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14th Dec 2012, 06:17
Local Bundaberg press announce Jetgo as a potential starter for 2nd operator on the Brisbane and direct Sydney route... Source at CASA confirm they have their app in for HC RPT and are expecting 2 additional 145LRS in Feb! Wow, this crowd seem to be moving forward, and I see they are advertising for more crew. :ok:

14th Dec 2012, 06:27
Shades of SkyAirWorld methinks. Hope they can make a go of where Charlton couldn't. Good luck to them.

14th Dec 2012, 10:22
Good luck to them as well, I would love to see more Emb145 flying around Australia, they are a sexy looking beast.

14th Dec 2012, 10:39
Isn't Virgin planning on starting BNE-BUD in the new year? If they do can't see 3 airlines lasting on the route.

14th Dec 2012, 12:35
UP IN AIR: There are no confirmed reports for a second airline at Bundaberg Airport.
THE future of a second flight carrier for Bundaberg is still up in the air after Virgin Australia confirmed they had no current plans to bring flights to the region.

Reports surfaced today that Virgin was trying to tender for several regulated or subsidised routes to places including Roma, Longreach, Cloncurry, Biloela, Charleville and Bundaberg.

But Bundaberg Mayor Mal Forman said Bundaberg did not fall into the regulated or subsidies category.

"We're not part of any subsidised program to do with any airlines," Cr Forman said.

"We're an open regional area and we welcome Virgin to come.

"We're still in discussions with Virgin and other airlines."

But a Virgin spokeswoman said the airline did not have its sights set on Bundy.

"We have no current plans to offer services from here but (we) are continually reviewing," she said.

Cr Forman said it was "very important" that Bundaberg secured a second carrier and that the council was also in talks with the JetGo air charter company.

"We still have the doorway of communication open with them (Virgin) and we talk with them from time to time," he said.

"We are in discussions with another airline JetGo."

A JetGo spokesman confirmed there had been discussions but refused to comment further.

"I believe when the time is right for them, they'll let us know," Cr Forman said of a second airline.

"That's (the JetGo deal) still going through negotiations and discussions and until they're happy and we're happy, nothing will happen.

"We've got to stay positive about this and I am staying positive."

Cr Forman said they didn't want a quick fix.

"It's got to be a win win for them and for us," he said.

"We don't want any airline coming if six months later they have to pull out because they don't have enough support."

The Turkey Slapper
1st Feb 2013, 08:35
Rumour is JGO not running their operation by CASA rules and regs.......:=

Taking off with pitot covers on........Mmmmmmm:=

Operating with broken lights, for weeks on end......Mmmmmm:=

Being demoted to FO for writing up defects......Mmmmmmm........:=

And what else is hiding under the carpet........Mmmmmmm.:mad::mad:

1st Feb 2013, 10:32
errr let me answer that....


Me thinks that you work for the opposition that just lost another contract to JetGo.

Maybe a dose of fermented (sour) grapes has attacked your keyboard.