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stevie g
13th Dec 2012, 05:11
Noticed the QF51 out of Brisbane today looked like they forgot to raise the undercarriage WELL after take off today .... off RWY19 ......... Gear not up turning through North west ... and passing through maybe 4000 feet ..... Unusual? Be interested to know if the computers warn them .....

Ollie Onion
13th Dec 2012, 05:17
Ummm, I doubt they just forgot. There are quite a few MEL items that require the gear to be left down for a period. Two that spring to mind are:

1 - Brake cooling, with the A320 there is a table to advise the time to leave gear down if brake checks are high.

2 - Brake unit locked out, usually you leave gear out for a specified amount of time to allow spin down.

Metro man
13th Dec 2012, 05:21
If we forget to raise the gear we get a call from the Safety Manager, it's monitored by the Flight Data Analysis Program, retracting above 1000' is a major item to explain.

I doubt they forgot, as explained above probably brakes.

13th Dec 2012, 05:59
rwy 19 is a long taxi out if it's hot but they wouldn't be too heavy going to SIN.
most likely is that your eyewitness report is a little inaccurate, can be hard to judge from the ground

13th Dec 2012, 06:35
My money is on the capped brake line.

13th Dec 2012, 06:39
Um, shouldn't the title of this thread be, "747 Gear DOWN" ?????
Just sayin'....

By George
13th Dec 2012, 06:39
A common reason is locking out a brake without using the de-activation tool. The line is capped and the gear has to stay down to allow the wheel to stop spinning. No big deal, just part of the MEL. On a heavy weight take-off, the penalty is quite high, up to 40 tons. Had this quite a few times. The 400 has Carbon brakes and it's rare to have hot brakes, unlike the Classic with the old steel brakes.
Another possibility is 'Gear Lever will Not Move Up'. Again, no big deal, but all done from the QRH, only when the aircraft is established in the climb. A few other possibilities, but the systems are pretty well fool proof. A well engineered and simple aeroplane.

13th Dec 2012, 07:59
Full Frontal news sketch - YouTube


Angle of Attack
13th Dec 2012, 09:21
I saw the 51 off 19 today on the way to the bottle shop and i can fairly accurately report its gear was up at around 1000ft when i saw it depart, and no i was on the way to the bottle shop , not walking home with a half empty case on my shoulder! :ok:

13th Dec 2012, 09:41
I was driving from Logan Road heading towards Ipswich Road and by the time it passed over Ipswich Rd, it well and truly still had the gear down, I followed it by sight until it had turned right out over the city/Mt Cootha and still had the gear down, and something tells it was well and truly above 1000 feet!