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The Old Fogducker
23rd Dec 2012, 13:12
As is my way, each year, I post a link for downloading this wonderful audio production read by the late Mr. Alan Maitland of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

I first heard it while tuned to the CBC's high-power regional stations on the ADF during a flight from the north with an aircraft full of teachers going home for Christmas. The episode ended as I was turning final for an instrument approach to minimums at my home airport with zero traffic in the air for hundreds of miles except me ... it was quite memorable.

Regards to all and a Merry Christmas.

The Old Fogducker

The link allows from 100 downloads .... if it runs out due to demand, I'll upload it again and post another link. Enjoy!


Edit .... I've located a version on youtube with some photos added to the audio ....

The Shepherd - Frederick Forsyth - read by Alan Maitland from CBC Radio - YouTube (http://youtu.be/j2_bLEqmBi0)

Shaggy Sheep Driver
23rd Dec 2012, 14:55
Thanks for the reminder. I won't use the link as I prefer to read the book (it's quite short). I find a reader, however skillful, gets in the way between the words and the visions in my head.

23rd Dec 2012, 17:09
Hey Foggy somebody on that board where you are personna non grata was hoping you'd post the link to that.


The Old Fogducker
24th Dec 2012, 12:18
Glad to help out ...... my having eloquently expressed my political views as a counter to some of the more radical from the "Progressives," my comments were deemed too conservative for a couple of the moderators. When I replied to the most obnoxious one, he tossed me out because of ..... "I'm tired of your right wing paranoia."

So, the world is quieter place without the Old Fogducker to voice a counter opinion, or add my take on aviation matters.

From time to time, I still do people professional favours, and contribute to their development by putting up a few links like this one for "The Shepherd."

All the best to all who will listen to this well done production this Christmas Eve.


24th Dec 2012, 21:01
The Old Fogducker

As with many ppruners of a similar age, I find insomnia providing an excuse to be sitting in front of my computer at ridiculous hours of the night.
Like Shaggy Sheep Driver, I have read the story and would normally prefer to read it, but at 3 am this Christmas morning it was pleasant indeed to sit here with eyes closed and just listen.
It's now almost the middle of Christmas day here, which means it's almost Christmas where you are, so may I offer this as a Christmas greeting.


This photo was taken a couple of months ago at Ardmore, Sth Auckland on the occasion of first public flight of the just completed Mosquito

24th Dec 2012, 21:20
Thankyou for sharing Foggy. A lovely Christmas story and a tribute to the many who gave so much.

India Four Two
25th Dec 2012, 07:13

Thanks for the reminder. "Fireside Al" had such a great voice.

The Old Fogducker
25th Dec 2012, 14:01
Yes .... "Fireside Al" was one of the hands-down best readers the CBC ever had on staff.

Thank-you everyone for the positive reaction .... I'll put it up again next year .... it's one of my Christmas traditions, and I never fail to recall my having heard it the first time through the headset tuned to the ADF on a flight that started in the clear to get a load of passengers and their gifts home for Christmas, and ended in a approach to minimums in ice fog and picking up the lights in the last few seconds before making the decision to go around and head for the alternate.

Merry Christmas to all,

India Four Two
26th Dec 2012, 05:17
When I made my previous post, I was not able to see the picture that Quizling posted. That's a very special photo for me, because I've had the privilege of flying the T11 and sitting in the Mossie's cockpit. :)

Here's a great air-to-air shot taken on a subsequent flight, involving a "whizz" around Auckland Harbour. The picture was taken from the back seat of Doug Brooker's Spitfire TIX:

The same flight is captured in a stunning video taken from the Mosquito cockpit: Flying DH Mosquito KA114. - YouTube

In case Foggy's link goes down, you can also hear it at this link: "Fireside Al" Maitland Reads Frederick Forsyth's "The Shepherd" | As It Happens with Carol Off and Jeff Douglas | CBC Radio (http://www.cbc.ca/asithappens/features/2012/12/24/fireside-al-maitland-reads-frederick-forsyths-the-shepherd/)

26th Dec 2012, 06:52
India Four Two,



26th Dec 2012, 16:11
India Four Two that is a wonderful photo. Thanks for sharing it.

