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15th Apr 2002, 19:26
Just heard that Star Wars Part II will be released in a couple of weeks time - apparently the plot is rather darker than Phantom Menace.

Can't wait to see it !

15th Apr 2002, 21:18
It couldn't get any lighter than the Phantom Menace unless it cast Russ Abbot as a Jedi Knight. I haven't seen the DVD of the Phantom Menace but I'm sure the director's commentary will be "I'm sorry. Really, I'm so, so sorry."

Tim Burton should direct the rest. He knows how to make a film dark (and I'm not talking about that button on the remote control).

16th Apr 2002, 07:25
That's the problem when you are the writer and producer and director - there is no one around to tell you:

"Hey - this cute eight year old kid is supposed to be big nasty Darth Vader full of hate, to old to train in the ways of the Jedi, a vigin birth, end up knocking off the queen in order to produce Luke and Leia and have built and learned to race a pod-racer from scratch?":rolleyes:

16th Apr 2002, 14:11
Was bored at work, so have just booked a load of us tickets for 10.45am on May 16th, which I believe is one of the earlier showings and certainly earlier than most of our esteemed American cousins get to view it. Unless the rumours of widespread midnight shows are true.

I hated the Phantom Menace with a passion, but hey, it's Starwars, so I'll go and watch it with blind optimism. Although I don't think I can ever forgive the midichlorians concept which ruins all the force was supposed to be. Or Binks. Or the desire to make the series completely insular by presenting characters from the later films, even though it makes no sense to do so. Or having designs and concepts which appear to be more advanced than the later films, And..... And...... And.....

But I'm still optimistic. :D

16th Apr 2002, 15:16
Agreed. All sorts of inconsistencies.

In "A New Hope", it is clear from early conversation that R2D2 and C3PO have never been there. Yet both were there in "The Phantom Menace", C3PO having been built there by Anikin Skywalker!

When, in "ANH", Darth Vader takes over Leia's ship close to Tatooine, you'd think he would remember that this was the place he was born and bred, but apparently not a flicker.

Trouble is, George Lucas wanted to use too much from other films, too many characters, such as the Hutts, and hence had to set much of "TPM" on Tatooine.

When, in "ANH", Luke Skywalker meets Obi Wan Kenobi for the first time and says that R2D2 was looking for him saying he was looking for his owner, Ben Kenobi says "I don't recall ever having owned a droid", you'd think he would have recognised a droid that played a significant part in his rescue of Queen Amidala during his apprenticeship!

I gather that Anikin Skywalker is going to have a liaison with Queen Amidala, resulting in the birth of Luke and Leia - isn't she just a little old for him?

All that having been said, I'm still a total fan of the series (You could tell that, couldn't you?) and am looking forward to the new release. I'm fascinated to know how well they lay the basis for Part III, in which they have to tie up so many lose ends so that "ANH" slots in.

16th Apr 2002, 21:25
All perfectly valid points Huggy. Especially with regard to C3P0's lack of memory regarding his place of origin and the chap who actually constructed him. Hmm. I expect it'll all be tied up, but it'll be messy. Best to create new characters rather than relying on the old to sell lunchboxes, etc. Although having said that I suppose the one episode spanning character he did create this time around, Jar Jar, was an unmitigated disaster so p'raps it is best he stick with the known and loved. Although I just KNOW that the heavy reliance on the Fetts in this episode, when you know that Boba meets such a cheap comedy death in Jedi, will bug me.

But we're only so picky because we love it so much. Well, except Episode One.