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18th Dec 2012, 16:41
I just read that Air Canada are expanding into Australia. Up to 10 flights per week.

QF used to run 5 x SFO and the shuttle 3 x into YVR per week.

What is QF doing so wrong that every other carrier is doing better?! :ugh:

18th Dec 2012, 16:54
Probably something to do with Air Canada having those unsuitable B777-200ERs.......

18th Dec 2012, 16:57
AC 777-200ers, don't think so!

18th Dec 2012, 17:07
Duh, the dumbest question ever.

Perhaps its because they don't have those old technology piece of crap 777-300 ER's, or perhaps the 200 LR's for the thinner routes. But hey, they have Jetstar who contribute more to the bottom line than those ugly triplers ever would.

Not to mention the 400's which despite drinking more per sector than a thrist striken aussie at Octoberfest, obviously rake in the bucks. And then the 380 super guzzler to put the cream on the cake.

But hey, QF has an ego more interested in becoming the superstar of low cost aviation, and who won't rest until he has gone one better than his mate from Ryanair. By which time, the man in the Air Asia Malaysian region has become bigger than all, followed by the mates from SQ. Time then to milk QF some more to grow the LCC, until it eventually all goes bust, including the beloved love child.

Mstr Caution
18th Dec 2012, 18:56
QF pulled out of AKL -LAX.

Air NZ says thanks very much & takes up 75% of the capacity to Nth America lost by QF.

Seems the end of the line carrier in NZ can make a go of international whilst Joyce shrinks QF to insignificance.

18th Dec 2012, 19:54
Heard a rumour the other day that QF is actively trying to get SFO slots back for when the 787 is scheduled to arrive into the fleet. Supposedly they're facing an uphill battle. Everything changes and nothing changes.

18th Dec 2012, 20:51
I wondered why this morning there was ACA033 & ACA035 into YSSY...

aircanada.com - Air Canada boosts non-stop flights between Vancouver and Sydney Australia this winter (http://www.aircanada.com/en/news/120725.html)

18th Dec 2012, 22:12
Good Morning Keg :)

Is that for when QF gets it Orange/Silver 787s ? Or the red/white ones? :cool:

Mstr Caution
18th Dec 2012, 23:21
One Dot Low.

Considering its Alan Joyce we're talking about it makes perfect sense to send the JQ international product to North America to compete against a revamped United Airlines & Air Canada with their new 787's.

Interestingly. Air Canada will take delivery of their 787's which will allow the release of existing 767-300's to be transferred to their new LCC.

Air Canada pilots have probably learnt from the Qantas/Jetstar lack of career opportunities & have negotiated to crew the new LCC operation providing career opportunities for the existing pilot group.

However analysts are saying the new LCC will probably work on shorter routes to the Carribean but will probably lose favour on the longer routes planned to Europe over 9 hours with 275 seats crammed into the 767's.

Seems the CEO of Air Canada's been smoking the same grass thinking people will travel LCC's long haul to Europe more than once.


18th Dec 2012, 23:56
G'day ODL, the same source as the SFO reckons that Joyce is on record as saying that 'at this stage' the 787-9 is coming to Qantas- notwithstanding another GFC, etc, etc. I wouldn't take it to the bank but that's the rumour.

19th Dec 2012, 03:03
Correct me if im wrong, but the 787-8 has similar range to an A330. There is no chance that the 787-8 will be able to fly Sydney to the west coast of USA non-stop. The 787-9 is a different story and several years away before QF or Jetstar get their hands on one at the absolute earliest.

19th Dec 2012, 04:24
Except most of this expansion will come from Air Canada's new low cost carrier - Rouge.....

Starting with hand me down 767s and 319s
Then taking deliveries of the parents 787s

Sound like etoile orange.

Air Canada's Rouge to fly high tech and low cost | Plane Talking (http://blogs.crikey.com.au/planetalking/2012/12/19/air-canadas-rouge-to-fly-high-tech-and-low-cost/)

Metro man
19th Dec 2012, 06:10
Routes to North America are one of the few areas in which QANTAS can make money. They are not competing with Asian or Middle Eastern airlines on SYD - LAX. Airlines from the USA have the same high cost base, unionized staff and cumbersome rules and regulations to deal with. With their poor service there is no incentive for Australians to fly on them, they may as well travel on QF and get a few FF miles to use on the domestic network.

Going Boeing
19th Dec 2012, 14:27
G'day ODL, the same source as the SFO reckons that Joyce is on record as saying that 'at this stage' the 787-9 is coming to Qantas- notwithstanding another GFC, etc, etc. I wouldn't take it to the bank but that's the rumour.

G'day Keg, I find this talk about B787-9's for mainline very interesting because Kim Jong Al cancelled the orders for 35 B787-9's so the order at this stage is:-
Orders: 15 B787-8's (for Jetstar)
Options: 0 (ie ZERO)
Letters of Intent: 50

With no Dreamliners in the pipeline, it's all just a dream.

19th Dec 2012, 18:31
Won't take long before the numbers will not add up and they will be asking how did Jetstar do it? If Jetstar was so successful why does it need Qantas.......