View Full Version : Long term parking at Luton Airport

7th Jan 2013, 18:14
A couple of years ago we managed to get into the Short Stay car park right next to the terminal for about 50 for 14 days.

Just looked at the websites and they all seem to be around 100 for 12 days. Is it still Apcoa who run the car parks there, if so, does any kind soul know of any special promo codes for cheap parking on airport at Luton in July?

I won't use off airport parking where you have to leave your keys after a bad experience at Gatwick a few year back.

Any help appreciated.

B Fraser
7th Jan 2013, 18:18
I hire a car one way for each journey, far cheaper than long term airport parking and the rental people drop and collect you from the terminal.


7th Jan 2013, 19:16
There is always the car park at the Luton Airport Parkway railway station - showing 31 per week on the web.

Not sure about bus services to/from the terminal though.

Luton Airport Parkway (http://www.nationalrail.co.uk/stations/ltn/details.html)

Just found details for shuttle bus running between 0500 and midnight every ten minutes and at other times for flights etc - looks like 3 for open return.

Q. How often does the shuttle bus run between London Luton Airport and Luton Airport Parkway Rail Station? (http://www.london-luton.co.uk/en/faq/14/64/how-often-does-the-shuttle-bus-run-between-london-luton-airport-and-luton-airport-parkway-rail-station.html)

7th Jan 2013, 20:01
One way car hire works best for longer stays away. Even better is if you use the branch nearest to, but not at the airport, to avoid the airport surcharges. Never had problems with availability either, unlike at the airport.
e.g. At Heathrow, I use Enterprise in Hatton Cross and get the tube for a couple of stops to the terminals.