View Full Version : Why has Tony Draper been banned???

Bally Heck
15th Apr 2002, 23:26

For the first time in two years he is not on the front page!

Controversial? Yes.

Political? Yes.

Almost my literary equal? Yes.

But ban him? Come on!!

15th Apr 2002, 23:28
Who says he's been banned?

Gash Handlin
15th Apr 2002, 23:38
errr I don't think he has, unless it happened in the last 4 hours.

He posted on the Hag thread at about 2130 yesterday.

15th Apr 2002, 23:41
Mr Heck doth surely take the pith.:) :) Tho Mr D has definitely been conspicuous by his absence, his humours obviously savoured elswhere. Has the small hound taken him further afield? or is it the dreaded gremlins in his hard drive, or even that evil misfortune that smites the best among us, the dreaded work!!:confused:

16th Apr 2002, 00:04
Say it ain't so.......:eek:

Bally Heck
16th Apr 2002, 00:15
Yeah OK. Making mischief.

PPRuNe Radar
16th Apr 2002, 08:43
Must look out the site policy on banning mischief makers ..... ;)

16th Apr 2002, 08:45
Bally you ******!
You reeled me in with this one.....

Edited to note the fact that b-u-g-g-e-r appears to be a banned word.

16th Apr 2002, 17:44
I think its a good idea, `cos if he was banned we`d all be talking about him and not (hushed whisper) ......someone else.