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17th Apr 2001, 02:40
The title says it all really!

I was plugged in on arrivals this afternoon while the inbounds were coming in nearly 10 miles apart, so plenty of time to look around.

I noticed a group of six people with an People Carrier on the top of the Terminal 2 car park. 3 men and three women were dressed in what at first glance looked like airline crew uniforms, and they were taking photos of each other. Okay, I thought, it must be a crew wanting to document their visit to Heathrow, or maybe it's a publicity shoot for an airline's new uniform.

However, all the uniforms were slightly different, the women had shoulder length hair and one had knee length leather boots on. At one point they all saluted for the camera and 3 used their right hands, and the other 2 used their left hands!

So they can't be any sort of airline or military crew, I thought.

And they kept taking photos into the light with a rather cheap looking compact camera.

So they can't be doing publicity shots.

At this point the Tower supervisor called the police to ask if they could attend and find out what this now suspicious behaviour was.

After 10 minutes the boys in blue were on the scene, and after a period of consulation and note-taking, they moved them on and returned to the station.

A quick phone call revealed that it was actually a porn film in the making, and that they did not realise that anyone in the control tower would be able to see them!
If they hadn't been stopped mid-flow, then the real action, so to speak, would have followed shortly, after the shots for the video cover were complete!

The rest of the afternoon consisted of incoming calls to the tower criticising us for stopping it all before the 'good bits'!!!!


Aluminium Importer
17th Apr 2001, 11:43

You should have invited them all up to the tower for a cup of tea and a biscuit!


17th Apr 2001, 13:32
In the Holiday Inn at CGN they used to show a porno movie that had been made in a Learjet parked up at the GA terminal at guess where? CGN of course!!!!!!!!
P.S. it was a superb film.

'Keep the Stress Down'

Boss Raptor
17th Apr 2001, 18:38
Couple of years back same thing happened on the roof of the T4 car park, spotted on security cameras - if I remember rightly they were all charged and convicted of 'indecency' offences...title of the film 'Sex In Public Places Vol....'

Patsy 001
17th Apr 2001, 21:33
I thought it was maybe a group exercise in some airline's recruitment process!! :)

17th Apr 2001, 22:22
In march of 93 I visited Anchorage for a couple of days on business. I was working with our local rep- I kid you not he was a certified sex fiend. While I'm no prude I have limits- driving past the local house of ill-repute Curtis asks ,"you wanna go in and check out the wares?" Me , "Um, no...." I guess he was trying, in his own fashion, to be a good host.

In any case one afternoon after the training ended, Curtis offered to show me some of the local the wildlife and the best view in Anchorage. Off we go to a ridge overlooking the city with a really phenomenal view. It happens that a man and nice looking blonde are standing there, her in a long robe or coat and looking royally pissed off- but it just didn't strike me, although IT IS cold in March. Well we enjoyed the view, with Curtis pointing out various points of interest and I glance at the woman and she looks like she just ate a brick. At that point, I kid you not, I look down and there are two blankets, not far away, just strewn with lingerie and camera lenses. Ohhhhhh.... Then we left. Some wildlife though, didn't see one moose, and apparently just missed spotting a beaver....

Edited for spelling. Jeeez, 6 years of college wasted......

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