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19th Dec 2012, 00:19
The following is about an 'unruly' drunken SLF on a QANTAS flight from SY to Japan.
The captain diverted to Cairns in the early hours of the morning to evict this imbecile.
The article states it is said to cost QANTAS $120K.

Man 'drunk on vodka' with cigarette forces Qantas emergency landing, costs airline $120k | Perth Now (http://www.perthnow.com.au/travel/obnoxious-vodka-drunk-with-cigarette-forces-qantas-emergency-landing-costs-airline-120k/story-e6frg3tu-1226540084247)

What do you do with these animals??

I would imagine that he will get the bill eventually, and be banned from QANTAS for all flights for evermore......or am I being a bit 'too precious'....??


19th Dec 2012, 00:58
......or am I being a bit 'too precious'....??

Not at all! Look at what would happen in some other parts of the world (Middle East, Singapore etc.). They should definately get the bill and the appropriate criminal record. I mean look at the guy, obviously hiding behind the door when god handed out brains. :rolleyes:

19th Dec 2012, 01:08
Sadly, precious will find someone else to blame for the situation, be reprimanded by a slap on the wrist with a soggy lettuce leaf and that will be that.

Sad for the other punters , crew and airline, etc. affected by this kind of behaviour.

possibly a few weeks/months as a guest of the correctional services may send the message out that this kind of behaviour is unacceptable and our society will punish people like this.

I remember hearing of a situation where an aircraft diverted due to drunk pax, it was offloaded and charged. I heard the company had dropped charges due to the risk of possible negative publicity.

Good on the crew for diverting, they should not have to try to deal with this situation for a 9 hour flight.

19th Dec 2012, 02:44
This Idiot can be thankful the Captain decided to divert to Cairns instead of continuing to Japan.
If he was handed over to the 'Kempei-Tai' (;)) and the Japanese justice system, it would be unlikely he would be granted bail before either being deported or dealt with in a 'Judge only' court hearing.
Come January, he is likely to given a stern lecture and a waved finger.
Hopefully I'm wrong and this bogan will get a nice long term in the big-house as an example to those who endanger aviation safety (laser-pointers included).

- Merry Christmas all and safe flying.

19th Dec 2012, 02:48
Qantas has a NO FLY list now

teresa green
19th Dec 2012, 03:09
Oh dear, it used to be fun when the biggest member of the flight deck went down the back, grabbed the idiot by the scruff of the neck, and handcuffed to the nearest seat, with a slight "back hander" as reinforcement. Now the crew member would probably be hauled before a judge, and given a good behaviour bond. It was a lot more fun in my day.:rolleyes:

19th Dec 2012, 03:34

Out of curiousity, would QF share their list with QF Link and Jetstar?.

I won't even ponder if that list is shared with Virgin and Tiger et-al as I'm sure some Leftie would scream out for social justice for the accused.

Nautilus Blue
19th Dec 2012, 03:52
Are we getting to the point where aircraft are dry and pax blow in the bag before boarding?

19th Dec 2012, 03:57
Not sure about that . Csm's were chatting about it a few days ago; haven't seen any paperwork .

19th Dec 2012, 06:24
He was granted bail in Cairns and is returning to Perth to live with his mother.I hope that all airlines (not just QF) have him on their no-fly list and that he has to drive or take a few buses to get there.It's only 5,256 km after all.

19th Dec 2012, 07:03
Out of curiousity, would QF share their list with QF Link and Jetstar?.
I was of the impression the black book was shared with everyone, Virgin, Tiger, and the internationals.

piston broke again
19th Dec 2012, 13:22
I have heard QF, JQ and VA share their no fly lists and they are reciprocated on each airline. It was a fairly recent initiative (ie. 3-4 years from memory). However they don't last that long, maybe 12 months for the 'non-airlines' and if the misdemeanour is bad enough, a lifetime ban for the airline the offence it took place on. Should be more of it this enfocement though, especially for drunken idiots that have no regard for the rules, let alone the rules in a pressurised aluminium tube.

bloated goat
19th Dec 2012, 18:06
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20th Dec 2012, 03:10
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20th Dec 2012, 04:04
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