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The Nut Behind The Wheel
15th Apr 2002, 11:47
I'm with GladHeAteHer!

JB moderated?

That is the whole point of JB, that it WASNT!

I don't share the enthusiasm of the sad glad-handers for being checked out like a school kid. I reckon I can post within the bounds of reasonableness, and in spite of protestations otherwise, I have yet to see a post that I thought was thoroughly reprehensible.

So you see, it is all a matter of frame of reference that each individual has in their minds. Those that DID exceed the realms of decency (as determined by the viewer) were duly reported, and action taken by Danny if he determined it was warranted.

It is my belief that those that some of those that support the moderation of this forum have yet to come to grips with other people's ability to have a different frame of reference on a website, and need to exercise a modicum of tolerance for different perspectives.

I'd say that I won't see you all later, however, I live in hope that as the majority of posters to this forum are Professional Aviator's (as am I) with a knowledge of CRM principles, we exercise those principles toward each other, and go back to JB as it was. UN- moderated!

When it does, can someone be kind enough to contact me at [email protected] and let me know the good news.

In the meantime, I have enjoyed all your company, and hope to do so again in the future.


The Nut

15th Apr 2002, 13:51
Bye then

Please shut the door on the way out

15th Apr 2002, 15:52
I'm with Gladheateher and The Nut.

What nonsence to moderate JB!

Far too much preciousness being displayed lately. Seems to me certain individuals need to reassess their tollerance and sence of humour.

Nut behind the wheel and I will be in the pub till you lot grow up. Someone let us know when the fun returns, will you?

Per Ardua ad Infinitum
15th Apr 2002, 16:38

You are not in receipt of the full picture. The individuals concerned have been extremely patient and tolerant and have put up with a great deal.

The offensive posters are [b]deliberately[b] trying to cause distress.

If you were a real lawyer, as you claim, you would be more familiar with the appropriate legislation. You would probably also be able to spell 'nonsense', 'sense' and 'tolerance'.

15th Apr 2002, 16:49
I can see that the thing we really need to moderate here is I.Q

aut disce aut discede !

DX Wombat
15th Apr 2002, 16:57
Did it ever occur to the dissenters that JB was always moderated, if unofficially, by Capt PPRuNe and that perhaps Flaps is doing it so that he has one less thing to worry about whilst studying? Good luck to both of you!:)

15th Apr 2002, 16:59
Did the moderater, ban moritz AGAIN this morning, or was his email to me and half a dozen other folk's a joke?

15th Apr 2002, 17:07
KRAPP, Per Adua,

There! Can't spell that either!

How can you possibly speak to the motivation of an individual you are not? By definition, you canít possibly have a clue, unless you are the person you refer to. Are you? One man's deliberate offence, is another man's uproarious hilarity. By presuming to speak for some else's motivation, YOU, in fact, are committing intellectual libel. Personally, I find that as offensive as anything Iíve read here, which goes back way before deciding to become a member a couple of days ago.

And if I'm not in receipt of the full picture, how is it you are? Oh, and "individuals concerned"? How many people are you, actually? Sounds to me like you need to get your own house(s) in order before you claim to be cheer leader for your ludicrous new 'moderated' jet blast. The new arrangement should be treated the same way as the arrival of any tyrant anywhere, in my opinion.


15th Apr 2002, 17:22

you forgot to ask him which inner circle he belong's to

15th Apr 2002, 17:34
We are not dealing with the "arrival of a tyrant" here, PercyUs. The "tyrant" in question owns this website and is free to do as he pleases with it. The moderation of jetblast is anything BUT a new idea and you and I and everyone else have no say in the matter. This is not open to negotiation. The owner sets the rules of the game and we either play by those rules or we leave.

Have fun at the pub but don't hold your breath waiting for those calls!

15th Apr 2002, 17:51
Your condeming it before you have even given it a chance.

Who says things are going to change that much, I and many others have faith in the choice of moderator.

If you are intent on leaving, it's already been said 'please shut the door on your way out' and don't make so much noise when you leave!

Per Ardua ad Infinitum
15th Apr 2002, 17:53
Percy - as you are Moritz Suter I'll ignore that post.

15th Apr 2002, 19:33
Flaps is a Scandewegian sweetie. If she keeps his PPRuNeship out of the High Court while preserving the JB ethos she will deserve a medal.

Good luck!

Tartan Gannet
15th Apr 2002, 21:38
Exultate Jubilate! The Nut leaves! TG buys double Talisker and other malts for anyone who wants, orders Grandsire Triples to be rung, sings the Te Deum and the Non Nobis!, Distributes largesse amongst the poor of the parish.

If this is the outcome of Moderating JB then I am 100% in favour!

More power to your elbow, Flaps Forty!

Per Ardua ad Infinitum
16th Apr 2002, 09:31
Get a life.

16th Apr 2002, 09:47
I can't believe what I've been reading here. If you post here and you also post in any other PPRuNe forum, you should already be accustomed to the existence of a moderator, or six. The fact that JB has not been moderated in the past is no justification for it to continue that way.

I suspect that the very reason its happened is because a few (or more) people have crossed the line once too often. If you're now asking "what line?" you have been going around with your head up yer @rse because everything about PPRuNe is ruled by Danny Fyne. He sets the rules ... he can change the rules ... he can do anyhting here he damned well pleases because this is his place.

He makes it available to those who are happy to live with a "despot". Many of us have made that commitment already, at one time or another - and continue to abide by it.

