View Full Version : At least 6 different food-related threads running concurrently in 2013...

8th Jan 2013, 13:29
Here they are (not in any order):

Coffeeholics (http://www.pprune.org/jet-blast/470776-coffeeholics-anonymous.html)

Copper bottom pots and pans (http://www.pprune.org/jet-blast/504369-copper-bottoms.html)

Hot food (http://www.pprune.org/jet-blast/504136-hot-food.html)

Holy mackerel (http://www.pprune.org/jet-blast/504530-holy-mackerel.html)

Historical food proportions (http://www.pprune.org/jet-blast/504610-historical-food-portion-sizes-usa.html)

Arcane noshes (http://www.pprune.org/jet-blast/504516-arcane-noshes.html)

What are the reasons for this recent profusion of threads here in JB about food? Is it simply due to the fact that all of us do eat and perhaps therefore have an overwhelming interest in food? An over-abundance of foods (perhaps not always to their complete liking) that JBers were obliged to consume over the recent festive period?

Is JB not at imminent risk of turning into yet another nondescript, mere culinary forum...?!

Bon Giorno
8th Jan 2013, 13:33
Time for a Kitchen Hamster? :p

8th Jan 2013, 13:47
Maybe. Got a good hamster recipe?

8th Jan 2013, 14:04
Need to go to Peru, or so I'm told, Magnus

JB is just following TV which has a plethora of food programmes. Far too many of them for my liking - I dont bother to watch any of them any more.

Before there were many around we once had one of the early celebrity chefs Clement Freud at the mess in Marham where he did a very funny after dinner speech. In the bar afterwards he asked us if we knew the difference between a cross country run and Fanny Craddock.

The answer was that the first was a pant in the country ... ;)

8th Jan 2013, 14:16
Did you include this thread, which you just opened up, in the equation airship?

8th Jan 2013, 14:37
TTN, I thought that was guinea pigs, unless they do hamster starters. :p

8th Jan 2013, 14:52
rgbrock1 wrote: Did you include this thread, which you just opened up, in the equation airship?

Nope, but I can add this other one (http://www.pprune.org/jet-blast/503302-look-mum-i-got-snakes-4.html) (since I commented on NZ lamb compared to French lamb)...?! ;)

8th Jan 2013, 14:54
NZ lamb vs. French lamb?

What about Turkish lamb, eh Ali Baba?

8th Jan 2013, 15:00
Shetland lamb for me. When I can afford it. :ooh:

8th Jan 2013, 15:32
rgbrock1, I don't want to pretend fight at this time. Kittens fight all their wakening time, grown-ups less so...

Meeeeeuh, baaaaahhhhhaaaaaah, moooooh, these were the comforting sounds that both of our own farming ancestors shared, several hundreds, if not thousands of years ago. A secure food source was nearby. By the time that the dogs (who more resembled wolves) finally shared our hearths and tents, cats already had free-run of the premises. Going even farther back, I see (my visions get hazy here) caves and bears. At the time we lived in caves and perhaps sometimes even shared them with the bears. Not with the adult bears (which we killed and ate), but commencing with the bear cubs, raised amongst us, which we finally lived with together in those caves. How else to explain the temerity and mostly inoffensive behaviour of at least N. American bears when confronted by human-beings in the 20th Century?! In their own genes perhaps today is one which harks back to a time when human-beings were much closer to wildlife than we're willing to ever remember or concede.

Sometimes, even often, I wish I could be 100% vegetarian. But I fart a lot even with just 1 stomach, imagine if I had several stomachs, munched a lot of herbs and grasses and merely regurgitated it all, and all day long?! "Regurgitation period = JB posting time available" :=

Ah yes, I remember finally why I replied to rgbrock1 in the 1st place. Hey brockie?! Ever read any of Jean M Auel's novels? There was a "Brock" in one of them... :zzz: