View Full Version : Are blondes dumb? You decide.

8th Jan 2013, 15:45
How To Be A Dick To Your Wife At 80 MPH - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-BldI0hmUM&feature=player_embedded#t=274s)

8th Jan 2013, 15:54
Dumb doesn't even begin to describe it.....

Alloa Akbar
8th Jan 2013, 15:54
Brilliant.. listening to the silly bint reason with herself was just pure class :ok:

8th Jan 2013, 15:56
Yeah yeah yeah...but does she swallow?

Alloa Akbar
8th Jan 2013, 16:01
but does she swallow?

No chance, she quite clearly does too much transmitting and not enough recieving ;)

DX Wombat
8th Jan 2013, 16:05
The mind boggles. Is she by any chance from America's equivalent of Essex (wherever that may be)?

8th Jan 2013, 16:06
No chance, she quite clearly does too much transmitting and not enough recieving

Probably one of those girls that gets all religious when you shagg them...

Oh my God Oh my God Oh my God Oh my God:8

8th Jan 2013, 16:56
don't be nasty. She has an opinion of her own, which is supposed to be a good thing. :ouch:

8th Jan 2013, 17:55
Actually, the last time she was pulled over by the police she was told she was going 80 miles per hour.

She replied "But Officer, I wasn't going to be out that long."

8th Jan 2013, 18:16
I think I would almost rather turn gay than end up with a woman that stupid. Dumb, as in totally mute, would be a huge improvement. Do they really make women that stupid?

8th Jan 2013, 18:44
I used to house-share with a blonde, Heather (and a red-head, Hazel).

One Sunday pm, we were watching TV - a documentary about a young Charlotte Church visiting a recording studio in New York.
She was asked to sign the visitor's book.
"Ooh look at that" shrieked Heather, "She got to sign the book"
"Did you see the signature above?" asks I.
"No, what was it?"
"Edward Windsor" says I
"What Edward Windsor is Prince's real name?" - Only a Blonde Formerly Known as Heather

8th Jan 2013, 18:48
"What Edward Windsor is Prince's real name?"

Silly me. I thought it was %*@)^#

8th Jan 2013, 19:04
The real problem is that the highway from Logan to Boise is so dull and boring, that it puts most people into a trance.

She was simply in blonde trance-ingence mode.

8th Jan 2013, 19:06
You mean there is doubt ?

8th Jan 2013, 22:18
I'm only surprised he didn't just set the cruise control to 80 mph and throw himself from the car. That was worse than listening to Vogon poetry. :}

8th Jan 2013, 22:42
I couldn't possibly comment. I'm married to a blonde, she has a master's degree. She has two blonde sisters. Both have Phds, one is a human rights lawyer, world renowned and one is a physicist. I am a mental pygmy compared to them.

But there are times when the blondeness takes over and I look like a genius.

It's hard to explain.

8th Jan 2013, 22:48
Thank God they are (sometimes)! :ooh:


8th Jan 2013, 22:53
That was worse than listening to Vogon poetry. http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:www.pprune.org/get/images/smilies/badteeth.gif

A fate exponentially worse than being water boarded it is rumoured here on that asteroid just one parsec from the reach of Disaster Area...

Hitchhiker's Guide (BBC TV) - Disaster Area - YouTube


The Aristocrats - Bad Asteroid - YouTube

9th Jan 2013, 00:13
To make up for her poor grasp of math, young Chelsea might well be absolutely terrific in bed... but I suspect that, if so, that's just a fond memory for the ^&^%$ husband, as I doubt he's getting much since posting this clip online.
If you want to really sink into despair, take a look at these three clips from another blond 'explaining' the wife's math shortcomings.




9th Jan 2013, 00:49
You can't beat this chick for being the dumbest blonde on the planet!


Must be related to the bimbo on RHPhil's video.

9th Jan 2013, 01:52
7 posts, in 13 years (plus 3 posts in a different guise when I forgot my login),

and I e-mail this to my wife with ' I saw this and thought of you" :ugh:

(SWMBO has a MSc in stuff)

worth another post to give you all the laugh!

9th Jan 2013, 03:37
Let's face it

Some of them are just not keepers


9th Jan 2013, 04:35
The type of person who doesn't suffer fools gladly is usually an arsehole. The "fool" is frequently a decent human being, whose lack of skill is no fault of their own (being born not an Einstein is no crime, and not chosen).
The comments here say more about the people who are posting condescending comments, than about the lady in the video!

9th Jan 2013, 06:03

"The "fool" is frequently a decent human being, whose lack of skill is no fault of their own (being born not an Einstein is no crime, and not chosen)."

Agree, but FFS, thinking Europe is a country.

"I've heard of Tofu" !

I don't expect everyone to be Einstein but Jesus, BASIC maths
and BASIC common knowledge for someone who has obviously
been educated.


9th Jan 2013, 06:46
Both parents were highly respected physicians, so it wasn't genetic, but...

She had an Audi 100LS that used to foul its sparkplugs, so that I gave her a spare set of sparkplugs to store in the glovebox against future need.

She accepted the little boxes, looking at them with a slight frown, as if something was troubling her about what I had just told her to do.

"Is there something wrong?" I asked.

"When you park the car in the sun," she asked, "doesn't it get hot inside?"

"Sure," I said, "It can get up to 140 inside a parked car with its windows up."

"So, will the sparkplugs be okay in there, when it gets so hot?"

"Sparkplugs are made of metal and ceramic, and their operating environment can go over a thousand degrees Fahrenheit, there in the combustion chamber of the engine, but you think they might melt like a Hershey bar at 140 in the glovebox?"