So, to those crying whingers who want to pick up their marbles and go play in another park, I say ... here, I'd like to help you out - which way did you come in?

16th Apr 2002, 10:22
Oz: clap clap clap :)

16th Apr 2002, 12:38
abfgh, what an interesting ISP you posted that from! :D ROFL!!!!!

TG, may I please have a Bush Malt?

And well said, OzEx.

16th Apr 2002, 12:47
From the well respected poster abfgh:

Regulate at your own peril, Jetblasters, and just hope that the thought police don't come knocking at your door.

Umm, we'll take our chances ab, thanks very much. While being only too aware of the possibility of the midnight knock on the door, we are also cognisant of one thing that you seem to have difficulty grasping. If we don't like the rules here, we will f*ck off. I suggest you and your mates, most of whom appear to have been here the same five minutes as you, do likewise. It may seem inconceivable to you but a lot of us believe that JB will actually be a better place when you leave.

OzEx, do you require any help showing them the door? If so, just call, there will be thousands willing to help you.

16th Apr 2002, 13:45
Is it just me or does it seem that as soon as there is a moderator, suddenly a pile of [email protected] turn up.
make mine a Guinness Tartan

Mr Bump
16th Apr 2002, 13:58
I can't believe there are people on here complaining about being moderated.

It's simple....

This site is owned and run by Danny (with the help of some good friends).
Anything libel placed on the site is Danny's legal responsibility.
Having someone keep an eye on the forum, watching out for those little slips of libel saves Danny time and reduces any potential legal risks.

Who ever thought that JB was not being moderated is kidding themselves. Danny has always moderated, removing those posts which cause him trouble and those that step over the boundary.

Libel can be a nasty process and could result in the site being shutdown. Does anyone want that? Exactly!

16th Apr 2002, 14:50

I am not very good at writing essays,so please bear with me.
some time ago,when Moritz was first banned,I rightly or wrongly tried to put up some sort of defence for him.Since then I have received at least three E-Mails per day from him.Yesterday I was asked by no less than five people to forward the first one of the day to them,this I gladly did,knowing that I would betray a confidence of Moritz.

I have told Moritz in the strongest terms that he has brought most,if not all of this nonsence on himself.For some strange reason,he takes a different view on what he can post on JB.There is no doubt that he has crossed the line with in particular the female community.That line was definately crossed with flaps 40, and the Mistress.It is obvious that Moritz likes confrontation.

Believe it or not,he is a totally different character when on a one to one correspondance.It is sometimes difficult to realise that it is the same Moritz that you all know,and dislike.

I am not a psychologist,and would not know where to begin assessing his character.The nearest I have got to is a cross between,"The cad",played by the actor Terry Thomas and "Nasty Nick",from Big Brother.Take for example,his posting on,"The Great Unwashed of Britain",forgive me but you have to be barking if you could not see that this was DEFINATELY a stunt to get people on the hook,and boy did some of you bite.On the other hand,we have the piece that he wrote on seal clubbing,was he genuine?who knows.I don`t.Nor do I care.But again,he achieved his aim of getting a reaction from JB.

There is no doubt that Moritz is a course and distance winner in provoking some if not all of us into some sort of reaction.He has more form than Desert Orchid.But is this such a bad thing.I don`t think that he can really help himself.He is always sorry after the event,sending E-mails to every-one begging forgiveness,and asking for YET,another chance.As I understand it,flaps 40 and Mistress have taken his latest insults and can take no more,but I would ask them and appeal to them,to look at it as if they were dealing with a silly,naughty schoolboy.No matter how many times that you tell him off,you might as well be talking to a brick wall.

Can we not agree to let him rejoin the forum,but agree amongst ourselves,that when he crosses the line,not to post a reply.Surely he can`t come back with an answer, if non of us have acknowledged his question or comment.It strikes me that Moritz is a lonely sort of bloke,and maybe his ability to converse sensibly is limited.It does not bother me if he E-Mails me,I like most of you have a lot more things to worry about than Moritz.

There is one thing of which I am quite certain.There is only one MS.He has promised me that he only posts under his own name,and although I have no reason to believe him,I don`t think for all his faults that Moritz is a liar.Throughout all my correspondance with him,I have tried to set a trap and catch him out,but as I say,I don`t think Moritz is lying about this point.Finding IPS numbers putting two and two together and making fifty seven is quite frankly paranoia, a witch hunt which is very unstable and without proof. and what about the people who are being persecuted for being MS? a little unfair dont you think?.
It is not his style to to be an alias, he would never want the limelight to be on anyone else would he?

How many chances does he get? a leopard never changes etc....... good points I have no answer.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned etc......its up to flap's and mistress.

In all communities there are folk's who are "different" but we tolerate them. Myself I can get along with or without Moritz, but for me he makes JB interesting.

Look at the mess wer'e in, NUTS quitting, Tango Lima and percy being accused of being MS it's pathetic. I will no doubt be accused of being a mouthpiece for Moritz, I hope the more adult of you will see that I am wanting an end to this old toffee, because i am sure Moritz think's it's a good wheeze, I don't.

Either way if Moritz stay's banned so be it.but when does the new Moritz appear, and this pantomime start again?

Celtic Emerald
16th Apr 2002, 19:15
At this rate were going to have to get someone to moderate the moderators.

Give me a break! :rolleyes:

As for Hogg, he seems to have bagged a whole lot of forums I never go into as moderator but I like & respect him (& I'd imagine his decisions). We're on a similar wavelength & he's a gent so I wouldn't mind. Will you come & save me in JB Hogg pretty please????