View Full Version : Wots in your basement or garage?

8th Jan 2013, 09:11
Jasons been busy


The blokes got a sense of humour too:ok:

Airborne Aircrew
8th Jan 2013, 09:53
Damn... I thought I was doing pretty well with a bathroom, kitchen, workshop, gym, bar, movie theatre, pool table and 350 gallon marine aquarium in mine...

Nice work too... :D:D:D

Lon More
8th Jan 2013, 09:57
Saw that yesterday.
He manufactures some very nice HO scale train models too.

One of my ex Colleagues, who posts on some of the other Forums here occasionally had a lot of DC8 cockpit bits in his toilet, going through the motions of command :p i suppose.

My garages and cellars are all full of stuff that might one day be useful.
No room for the cars though

8th Jan 2013, 10:04
Most Londoners have trains in their basement, running through every five or six minutes, some have two or three lines at different levels, with the added bonus of high speed trains right outside their windows. Not sure how far they'd go to add a personalised 1:1 scale model. :p