View Full Version : FREEDOM, again!

Moritz Suter
16th Apr 2002, 19:40
In the words of the song,

"Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose......"

No, I'm fine, really. I just want to be alone for a moment, and forget about my beastly experiences in the gulag. The darkness; the torture; Igor and Vladimir..........

I'll be alright, just leave alone here on this log at the lakeside, to ponder both that which is important, and the enduring nature of a true 'westerly' friendship.;)

Expressions of support greeted with flowers and champagne.


PS Siberian timeshare IS a worthwhile investment!

tony draper
16th Apr 2002, 19:42
Regular scarlet pimpernel you are Moritz, they ban him here they ban him there, those ppruners ban him everywhere. ;)