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2nd Jan 2013, 09:34
Sorry if this is in the wrong area.

And it is not a windup.

Does anyone know when Jetstar training opportunities are advertised?

And what is the situation with the LOA? Will there be any opportunities for the Qantas guys.

Im pretty sure there wont be many training opportunities in mainline!!!!


2nd Jan 2013, 20:26
The only training opportunities in mainline will be from a window seat to a backseat. :mad:

Sorry - I know it doesn't help.

2nd Jan 2013, 21:04
The only training opportunities in mainline will be from a window seat to a backseat.

...and even then, only if you're senior enough! :ugh:

2nd Jan 2013, 22:19
Does anyone have the latest salary details for Jetstar New Zealand for Captains?

If any current J* NZ Captain could PM me with what life is like on the line I would greatly appreciate it.

2nd Jan 2013, 23:04
Im pretty sure there wont be many training opportunities in mainline!!!!

Latest word is 40 B737 Mainline Commands to be advertised this year.

Watch this space....

2nd Jan 2013, 23:21
To make up for the loss of how many 400 and 767 commands?

3rd Jan 2013, 01:34
Supposedly loss of 0 767 commands this calendar year. Flying program static. Depends a bit on whether they get rid of all the Rollers or whether they keep 3-4. They've requested approval from CASA to fly up to 4 on the J curve without ADSB but that's supposedly as a stop gap just in case. IE no intention of actually doing that, just hedging bets. 767 Fleet is currently flying hours as though 6 of those 767s are already gone, just spreading the love around more airframes.

An A330 possibly returning from J* to domestic in March instead of October- additional training slots this year to be promulgated if that occurs. If not, 4 A330s to arrive in the next training year (about 28 Commands of which about 20 are going to be A list). 20 residual 737 slots as a result if those A slots get taken up. Remaining A330 commands probably to come from 767 fleet thus keeping the 767 establishment numbers close to spot on. Some 767 Captains will jump for those 737 residuals as well thus keeping 767 numbers close to the money.

737 Fleet to expand by 4-5 airframes I think. Another 20 captains there. 40 737 commands in the next training year sounds about right!

Jetstar training? If there are MoU slots expect QF drivers to bid for them IAW the MoU.

SUP guy
3rd Jan 2013, 02:21
Heard a rumour that Q will be keeping 16 B744 and not reducing to 9.

3rd Jan 2013, 02:50
Ditto re twentyyearstoolate.

I'd also appreciate any info anyone would be willing to provide. SWMBO has indicated a willingness to move to the Eastern Isle and I like the place too.


Goat Whisperer
3rd Jan 2013, 03:12
What's the A list?

Daylight Robbery
3rd Jan 2013, 03:23
Base 133k Kiwi pa. 65 stick hours per month and then 'overtime' after that. Topped up with reserves to give 10 days off per month. Average sector length NZ domestic operation 1 hour block to block. They are doing some Tasman, however.

Currently taking protected industrial action, due inability to get anywhere with pay/rostering improvements.

3rd Jan 2013, 04:38
A list = TAA, the friendly way :p

3rd Jan 2013, 04:49
$133 kiwi as a base.. WOW an industry I once loved I am starting to loath.

I guess this is what the bean counters think we' re worth!!!:ugh::mad:

Roj approved
3rd Jan 2013, 04:58
No, it's what they know they can get desperate people to take a command for. :ugh:

When times get tough, even the hard done by QF F/O's that had their commands stolen by J* are considering it. Amazing what a little desperation will do to some people.:rolleyes: