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8th Jan 2013, 13:01
Kangaroo on the loose in Melbourne airport car park - video | World news | guardian.co.uk (http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/video/2013/jan/07/kangaroo-melbourne-car-park-video)

8th Jan 2013, 16:01
Nahj, one of the security people got lost on the way into work...

8th Jan 2013, 19:26
Coming soon to Melbournes airport diner...........with fries and leaves

Worrals in the wilds
8th Jan 2013, 22:24
The area was closed to the public as police tried repeatedly to capture the animal, who was showing signs of distress.
It had probably seen the parking prices.

9th Jan 2013, 08:04
They managed to tranquilise it and when they examined its feet they found it had pretty much worn out its pads, not being used to tarmac and concrete, was in great pain, now in a sanctuary, I believe).

In addition to the parking prices, ($17 for more than about thirty minutes,) it may have seen the price of a cup of coffee too!;)).