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19th Dec 2012, 13:28
Hi all,

I have a mate heading over to Tuscon in the coming weeks and was keen on getting some scrap parts to clean up and display at home. Are there any scrap yards that sell to the public?

Cheers Danger

Sir George Cayley
20th Dec 2012, 19:13
I suggest your friend does a Google search. I think they will be pleasantly surprised.;)


Feather #3
21st Dec 2012, 20:14
Tell your mate to be VERY careful approaching any of the yards. They have BIG security issues and can be unforgiving [well, their dogs are!] without an introduction.

G'day ;)

Old Photo.Fanatic
22nd Dec 2012, 10:56
Slight Tread drift.
I can vouch for that about big dogs and security.
I called in at "Kingman" Arizona during a photo tour in 1987, having seen lots of Tails etc from the highway.

Approached one compound where old BA 707s were being broken up.
Met with a bunch of guard dogs looking and baying for blood!!!!
The chap doing the cutting was worst, decided retreat was the best option.!!!

One good outcome though, went to the end complex where a solitary
Helicopter was parked.

I called on the chap in the office for permission to photograph said chopper.
Most helpful and friendly, had a great time chattting.
Turned out he was an ex USAF F86 pilot, with the honour of flying the last operational sortie by F86 aircraft in the Korean War.
With the extra twist that also on this sortie was Sqn. Ldr. Maitland of Biggin Hill fame.
As I was aquainted with Sqn. Ldr. Maitland through my covering Biggin Hill Air fairs wearing a press Hat he asked could I maybe help in getting them back in touch.
I did so in a very diplomatic way, so leaving any contact upto Sqn.Ldr. Maitland if he so desired.
Never did find out if they got back in touch.


Halcyon Days
23rd Dec 2012, 09:09
Its an easy typo to make but check correct spelling of Tucson if Googling -as Tuscon might not bring up the required results?

23rd Dec 2012, 14:26
Take care with what you buy.........

Bought some bits back to Marin County and two webs appeared in 24 hours, the third a day later.

Black Widow webs even look menacing! Snakes like dark boxes too.

Venombyte.com - Venomous Spiders - Southern Black Widow (http://www.venombyte.com/venom/spiders/southern_black_widow.asp)

9th Jan 2013, 22:53
I've had the privilege of visiting a number of aircraft boneyards over the last couple of years, including AMARG at Davis-Monthan AFB in Tucson. They are indeed fascinating places, full of history. But access is often a problem, especially at facilities like the Pinal Airpark northwest of Tucson and Mojave Airport in California.

I'm still documenting an overview of some of the major boneyard and aircraft storage facilities, with my current efforts posted at ...

Aircraft boneyards in the Western deserts for storage and disposal of military aircraft and airliners (http://www.planesofthepast.com/aircraft-boneyards.htm)

John Farley
10th Jan 2013, 11:10
Has anybody ever seen DC3s in a boneyard?

Since I believe the DC3 is the world's first really great aircraft (first flew 1935 and still in service today) I would not expect a 'yes' answer but thought I should check!


10th Jan 2013, 16:40
Many R4Ds and R4D-8s have passed through Davis Monthan. The few remaining are now art projects. Google: "El Alto Boneyard" to see some Bolivian DC-3s broken up.