View Full Version : Will the REAL Moritz Suter please stand up?

Hold at Saffa
16th Apr 2002, 19:15
Dateline Pprune, April 2002.

Who among us ISN'T Moritz Suter?

Who else claim to be Moritz Suter? Who else has been 'named' as Moritz Suter? Has anyone NOT been suspected of being Moritz Suter? Who IS Moritz Suter?

God Bless You, Saint Moritz!

Celtic Emerald
16th Apr 2002, 19:21
Does this Moritz Suter really warrant all this attention. Honestly you guys seem to have him/her on the brain. You'se must have little else to worry about & preoccupy your minds. Every second thread seems to be about him/her, what a waste of server space & what a bore!.

If you for some reason don't like him/her, just ignore him/her, or do you'se secretly like kicking the underdog. He/her must thrive on all this attention :rolleyes:

Give me a break!