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15th Apr 2002, 11:11
Why is he being martyred like this?

15th Apr 2002, 14:47
Haven't got a clue. Wonder what her Saint's feast day will be?
Saint Moritz of Pprune does have a catchy ring to it.

pants on fire...
15th Apr 2002, 15:43
My there seems to have been a lot of activity around the Sewer this weekend!

The Clones are indeed, as predicted, springing up everywhere.

Sorry, I don't have the time to read everything this morning, but maybe tomorrow?

In response to the question regarding Morris and sainthood?

By all means, it would be a great idea - principally as the first requirement would be the recipient going off to meet his maker! :D

St Morris of Sewer. Does have a certain RING to it. :)

It could be the patron saint of all the @rseholes in the world - that would surely keep it busy! :D

15th Apr 2002, 19:42
St Moritz is a Swiss slippery slope.

The other Moritz just can't resist stepping onto a slippery slope.

Caveat Switzer!

Tartan Gannet
15th Apr 2002, 20:32
MS is like the Momento Mori which was shown round the tables in antient times. A reminder that we are all liable to answer to the one last judgement, "sic transit gloria mundi" as the Franciscan Friar intones at the coronation of each Pope.

For this reason, and as a counter to our pomposity, mine in particular, let us retain MS within our ranks.

15th Apr 2002, 23:46
I have to say TG when you have a revelation, as a certain fellow did on the way to Damascus, you really do it proper, no half measures. It's impressive.
Now about that martyrdom they were talking about? Aren't those supposed to be painfull.