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6th Jan 2013, 18:05

Has anybody here invested in a syndicate for a foreign commercial property?

I have my eye on Dublin but am too poor to buy anything outright :-)

How do you go about doing it?



6th Jan 2013, 19:13
The challenge with investing in commercial property anywhere, though especially abroad is having local knowledge and present market knowledge. It would be all too easy to get sucked in with projections and promises and to end up with less than stellar returns. Dublin 'might' be a good bet now that the property bubble has deflated (but maybe not all the way), however as the Irish economy is in a precarious position it might not have the value expected unless you invested millions to have an HQ type property with a guaranteed multinational client ready to move in as has happened several times in the last few years attracted by the low corporate tax rates etc.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say, but due diligence is number one! This expert advice happily given by an investing wuss ;)


6th Jan 2013, 19:34
An old rule of thumb is if you are offered a return in excess of 2-3% over the bank rate, forget it if you want to sleep easy at night......

I have met English gentlemen here in Barcelona selling all sorts of investments. One's thumbs prickle when one hears (a) that they are not registered to do business here and (b) that they only sell to non-Spanish folk (c) what they sell are investments in another country, i.e. not Spain.

The last one I heard about was cemetery plots.

wings folded
6th Jan 2013, 19:41
The last one I heard about was cemetery plots.

At least the punters rarely come back to complain ;)

6th Jan 2013, 19:55
Have invested in property for many years.........

Rule 1
If outside your control then you have small chance of getting money back when needed
Rule 2
Better to have £30k in bank that in someone elses control
Rule 3
Its your money so keep it in control
Rule 4
Property people love you until they have your money

Worrals in the wilds
6th Jan 2013, 22:41
Trust no-one, paticularly 'experts'. :eek:
From testimony of other purchasers, moreover, it is clear that the finance industry and the legal profession also had an influence.

A point stressed to buyers was that the land "must be good" because reputable finance companies such as Custom Credit and Associated Securities (Qld) Ltd were prepared to lend almost all the purchase price. Buyers also were directed to "reliable solicitors" whose "searches" failed to reveal anything about which they should be warned. They were reassured by "valuations"—again by "reputable professionals".
Re Qld's infamous Russell Island land scam, where much of the land they sold to unwitting interstate and foreign investors was below the high tide line. It became one of the longest trials in Australian legal history.
Full article here, pdf page 64. Worth a read for anyone who is considering foreign investment.

7th Jan 2013, 04:01
Here's a'nothery.....

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7th Jan 2013, 09:42

If you are insistent on investing in property, then diversify your risk as much as possible by investing in a property related fund on the stockmarket. You get coverage of a greater number of properties than you would in a syndicate that's only investing in one or two.

But overall, my personal opinion for what its worth, is that property investment is a mugs game. There aint' going to be another boom period for quite some time yet, so you're going to be waiting a long time for any serious return on your investment.

I would put property in the same category was the other questionable forms of "investment opportunity" categories such as wine, cars and the like ..... i.e. only something to do if you're really insistent on doing it, and only to be done once you have an established traditional investment portfolio that's doing what it should be.

7th Jan 2013, 09:48
much of the land they sold to unwitting interstate and foreign investors was below the high tide

Same thing happened here, building plots sold to foreigners which were out at sea.

There's a saying here: some (or most or possibly all) visitors leave their brains behind at the departure airport.