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PPRuNe Radar
16th Apr 2002, 20:53
As many will know, the name 'Moritz Suter' has been placing great demands on PPRuNe over the last few days. We have seen the proliferation of posts, both pro and anti. We have seen an increase in the bandwidth used as people follow the debate or chip in. We have seen lots of time spent by moderators keeping an eye on the subjects, debating the issues and coming to decisions. All of which are perhaps not the best uses of the resources we all have and share.

The aim of this post is to draw a line under all this, on behalf of Captain PPRuNe. A secondary aim is to explain to people how we wish the issue to be treated from now on.

It is true that Moritz Suter has been banned now and then for things which they have done, or were alleged to have done. Since then Captain PPRuNe has made sure that Moritz is fully aware of the behaviour he expects from someone posting on PPRuNe and using PPRuNe externally, both on the site and off it. Danny has also made it abundantly clear that any failure to adhere to the rules will be dealt with severely and would result in a permanent ban from the site. This has been fully accepted by Moritz and compliance has been noted. As a result, Moritz has now been reinstated and guidelines issued to them, which incidentally go beyond the conditions which everyone else has signed up to.

In order to ensure that the flames are not stoked again, Captain PPRuNe also wishes it known that any threads which debate the pros and cons of having Moritz on the site are simply wasting precious resource. Accordingly, these have been padlocked, as will any new ones raising similar issues ... unless they are judged to be in the public interest of PPRuNe.

The simple message for ALL site users is that as long as the rules are followed, then everyone is welcome and can put their viewpoint on the issues which they either raise or join in to discuss. If a poster bores you, then don't bother replying, use your finger and click on to another thread. Adding a simple post to state you are bored or just to put a 180 opposite stance but without any structured argument or debate is of no use to anyone. It wastes your time, the readers time, and our time. If you can't answer to someone whose view you abhor or disagree with in a polite and reasoned manner, then the advice again from PPRuNe is to simply not bother. All you do is continue to keep a thread going which will quickly spiral downwards and WILL be closed. Users should also think twice before making assumptions about any poster. Multiple user names do exist, but that doesn't mean that everyone who posts a different viewpoint from you are all the same person. Speculation merely helps ingrain the prejudice.

The world isn't a place where we all agree with each other all the time. But if we can put our points across intelligently and in a civilised fashion, then it it is a least a place where various viewpoints can be embraced or rejected without the need to resort to insult, violence, or pettieness. JetBlast should be the same don't you think ??

Now then, any one going to nominate Danny for the Nobel Peace Prize ??? :)

16th Apr 2002, 20:56
Absolutely! I saw his peacekeeping skills the other day - awesome....

17th Apr 2002, 01:53
Moritz back and as a better person?

We shall see..:D

Uh, PPRuNe Radar: Where is Flaps Forty in all this?
I thought she was the moderator and furthermore I thought she banned M.S. as well as my poll on him: Back or Banned..

Have not heard from her lately.

Which is unusual..:D

Aye Mr. Suter, welcome back to the holyland.:cool:

PPRuNe Radar
17th Apr 2002, 02:22
Hi TowerDog

There are a small bunch of us who have Admin privileges and we moderate the whole site whether we are advertised as the official moderator or not. Hence JetBlast and even the Military Forum has been moderated throughout the ages albeit tacitly :eek:

Flaps has not been around during the latter stages of this saga. Like most of us, she will also have trips away and work which gets in the way of her new found PPRuNe duties.:( So you can rest assured that she didn't ban Moritz, nor remove or close any polls. But others on the Admin/Mod team have. Danny has now offered his guidance to us all and under that we shall try to take things forward positively.

Let's hope that everyone takes heed and plays their part.

Travelling Toolbox
17th Apr 2002, 05:19
Pprune Radar

Thanks Pp R and I agree. Back to the trenches all and play nice. :D

BTW: Was there a Freudian slip detected there with the reference to "they" when talking of Ms Suter? Does she really have a multi-personality?

That makes her even MORE interesting! :cool:

Celtic Emerald
17th Apr 2002, 18:10
PPRuNe Radar

Will you marry me? xxx :) :) :)


PPRuNe Radar
17th Apr 2002, 19:33
Does your father own a brewery ?? :D :D :D

17th Apr 2002, 21:16
I would have thought Danny would rather be nominated for a 737 ticket than a Nobel Peace Prize

I'll GMC!

17th Apr 2002, 22:24
Awesome chat up line

"Oh, and what do you do?"
"I'm a Stealth Moderator"

That must get them every time:D

DX Wombat
18th Apr 2002, 03:26
Just a suggestion: if we are all making a new start why don't the starters of the threads mentioned by PPRuNe Radar make a gesture of goodwill and delete them so providing more bandwidth for all and a totally clean slate? It's just a suggestion. :)

18th Apr 2002, 03:47
I second DX's reply, those who for some reason may have been interested in them will have seen them by now anyway.

I'm also curious as to why I can't access the 'Who says they are happy to pay more tax' thread. It says it has been moved but when I click on the link i get ...

You do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:
You do not have permission to access the page that you were trying to. Are you trying to edit someone else's post or trying to access administrative features? Check that you are allowed to perform this action in the Forum Rules.
If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation.

It's not the old square/compass/black helicopter thing is it????

18th Apr 2002, 04:07
It's prob been sent to the Admin forum. :eek:

...someone's been naughty methinks... :rolleyes:

18th Apr 2002, 08:03
I have to admit, I don't visit as much as I used too, however, don't kill people like Slasher! He's funny and real. :D

18th Apr 2002, 14:27
Can I have the final word??

Mr Moderator please close this thread and declare me the winner :confused:

Aaron G. Stryngge
18th Apr 2002, 14:46
Too late! Ha! :D

18th Apr 2002, 15:13

18th Apr 2002, 20:42
No chance

PPRuNe Radar
18th Apr 2002, 20:48
Let me .....

word. :)

18th Apr 2002, 22:24
Having been a participator and therefore probably a stoker of the 'flames' I heed the voice of quiet reason.
It appears like sound sensible advice and I would be quite happy to participate in an quieter exchange of views with 'Morris' who has certainly made a mark on JB. Obviously a character who has nine lives in addition to a 'ballsy' attitude and a dab hand at a bit of verbal.
I have to admit that JB is definitely a 'virtual pub' that a lot of us like to pop into for a bit of a crack and relax. It's got it's characters, and although a 'wet' would definitely not go astray in this part of the world I can pretend with a mug of Mirinda.
Spend too much time in here of course, but then who does things in moderation anyway, except of course the men in black who keep us on the straight an narrow.
Thanks to Danny we have a place to get away to from time to time so I raise my mug 'of Marinda' to the chief pilot and the guys and girls who help him keep this juggernaut on the internet.
Thanks, we appreciate it.

Bandit *bob*
18th Apr 2002, 23:41
Ahhh but, for someone who comes out with so much pompous crap, you have to laugh at seeing someone publicaly chastised like a five year old school kid on a forum "supposedly" for professional aviators and those with an interest in the likes......yeh I know this is JB, but honestly,,,what I (albeit little) have read on said individual, deserves more net time in the likes of msn chat......but I did laugh at the wind ups...:D


Bob :p

Celtic Emerald
19th Apr 2002, 18:40
A father her owns a brewery & me a teetotaler. Perish the thought. :eek:

But I have plenty of flavoured spring water in stock PPRuNe Radar if that would do? :)


20th Apr 2002, 00:25
Is it flavoured with alcohol? That might work. :D

20th Apr 2002, 12:49
More like alcohol flavoured with a wee dram of water!:D