley for many years and it was never like that. In Napa, you pay $20 at the winery, $10 at Wal-Mart. Good stuff, but too much of the experience is purely marketing.

Milo Minderbinder
8th Jan 2013, 21:54
"We're currently experimenting with peppers and chilis in vodka.......

Elderberry works well in vodka
Especially if like me you have a tree with white berries, not red

8th Jan 2013, 22:06
There is a test for flu Vulcanised. It involves someone placing a large denomination banknote on the floor the other side of the room from your sick bed and if you get up and get it it's yours. If you leave it there you've got a cold; if you ignore it it's the flu. :\

Anybody who is in work after two or three days off with the "flu" had a cold. := The last time I had it I was off for 2 weeks and took another three weeks drenched with sweat every night to get over it. Never want that again so I'm always first in the queue for the jab at work.

air pig
8th Jan 2013, 22:56
I look at it as an opportunity to make some money in overtime :E:E:E

8th Jan 2013, 23:06
Damn it!

Are we talking about man or woman flu here because let me tell you that men suffer, far more, intrinsically from flu....!


8th Jan 2013, 23:57
Hadn't had the flu in yonks but in N Thailand I'm getting a touch of hay fever
for some reason. Can't figure out what the locals have started growin' lately.
I've never been allergic to the local "poppies" either.

9th Jan 2013, 10:03

is it possible that the 'flu virus finds Connecticut so bad that it refuses to go there?

9th Jan 2013, 12:56

acreage under vines increases every year.

I thought the EC had banned the planting of new vines because of the surplus with existing stuff which they pay to have up-rooted

9th Jan 2013, 14:28
Just been reading that the Norovirus is an import from Oz,

Thanks cobbers!

El Grifo
9th Jan 2013, 15:58
Coming from sunnier climes in the same way as OFSO and sunnyjohn, the flu normally hits us (as it has me) about this time every year.

Coincides with the departure of the huddled masses from the frozen north, who appear, on the face of things, to bring it and grow it, on their annual flight to one week in the wonderful winter sunshine.

Often thought there should be a winter travel tax on these lot, which is then distributed amongst us sorry victims by way of compensation :}

9th Jan 2013, 18:30
I used to get 3 colds over the winter period every year upto 3 years ago. The slightest draught i would catch a cold, such having the car window open. I sold my home and moved into a caravan to be near work.

I went through the two winters of 2010 and 2011, where temperatures dropped to -10 inside the caravan! Suprise, i never had a single cold in the two years i lived in the van. Even when exposed to customers with colds, not a sniffle.
Due to those two bad winters' i then bought a flat. Been in flat 18 months and have had two colds.
So was it the fresh air, or breathing in the propane gas fumes, or is living indoors just bad for our health.

9th Jan 2013, 20:21
the surplus with existing stuff

Have not heard of any surplus of wine, quite the reverse. No vines being dug up here, just planted. There's a back road along the mountains which I take to the French border. Every year new vines encroach more on previous wasteland. True enough, on the other side, less and less. Sales dropping elsewhere might be something to do with ludicrous prices being charged somewhere north of Spain.

9th Jan 2013, 20:35
Bah humbug.

Just got it today.

Found out whilst waiting for my flight in the lounge. Didn't make it. :(

Damn Norovirus.

9th Jan 2013, 21:59
I've got a touch of Man-flu. Hopefully it won't turn into a cold.

Lot's of 'orrible viral stuff goin' around at the moment. Bug of the moment seems to cause bad tummies, followed by dry coughs.

All of course, based on observation only.

From many years experience, these things seem to follow a swinging cyclical pattern, Jan/Feb/March seems to be when patient's (and the Health Service) get hit most, although April and May can cause problems.

I have this very (unscientific) theory, that things are a lot better when the ground is warmer, and has retained it's heat. (Late June-December):)

10th Jan 2013, 03:16
Funny that Slasher, I am having hay fever for the first time here in Korat !:uhoh:

Takan Inchovit
10th Jan 2013, 03:39
Just been reading that the Norovirus is an import from Oz,

Thanks cobbers!

No wuckers mate! :ok:

10th Jan 2013, 03:56
You're further South than me Crip so whatever's growing around here must be
affecting you with the Northerlies, unless the locals are starting to grow the
same stuff down there.

Funny about this happening now with Burma recently going "democratic"... :ooh: