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Capt Fathom
13th Dec 2012, 10:22
Why do the mods on Dunnunda continually lock threads? It doesn't happen with the same frequency on the other Pprune Forums!

It really is disappointing and frustrating!

13th Dec 2012, 10:29
Maybe there's not as many dickheads asking stupid questions or making stupid comments on other forums?:p:ok:

That 747 gear thread was always heading for a locking once someone had provided an answer but the comments kept coming.

psycho joe
13th Dec 2012, 10:32
...and that was the last time that anyone heard of Capt Fathom, after he tempted and was fated by the grisly, digital hand of death. :uhoh:

14th Dec 2012, 00:30
Capt. Fathom - it's common bulletin board courtesy to direct any questions you may have via personal message to the moderating team, rather than "start another thread about another thread".

In answer to your question - DirectAnywhere is bang on the money, however I wouldn't have quite expressed it that way :} (My comment is in no way directed at the 747 thread he/she alluded to).

We have to remember what this site is about - matters affecting professional pilots. Airline pilot matters belong here, and GA Commercial pilot matters, along with questions of a general nature belong, surprisingly, in GA and Questions.

Good afternoon ;)