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14th Apr 2002, 20:14
Anyone remember, back in the 70's there was a film called "Day for Night"

Basically, it was a movie about a film crew making a movie....

I wonder how long it took them to come up with that idea ?

"Hey Francois, what shall we make a movie about this time ?"

"Well, let me see... we already have a bunch of guys standing around with cameras and lights and stuff..... let's just film that " :rolleyes:

Tartan Gannet
14th Apr 2002, 20:47
The Tiger Woods Story. Come on, the bloke is still alive and actively playing golf at this moment. On British TV we have the strange chance this evening of watching the REAL Tiger Woods playing Golf and an actor playing Tiger Woods playing golf in a Biopic. Surreal or what?:confused:

14th Apr 2002, 21:11

I can't get near the telly or watch a video cos Mrs H has commandeered that too!:(

I know it's not a film and it is very popular, but I still think it the worsed idea!

Tartan Gannet
14th Apr 2002, 21:21
I watched this new version of the Forsyte Saga having had the privilege as a teenager of watching the original (late 1960s) version with Nyree Dawn Porter, Eric Porter, Kenneth More etc. This remake is a pale copy of the former, like comparing black and white telly to colour or mono to stereo.

What a waste of time and money!

Empty Cruise
14th Apr 2002, 22:42
Without doubt "Shogun"!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:

A guy is stuck in Japan - he thinks he can kick @ss - his @ss is kicked - he wants o go home - he cannot go home - he adapts. :(

END OF STORY!!! But no - it must have it's annual full 8 grizzillon hour re-run, much to the delight of the missus. :rolleyes:


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14th Apr 2002, 23:38
Quite simply the worst type of film is that being perpetually rehashed and farted out on the BBC1 prime time slot. I know the beeb cannot reel in the blockbusters anymore but there are too many entries in the radiotimes that read thus:

Saturday Xth March (I bet you wish you'd gone to the pub now)
9:00pm - forced early bedtime due to woeful programming

Crime thriller staring Tracey J Singlemom. A female single mother fights the system to get her exec. job back in male dominated hick desert town. Official male pig and police chief John Q [email protected]'s reign of umotivated and random corruption endeavors to put a stop to single-mother-crusader's battle for equality and justice; go girl! This harrowing tale, based on the story last week, is complicated by a mysterious, suspect and rather two-dimensional love interest, and by 19th centruy editing technology. Edited for...well to stop too many unfortunate male viewers from vomiting blood.

Hollywood Straight-to-TV inc. 1995 (not a good year for film).

Don't misunderstand me. I am not belittling the struggle of such women, or even the cheap filming of it. But surely the beeb can read the appropriate pprune thread about good films, and stop me unwillingly paying and rewarding people who make this @@@@.

15th Apr 2002, 07:59
Yeh - anything that claims to be a "bittersweet drama".....

Off to the pub again.