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4th Jan 2013, 11:17
(UR) Ukrainian Flag carrier Aerosvit Air has ceased operations and filed for bankruptcy- financial press- All flight after noon local time today have been cancelled

4th Jan 2013, 12:27
Borispol airport continued to service Aerosvit fligts after partly recieved payment. https://twitter.com/BoryspilAero

4th Jan 2013, 13:05
Why I am not surprised? I remember that difficulties began last summer. At that time I was working as check in agent in EYVI airport. First there was a lot of delays, later they upgraded check in computer system and it causes even more delays. Passengers were really angry and were trying to avoid this company flights. And now I am not surprised they have serious financial difficulties. By the way first delays was caused because of another air companys "Cimber Sterling" bankruptcy.:confused:

4th Jan 2013, 13:29
Well then. Hardly a surprise since last weeks trouble in ARN for non-payment of NAV and handling etc fees. Add the uncontrolled growth in the last few years with including the Donbassaero and Dniproavia operating under Aerosvit callsigns rather than independent companies. I wonder if this means that the latter two companies are also gone t.its up with Aerosvit and if rest of Ihor's empire is going to take a hit as well? Good news for MAU or rather Ukraine International.

Metro man
5th Jan 2013, 09:50
This airline has some terrible reviews on SKYTRAX.

Aerosvit Airlines Customer Reviews - SKYTRAX (http://www.airlinequality.com/Forum/aerosvit.htm)