"You don't need to be make fun of me for asking a reasonable question!"

9th Jan 2013, 07:02
she's not that good looking...
and in a few years she will be even less good looking...
I couldn't imagine being married to that babbling...

in the final analysis, the guy was probably the less intelligent of the two...

B Fraser
9th Jan 2013, 07:29
She is as thick as S**t, but definitely doable

No, no, a thousand times no. Give me brains and beauty any day of the week. Beauty is only skin deep but stupidity goes all the way to the bone.

The line about women only want to listen to their own opinion in a deeper voice was a classic :ok:

Alloa Akbar
9th Jan 2013, 07:46
Hmm reminds me of a conversation at a railway crossing at Long Rock beach in Cornwall one day with the first Ex - Mrs Akbar..

Train hurtles across crossing..

EMA - "I wonder how many wheels a train has?"

AA - "73"

EMA - "really? (Pauses for about 5 seconds whilst thinking) that can't be right because there are two tracks so surely its an even number?"

AA - "you are forgetting that they carry a spare wheel"

EMA - "Oh yeah I forgot, in case of punctures and stuff.."

:ugh: I miss her...

B Fraser
9th Jan 2013, 08:29
The first Mrs F is a smart cookie but the story is worth telling.

We were in a cable car in Switzerland one summers day admiring the mountain meadows. From below came the sound of cow bells. All was well with the world.

Herself..... "Why do the cows have bells ?"

Me..........."Probably because their horns don't work"

There was a pause of a few seconds and then she beat the crap out of me.

9th Jan 2013, 08:51
Blondes must be dumb. Over the years, several have chosen to form attachments with me.

9th Jan 2013, 09:47
"Dumb" I can live with. It's the babbling that gets me!

I had a red-neck GF once. Lovely to look at, but once she opened that yap... it was the Murrican equivalent of pure Essex, or maybe Scouse! "Shee-it! Ah can tawk nahce when Ah want to!" she told me, when I had to ask why, then, she didn't want to.

That first blonde just needed to be shown, on a sheet of paper, the sheer magic of division: 80 miles/1 hour x 1 hour/1 = 80 miles/1. If she still doesn't get it, then just water her once a day.

The husband or BF though, he was the smart one, fooling around with a camera while driving? Nah, I think they make a good match!

The second blonde... maybe that was a send-up?

Cluster One
9th Jan 2013, 09:55
The original video:

The real meaning of MPH- The Original- TCHappenings - YouTube

Advertising revenue on 8m views would suggest not so dumb after all.

As featured on ABC news:

'The Real Meaning of MPH' Video Goes Viral: Chelsea Chambers Interview - Husband In the Dog House? - YouTube

9th Jan 2013, 12:35
None of them seem that bright.....

9th Jan 2013, 16:57
Blonde and Blond jokes are RACIST.
Try making jokes about other hair types and ethnicities and see how long they stay posted.Rasict sexist posts should be deleted or put the gollywog back on the jam jar you hypocrites.

Adam asked God why he had made Eve so beautiful and so stupid.
God said"I made her beautiful so you would love her.I made her stupid so she would love you":}:}

9th Jan 2013, 17:11
Blonde and Blond jokes are RACIST.

Since when was BLONDE a race?


9th Jan 2013, 17:27
i suppose it's down to personal preference, if you want a girl you can discuss and debate with then thats fine, or if you want a girl that you want up next to say to yourself in a quagmire voice 'oh yeaah!' then thats fine too.

women are the same.. yes they like a man who can hold his own in debate and discussion and other times they just get wet over nice abs and pert arse..

B Fraser
9th Jan 2013, 17:30
The golliwog should never have been removed in the first place. Is the Michelin man offensive to fat, bald, short sighted blokes ? :rolleyes:

9th Jan 2013, 17:40
The golliwog should never have been removed in the first place. Is the Michelin man offensive to fat, bald, short sighted blokes ? :rolleyes:

ahh but the Michelin Man (Bibendum) is French !



9th Jan 2013, 22:03
Blonde and Blond jokes are RACIST.

and non - P.C too -- more, more, bring it on. ( and get a sense of humour )

Since when was BLONDE a race?


Absolutely. Why is it wrong to call a Frenchman a Frenchman, or an Arab and Arab, that's what they are. Why is calling someone a dumb blonde racist, or sexist ? presumably you know - or deduce from her actions - that she's dumb, so that's a fact, and it is a fact that she is blonde ( or maybe she isn't, might be interesting to find out the definitive way ! )

Poking fun at 'groups' is all part of Life's Rich Pattern. If you can't take a joke you shouldn't have joined.

"Honi soit qui mal y pense"

The only restriction I take note of is not to poke fun at a man's name, not because it's irreverant but because they've heard them all before !

10th Jan 2013, 15:57
I have to say I'm impressed that she can run a mile in 9 minutes or less. Wish I can do that....

10th Jan 2013, 17:42
Try posting a joke about someone with a permanent tan and see how long it stays posted.
But post a joke about a blonde which is both racist and sexist and the hypocrites think it is acceptable to ridicule persons of nordic ancestry.You can even post jokes about a ginger and none of the fluffies complain.
But, post a joke about a man with a permanent tan and his community diet preference of chicken and watermelon and you will be labelled a racist.
Use a word that can be heard in rap music album and you will be accused of being one of Adolfs lovechild.
Make a joke about any religion other than christian and the neo-fascist fluffies will accuse you of lack of sensitivity.
So think about it,any jokes about Blondes and Blonds are indeed Racist and sexist.
By the way:
Do you know why most Irish jokes are so simple ?

So the English can understand them :}:}