India Four Two
27th Dec 2012, 01:09
Yes. A great photo. Just to avoid any confusion, I didn't take it. I was given it by Brett Emeny, the Vampire pilot.

I like to show these to non-enthusiasts and tell them they are pictures of wooden fighter-bombers. Generally the reaction is one of disbelief. ;)

A further piece of thread drift ( I hope you don't mind, Foggy). I commented to a friend, after my ride in Brett's T11 that the cockpit seemed a lot more cramped than I remembered from my first Vampire ride, when I was 21, more years ago than I care to admit. He very charitably suggested that perhaps I was flying a 7/8 scale Vampire. :E

The T11 forward fuselage was based upon the Mosquito's nose section and so the Mosquito's cockpit is also quite compact, even without the ejection seats. The navigator's seat is set back slightly, so that both crew have more elbow room.

The Old Fogducker
27th Dec 2012, 05:14
Mind? I revel in it .... carry on Mate!

India Four Two
28th Dec 2012, 06:12
.... carry on Mate!

Well, if you insist!

I visited Ardmore for the first time in November and was taken to the AvSpecs hangar. Much to my surprise, I was allowed to sit in the Mossie's cockpit. Not the world's greatest picture, but one I will treasure since those are my knees!


A picture from the nav's seat:

In mid-December, the Mosquito visited Tauranga for the first time (unfortunately a week after I left). This Youtube video records the event, including short speeches by Glyn Powell, who built the fuselage moulds and Keith Skilling, one of the test pilots:


After my Ardmore visit, I spent a week in New Plymouth, flying the Vampire (and a Yak-52).

The Vampire is in beautiful condition and is great fun to fly, if you can forget about the 1000 litre per hour fuel consumption (220 gph in old money - about half a pint per second!). Brett says the Goblin is aptly named, since it gobbles fuel.



An effortless way to climb a volcano (Mt. Egmont)



A volcano makes a great aerobatic reference point ;)

I had a great time. Now if I could just win the lottery and fly one on a regular basis.

aah de Havilland....

The Old Fogducker
29th Dec 2012, 04:58
What an absolute delight to see those shots. Quite a privilege to have been in those aircraft.

31st Dec 2012, 20:29
"The Veteran"

Not an aviation story but another great short story by Frederick Forsyth with a military background, great twist at the end.

1st Jan 2013, 00:06
India 42 with that last shot of the mountain we know for sure you're really in NZ.
Eric I've read The Veteran several times, a wonderful yarn. The hero reminds me of a friend here on PPRuNe.

India Four Two
1st Jan 2013, 00:48
we know for sure you're really in NZ.
That would explain why I felt so comfortable when inverted. ;)

I have to say, that after doing holiday flying and sailing in NZ for three years, I STILL can't get used to winds going clockwise around low-pressure areas!

PS Mosquito fans, I've just received this link to text and pictures of KA114's visit to Tauranga:

Mosquito KA114 Visits Classic Flyers (http://www.classicflyersnz.com/Blog/x_emc/123/emu/3701/post/mosquito%2dvisit%2dto%2dclassic%2dflyers%2d00010.html)

Timothy Quinn
1st Jan 2013, 02:49
The Old Fogducker
Beautiful,thank you for the link.

The Old Fogducker
2nd Jan 2013, 01:08
Thanks for expressing your gratitude Timothy .... its why I post this story annually.


India Four Two
22nd Jan 2013, 04:29
Here's a Mosquito "shepherding" three DH jets. :)


The Old Fogducker
25th Jan 2013, 21:27
What an absolutely delightful series of high resolution photos!

Thanks for enhancing the thread India Four Two.

The Old Fogducker