View Full Version : Are polls inane toss?

Tricky Woo
16th Apr 2002, 16:43

16th Apr 2002, 16:57
Dunno mate...... :confused:

......never been to Poland!!!!! :D:D

16th Apr 2002, 17:14
Getting kinda self-referential aren't we, TW?

16th Apr 2002, 17:30
we should have a poll to see what folks think.:p

16th Apr 2002, 17:33
We don't need a poll for that - what do other people think? Let's have a poll...

Hold at Saffa
16th Apr 2002, 18:20
Poles toss, pole tossing?

Ah, the caber?

Well done, Woo!

You are a kilted devil, aren't you.

Send Clowns
16th Apr 2002, 19:56
Bet I know how AerBabe votes :D

Hagbard the Amateur
16th Apr 2002, 21:59
Let's keep a sense of pollarity. At least the pole ain't as greased in this case as many of the other polling systems of the world.
Err - Cheque please!! :D :D ;)

16th Apr 2002, 23:29
But... but there's no "I like Algae" option on the poll... :confused:

Hagbard the Amateur
16th Apr 2002, 23:38
Point there HM - krill are sadly neglected too.
After some afterthought, I too agree that the best way to sort out an issue is to debate it rather than obtain statistics about it. Maybe posting is better than polling.

16th Apr 2002, 23:47
Perhaps you are right.

In posts vs poles, posts seem to win out. Less chance to sit on the fence and beat around the bush.

Mind you, too many posts of the wrong kind and the culprits will find themselves gated. Better to hedge one's bets.

Hagbard the Amateur
17th Apr 2002, 00:10
I sense hostility in your tone HugMonster. Can you clarify?

17th Apr 2002, 00:26
Huh? :confused:

17th Apr 2002, 04:55
I dont put much faith in PPRuNe polls. Theres that [Edit Poll (moderators only)] so whos to say wether any poll is acurate or not. Posts are a more indicative of what people think.

Tricky Woo
17th Apr 2002, 08:37
Polls would be much more interesting if we only knew who voted for what and why.

About time all polls were open ballot, methinks.


17th Apr 2002, 11:28
Agree with Tricky.
BTW I voted for Mel Gibson....please don't read anything into that.

18th Apr 2002, 03:22
The difference between a pole and a post is about ten feet, I reckon.