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19th Dec 2012, 12:39
I've just seen a great piece of aviation history. The 1955 Warner Brother's short film, called, "RED ALERT". Jack Webb (the Dragnet Detective) made a great little bit of fiction about an airbase and the surrounding city's objection to the noise.
Well...as you might expect, in glorious well filmed, well focused COLOR we see a parade of some of the neatest , coolest, sexiest planes ever made. Among them:

The F86D (Dog) interceptor with super detailed filming including the rocket tray deployed on the ground.

F100 Super Sabre.

X3 Stilleto


a RATO / JATO B47 TAkeoff

Film of an F86D, tapping the landing gear of a B25 inflight to aid in gear extension. Talk about beautifully filmed...no special effects here.

IF you like aviation history including a SABRE KNIGHTS display...this is a great little movie. NOT TO BE CONFUSED with a 1970's film, also called "RED ALERT" or the book of the same name which was turned into the film, "DR.Strangelove".

This film was just on Turner Classic Movies...try to see it if it comes on again...record it too.

PS...you british guys might really like to see the B57 takeoff and leveloff in ground effect...very cool.

19th Dec 2012, 13:09
this film may also be known as : TWENTY FOUR HOUR ALERT

look for both titles...the film may have won an oscar in the short subject division.